Master of the Stars

Chapter 350

Chapter 350: To the Cloud (Part 2/3)

Translator: Strivon

Luo Nan's mental senses covered over a thousand square kilometers, simultaneously portraying the Life Sketches of hundreds of thousands of living beings, projecting millions and millions of stars. The level and range of his mental senses were outstanding. But the first feeling Luo Nan got was far from great. He was unable to get a sense how much his soul could endure. He couldn't help thinking,

Can it be? Are the powers the same? Has Formatting Theory been stimulated from cultivating here in Mother's work, causing another eruption in uncontrollable growth?

Luo Nan knew the dangers of the out-of-body state, but the extent of expansion, the explosive tempo, far exceeded his expectations. Though Luo Nan possessed the God Gear upheld by the external neuron, though Luo Nan's liver flowed with energy, allowing the Body Gear to constantly rotate, his body might not be able to bear it!

Luo Nan didn't dare stay in the atrium any longer. He immediate soared upward. But he felt a subtle sensation the moment he cut through the aftermath of the flowing energy all around him, and a thought suddenly appeared in his mind.

It seems like the changes with my soul are quite big this time?

The details surrounding his mental senses far exceeded any previous instant in abnormality. Perhaps other aspects were involved aside from a growth in volume. Unfortunately, the details were too many and too tedious. They felt blurry, and Luo Nan was unable to judge what they were within a short time frame.

Luo Nan couldn't achieve a clear understanding, and he didn't force it. One problem appearing often led to a series of problems appearing. He needed to return home as soon as possible. He disregarded the external neuron. The utmost priority was to confirm whether or not his body and soul structure would collapse in imbalance once more.

Luo Nan's thoughts churned within Gear before taking the step back home.

Luo Nan soared in the dusky sky of the early morning, his mental senses already covering the route back home. His perception penetrated everywhere, stopping at nothing. Skyscrapers were like masses of smoke. They were practically nothing, Luo Nan rushing straight through. His phantasmal flying soul was like a demon.

The more he experienced these things, the more he felt that something was off.

His soul strength had to have increased, but with time as a buffer, Luo Nan felt that the increase in volume wasn't as terrifying as what was previously indicated. At most, it was equivalent to the the amount the Wraith Sign fed from its prey during the time the Wraith Sign made its first hunt. Luo Nan had some leeway to deal with this sort of increase after forming the Body Gear.

But at the same time, his sensing region was endlessly changing from his high speed movement, and the range it covered grew greater and greater. He had already broken through a twenty kilometer radius, and this range continued to slowly increase.

What was the root cause for this increase?

Luo Nan's mind was distracted, but the speed he was traveling at as he made his way back far exceeded his speed when coming. It took a total of six minutes to get home, and this was far from his limits.

There weren't any changes with the situation at home. Luo Nan's aunt and uncle had tormented themselves for the greater part of the night, but they fell asleep sometime throughout it all. The entire house was very quiet. About a kilometer away on the community streets was the bodyguard dispatched by the Society. His eyes were blazing bright as he guarded the monitoring devices.

However, whether it were the devices or the bodyguard, none of them had any reaction toward Luo Nan in his out-of-body state.

It wasn't that they were unqualified. Astral traveling, what Luo Nan was doing, was an activity on either the absolute realm or the abyssal region of the mental plane. The vast majority of B-rank ability users would be blind to Luo Nan even with open eyes.

Luo Nan's soul remained atop the roof of his house. His body, fast asleep below, was like an enormous vortex. His soul was instinctively attracted to it.

Luo Nan didn't enter his body in the first instance when faced with this attractive force. He felt slightly hesitant.

This was an excellent touchstone to test the increase of his soul strength and the resilience of his fleshly body. However, dangers lay here as well. If he couldn't stuff his soul inside, he would probably be the biggest laughing stock of the Society for earning an unprecedented nickname of being a homeless soul. Though, there wouldn't be any deadly crisis to speak of.

And Bai Xinyan, who recently suspended her duties to have some fun, would probably be quite delighted to stuff him in a health pod for treatment.

No way in hell would that happen!

Luo Nan was irritated with his own indecisiveness. A blade would come at him no matter what decision he made. He couldn't avoid it forever. What was he hesitating for!

His resolution firm, the soul sank down, its form melting like ice. The inexhaustible surging soul strength rushed into the vortex that was the body and accurately locked onto the external neuron. It infused within in an orderly fashion.

The external neuron filled up and then naturally overflowed, forming the image of the vast ocean iceberg structure. But with the external neuron as a frame, the soul strength didn't overflow without order. And so the God Gear was formed in this way.

The pressure endured by the body began at zero, and continued to rise.

Luo Nan's eyelids twitched as he lay on his bed, maintaining a half-mast state. He lay there, experiencing the changes occurring with his order frame.

The pressure continued to rise, akin to the rush of a great tide. The God Gear and the Body Gear were like waterwheels. They rumbled as they rotated within the flow of water. Not only did they dispel the frontal impact of the tide, they even borrowed the power of the tide and transformed it into energy, nourishing the fields of blessing.

It looks like there aren't any problems?

From the past until now, Luo Nan's cultivations in the eyes orifice gradually completed, but there was always a tiny little hole—an upper bound to what could be endured. The eyes orifice was far from reaching a level where he could display the full power of the God Gear. He could only protect the lower limit; that was, ensure that the God Gear and Body Gear could mesh and rotate in harmony. The God Gear and Body Gear significantly differed when it came to volume, but the fear of the consequences was too great to change it.

But right now, with the energy flow of his liver unobstructed, the eyes orifice was able to reach his inner organs. The lower limit had increased massively, unbeknown to Luo Nan. The Body Gear and the God Gear had meshed and were rotating. The circulation of blood and energy increased in speed, causing a sharp increase in consumption. But the blood of the liver continued to replenish and adjust, similar to the recharging of batteries. The nourishment of moisture caused growth and development that was everlasting.

But then Luo Nan's Body Gear absorbed too much power, and in this instant, his internal heat grew much stronger. The energy of the liver naturally began to flow away to the fascia, the fingers and toes, and the eyes orifice, giving them rapid growth, nourishment, and refinement. These changes occurred up and down his body, increasing the strength of it

From this, Luo Nan could see that not only weren't there any problems, there seemed to be a possibility for further increases in his cultivation speed. This was absolutely great news. Of course, the increase in soul strength was still within the scope he could control. This was even better news.

Luo Nan confirmed at last that the uncontrollable growth of the soul had merely been a misconception. However, the explosive expansion in the range of his mental senses was fact. Why was this?

He simply sat up in his bed, taking the notebook from his bedside. He flipped to a blank page, then started to write and draw.

The same actions lead to results that are several times more in quantity than ones in the past. Following normal logic, this means that the process of the actions are naturally more effective. There are improvements to their application.

But every operating link is absolutely unique in the current situation. They have to be executed to the letter. This means that the changes have to come from the soul itself.

But I've already eliminated the element that's the increase of soul strength. This leaves...

The structure? The nature?


What is the soul? What sort of form does the soul exist as?

Such questions were far beyond Luo Nan's cursory scope. The research of the inner world, developed for several dozens of years. The details of human civilization's several thousand years of religious studies, philosophies, mystic arts were all incapable of producing an explanation that could convince everyone when it came to this question.

Luo Nan was unable to resolve this question. He could only put it aside as he drew closer to reality. Time was of the essence. He needed to make another trip to Gear and confirm the usage of the external neuron.

Oh, the external neuron…. How do I take it with me?

Luo Nan suddenly became aware of this problem and he immediately felt like a fool. He never had the ability to move objects with his soul!

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