Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078 - The Danger on the Street

...Meanwhile, on the fifth floor of the White Declaration Pagoda...

The saber intent that burst out from the saber embryo lingered in the room, which seemed like a clump of snow exploding.

Qin Nan's heart remained calm as he comprehended the saber intent.

Two days later, he finally finished comprehending the saber intent of the White Declaration Pagoda and what was contained within the saber embryo, causing three extra lines of saber runes to appear on his forehead.

However, the comprehension did not stop there.

For some reason, the scenes of him first arriving at the Royal City, the encounter with Chen Rong, meeting Qinglian at the Aromatic Inn, the fight at the Chen Clan, Chen Buhui showing up, and the confrontation with Bai Qi and the empress popped up in his mind.

Each of them felt incredibly vivid.

“Mm? Why is this happening?”

Qin Nan frowned. A while later, a bold thought crossed his mind.

It was not a coincidence that he was able to find the saber embyro. It felt like there was a giant hand organizing everything behind the scenes.

Does that mean that everything that has happened so far was actually planned?

“I’m afraid this is the trial itself.”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he began to recall the details of every incident that had taken place.

As the sun rose on the fifth day after he went into seclusion, his eyes slowly sprang open, marking the end of the process.

After spending three days recalling the past, many new thoughts had popped up in his mind, allowing him to gain new understandings.

He could vaguely sense himself to be standing in front of a giant door. He could almost see its clear appearance if he got pushed a little further, allowing him to reveal its secrets.

“It seems like I’ll have to work harder.”

Qin Nan made up his mind. He was about to rise from the ground when he sensed something out of place.

His current cultivation was at the fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm, but it felt like his aura was being covered by a layer of mist. Although the others could still identify it to be fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm, it was relatively weaker than before.

The strange aura could be sensed to be desolating.

Desolating not just in terms of age, but everything else.

“It seems like my speculation was right. Everything that has happened since I set foot into the Royal City was a part of the trial.”

Qin Nan’s lips curled upward before he shook his head to get rid of his thoughts. He withdrew the forbidding aura protecting the fifth floor and headed toward the exit of the White Declaration Pagoda.

He had finished comprehending the saber intent in the place, thus there was no need to stay any further.

“Bai Qinglian isn’t here?”

Qin Nan quickly scanned the place and did not sense Bai Qinglian’s presence. He shrugged before heading out.

It was time for him to pay a visit to the Bai Clan.

However, as soon as he took a few steps forward on the street, he frowned.

He could sense several cultivators watching him closely from a distance, who each possessed an outstanding cultivation.

“Must be people sent by the empress.”

Qin Nan wore a calm expression as he continued to move forward, showing no intention of escaping from the surveillance.

“Qin Nan! Quick!” A yell could be heard all of a sudden, who turned out to be Bai Qinglai riding on a fiery horse heading in his direction, “Bai Qi has brought some people to detain you! Quick, I’m bringing you away from the Royal City!”

Although she was quite furious at Qin Nan’s attitude five days ago, she managed to calm her thoughts in the end and monitor the Royal City closely. When she knew that Bai Qi was about to make his move, she immediately came with the horse.

Qin Nan had helped her a great deal, thus she could not accept watching him die in the Royal City.

The cultivators on the street were astounded, as they never thought something this shocking would take place in bright daylight.

“There’s no need for us to leave.” Qin Nan shoook his head and waved, causing the fiery horse to come to a stop obediently.

“What are you planning to do?” Bai Qinglian was angry. Why couldn’t this guy see how bad the situation was?

“We wouldn’t be able to make it in time.” Qin Nan said calmly.

Bai Qinglian was startled hearing this.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

Several piercing sounds echoed in the street.

They could only see Bai Qi leading the way with five other cultivators in black robes following behind him. Each cultivator was unleashing an aura of the eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm!

“HAHA, Bai Qinglian, how dare you try and escort Qin Nan away from the Royal City?”

Bai Qi burst out laughing as his eyes were filled with disdain.

So what if you won the bet?

He would still be the winner in the end!

“Bai Qi, what are you trying to do? This is the Royal City. You’re not allowed to use any violence, as it would be considered challenging the authority of the Royal Family!” Bai Qinglian snapped after calming her thoughts.

“Tsk tsk, trying to stop me with the rules? What if I told you that it was an order from the Empress?”

Bai Qi wore a cold grin.

“What? The Empress....”

Bai Qinglian’s face became pale.

The thing that she worried the most was happening.

“Attack, kill Qin Nan. If Bai Qinglian dares to interfere, kill her too!”

Bai Qi’s eyes glistened as he gave the order.


The five cultivators behind him immediately attacked, unleashing formidable power which took the form of demonic palms, hands, swords, etc.

The cultivators in the street were astounded.

“Damn! They are fighting on the street!”

“Isn’t that Bai Qi from the Bai Clan, and Bai Qinglian? What’s going on? Some infighting going on?”

Gasp, didn’t he say that he’s here under the Empress’ order?”

Several voices filled with astonishment blurted out.

The Royal City had established a rule that prohibited anyone from using violence in the city. Those who broke it would suffer great punishment regardless of their identity.

As such, no one had ever dared to use violence in the city.

However, it was not as simple as a fight, they were trying to kill someone on the street!

“Qin Nan, you should leave first. I’ll hold them off for you!”

Bai Qinglian clenched her teeth as she collected her thoughts. Six pairs of pure white wings were unleashed from her back.

“This idiot...”

Qin Nan was left speechless, whose gaze became cold instantly as he unleashed his aura.


A shocking battle intent swept the place.

Even the demonic aura of the five eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm was suppressed by it.

Initially, the strength of the fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm Qin Nan was only considered average among the cultivators of the Royal City. However, he somehow became a giant in the eyes of the crowd.

Bai Qinglian’s actions came to halt as her face was filled with a blank expression.


Qin Nan threw a punch with a stomp.

The five eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm cultivators charging in Qin Nan’s direction were startled. Even Bai Qi’s figure stiffened.

What just happened?

Why were they feeling fear from it?

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Editor: DOCuinn

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