Master of the Stars

Chapter 140.2

Chapter 140: Sleeping Technique (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

When a male and a female locked gazes for a long while, but possessed neither physical desires nor shared an emotional connection, their actions can only be understood as an attempt to exert dominance over one another.

Luo Nan certainly didn't think that deeply, but Bai Xinyan was able to grasp the subtle meanings underlying the situation. From her perspective, Luo Nan was far from being able to intimidate others with his current ability. She didn't truly feel that Luo Nan was trying to control her. The answer was obvious. This was just an emotional performance.

In other words, childishness!

It was indeed meaningless to stay on the same wavelength as a childish big boy. Bai Xinyan didn't want to force herself to continue; she simply reached out and held Luo Nan's head firmly.

"The colors of your irises are really ugly!"

She let go of his head before Luo Nan could struggle and moved to a different side of the room. She completely ignored Luo Nan's expression as she pondered in her mind: "The little fellow's hostility has grown stronger and stronger ever since the events at Frost River Reality. This change makes no sense..."

While Bai Xinyan mulled this over, Luo Nan pressed a hand to his ear and subconsciously walked two steps away. He likely received a message through the Psychic Wave Network. He Yueyin was most likely the one to have contacted him during this time of day.

A couple of seconds later, Bai Xinyan received a communications request. The request came from none other than He Yueyin.

He Yueyin had initiated a three-way communication link.

Bai Xinyan wasn't a member of the Society, but she had requested temporary-use privileges in using the HexaEar for the sake of convenience. Ouyang Chen was quite magnanimous when it came to promoting the results of his research. The matter was easily handled, and so, Bai Xinyan could observe the daily life of the Society's Xia City Branch in close proximity and collect relevant intelligence with ease, to her delight.

To have such a big-hearted boss and several colleagues below this boss, it must not have been easy for Sister He after she retired from the military.

Bai Xinyan laughed and greeted her with a bit of pity, "Hello, Sister He. Have you finished serving those great envoys?"

He Yueyin ignored Bai Xinyan's ridicule, or perhaps she didn't wish to talk about those people. She simply cut to the chase. "I would like to hear your opinion on the learning arrangements Mr. Luo made with the daoguan."

"I have no opinion... This is because your boss didn't bring up the matter with me at all. I don't know if he has a certain opinion about that Gym Master Xiu, or if he has a certain opinion of me."

Such an open accusation left Luo Nan speechless.

These were times when he couldn't keep on being stubborn. He could only comfort himself in learning to defy Bai Xinyan. Then, he spoke a few sentences to describe the notable points of his trip to the daoguan.

Actually, there wasn't much he could say. Gym Master Xiu's intentions were very clear. He could teach Luo Nan, but the time needed to be arranged. All Gym Master Xiu requested was time. This went a bit against convention, but that was all.

He Yueyin sank into deep thought. Then, she asked Bai Xinyan, "Will it affect the treatment you're giving Mr. Luo?"

"From what I can see now, no. Of course, if you don't mind, I can add another research task and see if there is any improvement in the altercation-absorption efficiency rate under Gym Master Xiu's instruction... Oh, right. What do you feel about Gym Master Xiu? Is he serious? Cordial? Sly? Antisocial? Aren't you going to describe him to Secretary He?" 

Bai Xinyan's ability to use every second and every inch was second to none.

Luo Nan rolled his eyes. He didn't want to respond.

Luckily, He Yueyin forcefully shifted back to the topic at hand. "It's good as long as it doesn't affect the treatment. For other items, there is still room for adjustment in Mr. Luo's schedule. Purely intellectual courses in general learning can be taught via the Psychic Wave Network. It will be ideal if this could occur simultaneously with the health pod treatment."

"The training exercises in Frost River Reality don't take too much time. The plan is feasible. However, all the brain burner courses should be postponed until later. If the mind is too strained, the treatment efficiency will certainly be affected."

"Common sense is absolutely crucial to keep in mind; the intensity can't be overwhelming. I will give the others a warning on the specifics."

The two ladies weren't willing to shirk responsibility, so they took the task of drawing up the schedule upon themselves. This became the new topic of their discussion. Only on some details did they consult Luo Nan, the person involved, for his opinion.

After the schedule was generally formed, He Yueyin contacted the Society members involved in the schedule one by one in communications. Soon, an all-new schedule was made and completed.

Luo Nan felt something when he saw the new daily schedule appear before his eyes. He felt like he was an outsider; as if he was on a completely different page than these two ladies.

Luo Nan quickly suppressed this peculiar feeling of his and asked, "I'll take this schedule and get in contact with Gym Master Xiu tomorrow, then?"

He Yueyin grunted. It seemed as if she wanted to say something, but in the end she simply said, "Have him take a look. Any adjustments because of issues can only be done after you start trying out the schedule. Today, let us first do a test. A test to see the effects of network learning within the treatment pod." 

Bai Xinyan held Luo Nan's shoulder. "Yeah, did you hear her? You can take off your clothes now."


Luo Nan took off his clothes and entered the pod with gritted teeth. Bai Xinyan was quite considerate with the time after the Frost River Reality treatment. She gave the following hour over to He Yueyin.

Today's general knowledge course was still 'Ins and Outs of the Psychic Wave Network's World Order'. Luo Nan had long since put the immersion helmet on his head, but it had yet to turn on for the time being. He followed He Yueyin's instructions and entered the Learning Guide Mode in the Psychic Wave Network via the HexaEar.

There was bound to be some unexpected things for Luo Nan. The first thing Luo Nan saw was the home page of the Society, which was also the main interface of the game ‘Ten Days in the Wilderness'. In the past, only a few members of the Society were able to personally witness the scene of the Wilderness through practical courses. The scene appeared before his eyes just like this:

The rusty earth appeared like ripples and ripples of frozen waves. A few western-style bulletin boards were carried by these waves and they arrived within reach.

Looking at this scene made it seem as if one could enter the wilderness by simply taking one additional step.

"Why aren't you giving it a shot?"

A crystal clear voice resonated by his ear. The sensation was far too realistic, so much so that Luo Nan turned his head by instinct. Then, he saw He Yueyin.


Currently, He Yueyin was still wearing a tailor-fit professional suit. The material was navy blue, and underneath it she was wearing something that one could never go wrong with: a white dress shirt. Her dress pants fit her slender legs, and all together she appeared confident, crisp, and sharp. This was her usual style of attire. There weren't any useless decorations or accessories.

Luo Nan saw this image quite often, but today it was a bit different. This was because there was clearly a dream-like glow surrounding He Yueyin's body.

The purpose of this glow was to call to his attention that what he saw wasn't a true form. The glowing outline contrasted with He Yueyin's body like porcelain contrasting with jade. But there was a powerful impact with this inhuman quality, and it made Luo Nan speechless for a time.

He Yueyin approached him exactly like this. She spoke coolly and calmly just like usual. "Today's learning objective is the practical operation of the HexaEar's simulator. We need to make use of our time. We need to make sure that these out-of-body experiences won't overly stimulate your soul strength and cause unplanned growth."