Master of the Stars

Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Unobstructing the Liver (Part 1/3)

Translator: Strivon

Luo Nan and Xue Lei had split at the school gate, and Luo Nan was riding a car home. This car was dispatched from the Xia City branch of the Society. The driver was a very professional bodyguard who possessed strength out of the norm. Luo Nan wasn't really familiar with him, so they didn't really talk much on the road. Luo Nan spent far more time being lost in thought.

Things were just as Bamboo Pole had said. Today, his lessons were indeed a solicitation, and the financial backer who hired him was none other than the legendary Her Majesty Empress Wu.

Bamboo Pole was extremely eloquent. His persuasive and promotion skills were enough. Luo Nan really was a bit emotionally moved. But it was quite embarrassing. Luo Nan had forgotten nearly all of Bamboo Pole's words upon getting into the car.

It wasn't because he didn't care. Instead, he was far too stressed.

Luo Nan had constantly been a focal character since joining the Society, but this was the first time he was being recruited like this. He lacked key social experience. His mind was a complete mess, filled with far too many distracting thoughts when he had encountered this matter. He really didn't know how to respond.

Luo Nan's mind was such a mess that what he remembered most clearly weren't the benefits that Her Majesty Empress Wu was offering him. Instead, it was the words of comfort Bamboo Pole had given him: "Boss Luo, you're not even of age, yet you're already a complete member of society. Such matters cannot be avoided. You can consult others for their opinion. Ask many. Consult many. Don't be impatient in making a decision. Her Majesty Empress Wu went through me rather than Zhang Yingying because that little lass is far too impatient. She wants to avoid using the emotional card to influence your decision…."

This argument was filled with sincerity, but Luo Nan remembered it due to a certain phrase Bamboo Pole used. The words 'member of society' stabbed into his painful weak point.

Luo Nan opened the window and leaned his elbow onto the frame. He felt the night wind head on. A while passed, and his other hand drew an imaginary picture in the air. It was a tetrahedron, and he divided it into five levels.

According to Formatting Theory, this was the diagram of the Societal Format. The diagram was clearly divided into five levels: Student, Office Worker, Technician, Clergy, and Politician. These were classifications for the different levels of resources he could control.

It barely matched with external society.

He still remembered expressing that solemn vow back on Ship Lanshan when he first met Zhang Yingying. He wanted to change from a student to an office worker. He needed pressure and opportunity to enter into a whole new circle. This was to fulfill the requirements for rapid ascension in society.

His voice still rang in his ears. He truly did make this step, but back then, he never thought he would reach this point today, where he was at a loss for what to do.

He didn't believe he had made a mistake in his choice back in the very beginning. But his current passive situation couldn't be a necessary one, right? If he viewed life as a game, then the game route he took after entering society was certainly a very crappy one. Plus, there weren't any save points. He could only make his way forward with a heavy head, not daring to stop his footsteps.

Luo Nan certainly had to chew the bitter consequences of his life, and right now he found himself at yet another juncture. He had to make a decision. He couldn't falter. He had to move forward.

Luo Nan didn't really understand what Her Majesty Empress Wu was thinking. He couldn't make out the schemes within her mind. He could only follow Bamboo Pole's words of advice, and consult others for their opinion.

The first person he thought of was He Yueyin. He had tried calling her, but she was unable to spare the time, probably handling work. He just left a message asking her to contact him later.

Luo Nan could only skip to someone else for now. He used telepathy to swipe through his contact list in the HexaEar. He swept through a full circle, pondering over who he should consult.

He had to first skip Zhang Yingying, and he recalled that Crag Burst had a task to do this night. What about Octopus….

Luo Nan had no confidence in his language communication ability. He just expressed his thoughts as text, leaving a few friends messages of seeking advice.

He had just sent the messages when the driver suddenly spoke, "Boss Luo, we've arrived at your home."

Luo Nan was stunned before realizing that he had spent far too much time formulating his words. The car had already arrived at the gate of the residential area. Right now, it was already past dinner. The residents going for walks or exercising on the road were few.

"Thank you, Brother Qi," Luo Nan gave a polite thanks, got off the car, and headed toward his house. Halfway there, he suddenly realized that he had become accustomed to the name Boss Luo. When did that happen?

He walked inside the house. He didn't see anyone in the living room, so he called out. His uncle, Mo Haihang, responded from a distance within the kitchen, "Oh, Luo Nan. Wait a moment. I need to reheat the food for you."

"Oh, sure."

It was eight o'clock at night. Dinner time was over quite a while ago. However, as long as Uncle was home, a portion would be left behind to allay the hunger of the Appetite King Luo Nan.

Luo Nan first went to wash his face. He woke himself up with cold water, and he returned to the living room. Luo Shuqing was already sitting on the couch, wearing a home outfit.

"Aunt," Luo Nan hastily greeted her. He feared her the most in this home.

Luo Shuqing was fiddling with her wristband, head lowered. She just gave a grunt in response. Luo Nan's heart thumped as he saw this. He immediately made his way around the minefield and headed to the kitchen. But ultimately, he was too late.

A cold, clear voice came from behind him, "Did Mo Ya call yet?"

"Uh, she hasn't. I haven't heard from her for the past two days. Maybe Mo Peng…. Where is he?" Luo Nan turned around. He didn't see Mo Peng, his best shield, but it didn't hurt to draw disaster away from himself.

"He went outside to do something wild. I just hope he will be back before nine." Luo Shuqing's attention was drawn away a little, but soon she locked back onto her target. "Is there a confirmed specific time when Mo Ya is coming back to Xia City?"

The words, 'coming back to Xia City,’ were truly worthy of praise. It was precisely like the saying, 'No one knows a girl like her mother.’ Luo Shuqing already made a conclusion. Her unfilial daughter wasn't going to come back to the house within the short return from the music festival.

This time, Mo Ya had left the house for a month, and matters had grown far too big!

Luo Nan continued to play the fool, "I haven't talked to her for the past two days. At most, I see what her friend circle is up to…. The music festival is over. Won't she come back?"

Luo Shuqing raised her head and looked into her nephew's pair of eyes. In the end, she couldn't stop the feelings of doting emerging from her heart. She sighed, no longer questioning Luo Nan, "Go eat dinner then. If there are no issues with the school, go adjust the time for the makeup classes. It's bad to eat meals too late, after all."

Luo Nan gave a vague response and quickly sat at the dinner table. His uncle had finished slicing a piece of beef for him. He even enfolded it into a small wrap. The wrap contained beef and scallions. The texture was tough and crunchy. It was very chewy, and it went down easily.

To avoid getting into a quarrel, Luo Nan half-pretended to bury his head in his food, leaving no room to talk with his mouth.

His uncle sat on the other side of the dinner table. "Good thing you're learning martial arts, otherwise, you'd be quite out of shape eating like that everyday."

This was a good topic! Luo Nan's mouth was too busy to talk. He just nodded his head.

"Aside from Mo Peng, no one in this family has ever been fat! Feed that unfilial girl to a pig if you have the skills! She won't be able to go running out into the wild then!" Luo Shuqing was annoyed with being by herself in the living room. She came to the dinner table.

Luo Nan's uncle immediately closed his mouth into a subtle smile, avoiding a frontal clash.

Luo Shuqing knew just how impenetrable her husband was. Her gaze shifted to the best target to bully.

Luo Nan hated not being able to have the entirety of the beef wrap stuffed in his mouth; he had eaten too fast, and the wrap was already in his stomach. There was now a gap, and he couldn't avoid speaking. His brain went feverish, and for some damnable reason, he spilled the beans about himself, "Today, the boss of one of my friends wants me to work at her company…."

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