Master of the Stars

Chapter 398

Chapter 398: Utter Annihilation

"Even if you did sense something, what was it that you even sensed?"

Luo Nan had answered very simply, but he wasn't lying or showing off. It was true that he had withdrawn his mental senses temporarily, but the sensations on the living starry sky level still existed.

For him, the gushing emotions of the people surrounding him were faint yet warm. They were akin to the floating dust between star systems, and they were affected by Luo Nan's Self-Format. They fluctuated around him, their details subdivisible. Luo Nan didn't have the time to study this at the moment, but there were clear targets, especially here. What posed a threat to him was naturally filtered out due the clear directivity.

There wasn't any loss in the level of the sensation from the conversion of electrical signals. In other words, the early warning response formed from the closed system had applicable areas that were far more extensive and profound than expected.

Such a discovery would never have been made were it not for rapid creation.

Luo Nan had this thought form in his mind while he was slowly loading his ammunition. By the time he finished, the battlefield situation had completely reversed.

Luo Nan and Xue Lei fought as one. Close-range defense and long range attacks: each had their own domain. The targets in close distance were cleaved down by Xue Lei, like he was chopping vegetables. Those a bit further in the distance became more and more familiar with Luo Nan's name.

Most of the Fire-Eye platform was damaged; its search radar was working intermittently. But there were two weapons that could always be used. Pure manual operation combined with clear directive senses that were supplemented by higher and higher levels of prediction and super reactions. All this formed a shooting accuracy that caused despair in Luo Nan's enemies.

Luo Nan had used three base reserves of ammunition for his penta-kill. Then he eliminated four more players, and he had yet to go through even half his fourth base ammunition reserves. The cold reaping left most of the combatants in despair.

The system announcer exclaimed, "A godlike man! Heiya has turned the Wilderness into a trash dump of corpses!"

"You're the one who's trash!" A certain piece of 'trash', who found it difficult to maneuver, couldn't hold back from letting out a series of curses before a metal bullet pierced his chest, sending him up in an explosion high in the sky.


Luo Nan got the ten-kill achievement after this kill. The system simply had the entire battlefield glow with a red light, making the place appear like a bloody sea with waves that churned endlessly. "Super God! Super God! All mortals are trembling before the feet of the unparalleled Heiya!"

No special effects were needed for the entirety of area A to be shaken up. Curses, exclamations, and cheering converged into a surge of uproars that swept through this space.

It must be stated that Luo Nan's sequences of movements to make kills against all odds were truly super beautiful. Even though each sequence happened in the blink of an eye, his body reaction and coordination, which far exceeded that of normal humans, caused him have his limbs’ usage be maximized. He appeared very relaxed, and all of this was fed through the hero seat via electrical signals to be cast into the reality battlefield. The game effects reinforced this in the background, causing Luo Nan to give off a feeling of overflowing calmness and confidence.

Luo Nan took his time reloading his ammo thanks to Xue Lei's protection. He reaped heads, one after another, in a rhythmic beat. He appeared calm and callous, hitting the g-spots of a group of young girls. Carefree shrieks never stopped. Ruan Zihui, Qiu Peipei, and Tian Si yelled and cheered again and again in the team channel. Everyone was extremely excited.

"Ohhhhh mannnn. Why didn't I see it before? What a schemer!" Mo Peng's heart was on fire once more. Before, they were the flames of worry. Right now, they were the flames of envy.

Luo Biyao was puzzled as well, "I remembered that he was a super noobie. It didn't seem like he was pretending before. Fine, I'm forced to respect his acting skills!"

Tian Qi also wanted to express himself, but then his sister asked,

"Tian Qi, is there anyone else in the battlefield from our room?"

"How can there be? There's only so many spots....fuck, I forgot to look. I totally forgot to grab the empty spot.” Tian Qi had yet to be on the same page. He just continued to be annoyed.

Tian Si dug deeper, "Really? Didn't someone say someone had 'logged on'?"

It was probably because the minds of women were more detailed, because Mo Han echoed, "Yeah, yeah. I remember someone saying this before."

