Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021 – The Power of the Dragon Emperor

The entire Dragon Emperor Clan suddenly became dark, as giant stormy clouds appeared in the sky out of nowhere. The flickering of lightning revealed the silhouette of an enormous figure inside the clouds.

The Heavens and Earth suddenly became dark.

The terrifying dragon might caused everyone’s breathing to intensify.

“Senior Dragon Emperor!”

“The chief is here!”

“HAHA, let’s see if they still dare to be smug!”

The crowd of the Dragon Emperor Clan was extremely excited despite the fear in their hearts.

The Dragon Emperor was highly respected in the entire Middle Continent, including the half-God region.

His cultivation had reached the peak Martial Monarch Realm and had once defeated a half-Martial God Realm expert, which implied how terrifying his strength was.

However, the Dragon Emperor rarely showed himself, but he had done so this time!

“Dragon Emperor?”

The Thousand Light Saber Monarch, Martial Monarch Huo Ling, and the rest of the elders were astounded.

They had initially assumed that the Dragon Emperor Clan would let Qin Nan hand over the treasure due to the combined pressure from thirty-five factions. To their surprise, the entire faction had decided to protect Qin Nan.

Even the Dragon Emperor had shown up to protect him!


The stormy clouds in the sky were knocked apart suddenly, revealing a giant gap. A ferocious-looking dragon head reached out from the gap like a huge mountain. Its purple-eyes filled with battle intent gazed in the direction of the Thousand Light Saber Monarch and his crew.

They could sense a great pressure from the gaze alone, which felt like the sky was about to fall.

“Senior Dragon Emperor, we won’t be fighting you, as we stand no chance since you’ve arrived in person.” The Thousand Light Saber Monarch calmed his thoughts and spoke, “How about this, you will tell us the price we need to pay for Qin Nan to hand over the treasure.”

He was unwilling to give up on the treasure even at this stage.

“Price?” The dragon snapped thunderously, causing the ears of the relatively weaker cultivators to buzz, “My suggestion for you all is to get the f**k out of my sight!”


A firm dragon claw reached out from the stormy cloud and slapped in the Thousand Light Saber Monarch’s direction. The icy reflection from the claw was enough to illuminate the whole area.

“Dragon Emperor, you dare to attack us!”

The Thousand Light Saber Monarch and his crew were startled, whose hair danced wildly as they unleashed their strongest Monarch Arts to retreat from the claw without hesitation.

“Trying to escape? Two mere clones dare to disrespect my Dragon Emperor Clan, be gone!”

The Dragon Emperor’s voice was icy cold.

The terrifying dragon claw suddenly increased its speed. The crowd could only see a blinding white glow as it grabbed the clones of the Thousand Light Saber Monarch and Martial Monarch Huo Ling. Before the two Martial Monarchs could react, the clones exploded when the claw clenched slightly.


The elders of the other factions could feel their scalps going numb and a chill being sent down their spines.


The dragon claw was held into a fist as it was swung toward the elders. A formidable fist intent struck the chests of the elders, which instantly shattered their defensive formations, artifacts, Monarch Arts, etc.

Following cries of agony, the elders spat out mouthfuls of blood as their figures were sent flying.

“Bring a message back to your factions. I might not be able to do anything if Qin Nan or the disciples of my Dragon Emperor Clan are killed while training themselves outside the clan, but you’re being ridiculous if you think you can harm him when he has returned to the clan! If there’s a next time, I will visit your faction myself and trample it into ashes!”

The Dragon Emperor uttered a ferocious roar.

The entire place began to tremble, as if even the Heavens and Earth were terrified by his fury.

The elders’ faces became pale after sensing the imperious aura. They immediately executed their methods to flee into the distance.

“Dragon Emperor!”


“A bunch of pricks dares to disrespect our Dragon Emperor Clan!”

The people of the Dragon Emperor Clan transformed into their primary forms and roared at the sky.

“Senior, and everyone else…”

Qin Nan could sense a great warmth in his heart and his nose tingling upon seeing this.

He had been the disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan for quite a long time, but he had never felt such a strong sense of belonging before.

Although they were beasts, and many of them were even his enemies, most of them—from the insignificant outer disciples to the Dragon Emperor—chose to stand on his side before a formidable group of outsiders.

“Hehe, kid, it seems like the Dragon Emperor Clan is treating you well. Although the three Beast Monarchs and the Godly Beast Forbidden Area supporting them needs your help, I’m quite surprised they are willing to go this far for you.” The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch chuckled, “It seems like my efforts are not in vain.”

“You purposely leaked out the news of the treasure just to probe the Dragon Emperor Clan?” Qin Nan’s expression became cold.

“Yeah, the beast tribe is not really trustworthy…Oh, someone is mad? Why so serious, didn’t we just have a happy ending?” The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch said indifferently.

“I don’t care what you are planning, or what you’re trying to achieve, I hope you won’t set me or the Dragon Emperor Clan up again. Otherwise, our relationship will come to an end.”

Even though Qin Nan had been grateful toward what the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch had done for him, he would not allow something like this to happen.

Who would enjoy being set up?

“Alright, I promise you, is that enough?” The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch said unwillingly. This Qin Nan was more stubborn than he was in the past.

“Dragon Emperor Clan, listen to me.” At that instant, the Dragon Emperor began to speak.

The noisy Dragon Emperor Clan instantly fell silent. The people raised their heads and stared at the Dragon Emperor.

“Firstly, the succession that Qin Nan has acquired belongs to him only.” The Dragon Emperor said, “Secondly, I hope you all remember this, no matter how fierce the internal competition is, you are still someone from the Dragon Emperor Clan!”

“And thirdly…”

The Dragon Emperor paused before he smilingly said, “Everyone has done well today. I’m very proud of you as your chief! Peak Leaders, from today onward, all disciples will receive double the resources!”

The crowd was stunned, before smiles appeared on their faces.

The Dragon Emperor Clan was immersed in a great joy.

“Do you have something to say to them?” The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast suddenly turned around and grinned at Qin Nan.

“Err…” Qin Nan glanced at the crowd and said while shaking his head, “Forget it, I’m not good at it.”

Saying this, his eyes showed a firm determination.

Maybe he had been set up, maybe the Monarch Beasts had asked him to do them a favor…

But whatever the Dragon Emperor Clan had done for him today, he would never forget it.

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Editor: DOCuinn

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