Murdering Heaven Edge (RSS)


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Chinese, Teaser

Title: Murdering Heaven Edge – 弑天刃
Author: 小刀锋利
Translator: Delivery Man
Status: 1800+ chapters (ongoing)

A tyrannical world, raising the sword, a sharp blade covers the heavens with a clear conscious. All living things are brutal, a sword to murder one’s superiors, indifferent to the heavens, holding a blade with a disdainful look. Passing through a journey as big as the sky, the whole way thistles and thorns. One blade chops open a path. I alone am supreme!

[TL: The title actually means “To murder one’s superiors (or parents) heaven edge of the blade.” I have shortened the title because it doesn’t make much sense in English.]