"Oh yeah, I did say that." Tian Qi finally remembered though his mind was completely focused on the intense battle. He was too busy to care. He only felt odd once Tian Si reminded him. He skimmed through his memories and soon found the clue, "There really was someone in the battlefield, but he's being anonymous in the team channel. He set his status to offline...hello, who is it that goes so far as to bury your head in the sand? Who are you? Come out with it!"

"Pretty much everyone has talked in the team channel. Who does that leave?"

Mo Peng purposely spoke in a solemn manner, but soon he couldn't hold it back anymore. He burst into laughter, "Well, no matter who it is, let's see if he can take down the Super God Heiya! The one wielding a blade. I'm talking about you Xue Lei. You can only watch. You can't go help him out!"

There weren't any fools among youngsters nowadays. Even if the meaning was hidden by a layer of paper, anyone would be able to tell his intentions by just a little inference.

Yue Zheng was the one who had logged on. He had truly ran inside the reality battlefield. There were certainly some details in his thoughts, looking at how he maintained his silence until now.

Luo Biyao was still a bit suspicious, "It could be a VIP....maybe it's someone from another room?"

Yue Zheng had already steeled himself to be very thick skinned. Even if he was burned and ridiculed by others, he didn't show it at all. He maintained his silence from beginning to end. It was because of this attitude that his occasional interactions with Turner and Yue Qin had entered an awkward state of silence.

On the reality battlefield, Luo Nan suddenly put away his gun and said, "Withdraw."

As he spoke, Luo Nan left behind the Fire-Eye platform, which was already repaired and loaded full of ammo. He just carried his handgun, the electromagnetic sniper cannon, and some ammunition as he turned around and left.

Xue Lei covered his side without speaking a word.

By giving up this Fire-Eye platform, Heiya no longer lived up to the name of being a heavy firepower expert, but his movement speed increased quite a bit. He made a mad dash and soon left the hill behind.

They had just stepped forth when a bright light flashed in the distant sky. It was as if a shard of the sun had been cast down upon mortals. With this flash, the shard smashed down at Luo Nan and Xue Lei's previous locations.

The earth shook, and a pillar of flame surged to the skies from the hill. The abandoned Fire-Eye platform, as well as the surrounding corpses and the traces of battle that had yet to be removed by the system, all melted within the glowing flames.

"Oh my god. A mid-range particle cannon strike?"

Area A went into an uproar. As spectators, they were able to enjoy God View as a minimum treatment. After the stream switched perspectives, everyone was able to see an awesome looking bird-type robot five kilometers away. It had already spread and supported its wing-frame. Large pieces of metal wings reflected the sun, increasing the brightness endlessly. It was bright and dazzling.

The particle cannon came from this. Right now it was charging up for another one.

Such a weapon obviously didn't exist in the real world. This was a fantasy weapon. It was the least realist option available in the Ten Days in the Wilderness game, created through the pursuit of ultimate game-play and cool-factor. The bird-type exoskeleton was officially called Phoenix. It was quite the model fantasy type.

Though it was called Phoenix, it was incapable of flying freely in the sky. However, the attack range of the particle cannon strike was extremely far, and its power was enormous. The game system needed to balance it, therefore its attack frequency was reduced and its ability to make close-range attacks was erased. Even after all this, it could barely be considered balanced. However, there was quite a few people still obsessed with the power of mass killing, feeding their addiction through using Phoenix.

It wasn't a surprise for one or two of them to appear in a match.

However, there was a problem. This Phoenix that was clearly still charging up while another cannon strike chased after Luo Nan and Xue Lei as it bombarded down. The land behind the two turned into a sea of flame, and they came breaking through that flame.

"How can it attack so frequently?" The onlookers in area A were bewildered at first, but soon the perspective of the camera shifted, and then the area turned into an uproar.

There was, there were a total of four Phoenixes. They were all three to five kilometers apart from Luo Nan and Xue Lei, far enough that the search radar couldn't reach them. Fantasy types like the Phoenix shouldn't be able to perceive Luo Nan and Xue Lei either.

But these were the facts: a series of two cannon strikes were performed with remarkable accuracy and with clear direction.

