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Mercenaries Under the Sky (佣兵天下) is a Chinese web novel written by Masters Cannot Speak (说不得大师) and was serialized from 2003-2007 (TLN: Qidian was founded in 2002, so it’s considered a very old web novel). Many consider it a “classic” among web novels and it is most famous for its war scenes.

Mercenaries Under the Sky has been taken off of Qidian for unknown reasons, so it can’t be found on the site anymore. According to other sources, during its time of writing, it stood at top of the Trending Ranking for a record 40 consecutive weeks. In the end, it gathered over 36 million hits, over 8 million recommendations, and was the most recommended novel in two categories. If it still existed on Qidian, then it would be placed at #16 on the Qidian All-Time Click Rankings and #3 on the Qidian All-Time Recommendations Ranking!

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The story is written in the point of view of three mercenaries, describing a vast continent, where around ten countries fight in an incomparable great war. At the end, the war extends to even the heavenly domain.
Fifteen countries with different religions and cultures spreading over 21000 years of history with three main protagonists, fourteen main side characters, and hundreds of other people, dragons, gods, and devils.
Follow the lives of three no-name mercenaries as they create a magnificent legend.