It didn't make sense. In this sort of hilly terrain, a few of the armor frames might have been able to find the right angle, but the others would be completely blind. How could they ensure accuracy?

Luo Nan and Xue Lei could be seen wildly dashing through the reality battlefield with the four Phoenixes greeting them with particle cannon strikes one after another. Though their cannon strikes came from different directions, they were all able to maintain incredible accuracy. Though Luo Nan and Xue Lei escaped death time and time again, their armor were on the verge of collapse.

"Have godlike gunners teamed up?"

"Looking at the list, they're all from the VIP room. Maybe they possess a special function or something?"

Most of the onlookers were puzzled. Something didn't quite add up. However, those within the team channel already reached an answer through the awkward silence.

In the end, it was Mo Peng who sneered out loud, "Godlike gunners? It's more like an omniscient observer!"

Before he could finish speaking, Luo Nan, who had been dashing endlessly, suddenly stopped. He grasped a gap between the charging time of the four Phoenix armors and lifted his handgun.

The God View showed that the nearest Phoenix to Luo Nan lay a thousand and five hundred meters away.

A series of gunshots rumbled out, and a small mound of dirt burst into flame seventy meters away. It was plowed through in an instant by the powerful handgun ammunition.

"The heck is he doing?" Before a group of people's thoughts became clear, a figure could be seen leaping out, avoiding becoming the mound. It was a Deep Blue Walker. Its speed was extraordinary fast,  and it performed an evasive maneuver rather adeptly. It skipped and jumped, sometimes tumbling in between. It moved very smoothly.

But in face of the Super God Luo Nan, the Deep Blue Walker possessed the worst luck. The final bullet of Luo Nan's handgun struck through the armor dead on, striking a fatal blow.

Instant death!

Since much time had passed between the last kill and this one, this kill wasn't part of the last killing spree. The system merely rewarded him with a weak 'first blood'. However, the onlookers in area A were already subconsciously drawn toward the most dazzling star on the battlefield. Some of them even orgasmed.

"So smooth, not even forgetting to reap some kills when running away."

"That bro hid himself quite well. He must have been prepared to hide it out until the end."

"A calamity descended from the skies. No, that's wrong. A Super God descended from heaven!"

"....Huh? What happened to the particle cannon strikes?"

Finally there was someone who had discovered the problem. Henceforth, quite the deviation was formed with the second wave of particle cannon strikes. It was a difference so large that it spanned across the entire Pacific Ocean.

Luo Nan didn't feel like moving any more. He summited another tall hill and utilized his electromagnetic sniper cannon to strike targets one after another. The four Phoenixes, which were charging up, were the best targets.

Three of them were blown to pieces by giant explosions. Luo Nan began another major killing spree.

The final Phoenix armor was outside of Luo Nan's firing range. The Phoenix armor just barely calculated the coordinates and was just about to finish charging and fire when Luo Nan suddenly disappeared from atop the hill.

"Your target has left the game."


Blade-light flashed the instant this player was stupefied. Xue Lei, who had moved with swift haste and in secret, struck a delightful killing blow. All turned to ash.

"FUCK!" Loud slamming sounds could be heard in the maglev cabins. Four participants of the battlefield, the second generation rich, left their cabins one after another, each of them gnashing their teeth.

Ju Maoxun hadn't joined the game, but his expression was extremely ugly.

Then someone blurted, "Brother Yue is trashy enough. He can't even hide well? If he just held on for five more seconds, then we would have surely eliminated those two....oh, where is he?"

With a shift of a gaze, a red light could be seen to have lit up outside the Yue Zheng's maglev cabin. The cabin then opened, and Yue Zheng practically tumbled out of it.

He had been forced to perform a series of evasive maneuvers by the bombardment from Luo Nan's handgun. The bullets brushed past his body time and time again, controlling his tempo completely and forcing him to make maneuvers that were growing exceedingly past his limits. He did them in a haze, and he was finished off while he was in a haze. The consequences of going past his limits had come to bite him.

He strove to keep his mouth shut, but he couldn't resist. The alcohol and snacks in his stomach came spraying out between his fingers. There was also quite a bit that came bouncing back onto his face.

The smell of the entire VIP room was truly unbelievable.

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