Master of the Stars

Chapter 140.1

Chapter 140: Sleeping Technique (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

Luo Nan understood the gym master’s meaning, but his thoughts were unable to turn around for a time. He hesitated in his answer.

Gym Master Xiu produced even clearer points. "You are a student. You have other matters to attend to. I can teach you, but do you have enough time to take in and absorb my teachings?"

Luo Nan was speechless. He realized that this was indeed an extremely realistic problem. Going to school and taking the Society general knowledge classes daily. Doing the Frost River Reality exercise, which would use up his soul strength everyday. Plus, he had his own research on Formatting Theory... Every item was time-consuming. 

Of course, the daily schedule was much easier now that he did not need to produce drugs everyday. It was not impossible to squeeze out a bit more time. However, this time was bound to be scattered, fractured, and unacceptable. Would he be able to guarantee good learning results in this case?

Luo Nan looked at Xue Lei. Xue Lei was also stupefied. Clearly, he did not think about this.

In the end, it was Gym Master Xiu who suggested a realistic approach. "Write up a schedule. Write down your entire day on a schedule and give it to me to look at."

"Oh, sure.”

Luo Nan already had a schedule ready and made. It was the training program He Yueyin drew up the last time she visited. All Luo Nan needed to do was erase a few details about the course names and give it to the gym master.

Luo Nan was going to send it to Gym Master Xiu, but he suddenly discovered that Gym Master Xiu was not wearing a wristband.

Xue Lei rushed and spoke, "You can just give it to me. The gym master isn't used to using electronics."

"Uh, okay."

Xue Lei received the information. Then, he connected it to a printer in the corner of the training grounds and operated it.

Luo Nan was a bit surprised. Wristbands were not just a communications tool for modern citizens; they were integrated with proof of identities, social privileges, asset credits, and other details for passage. No one noticed the power of these wristbands, but once one lost theirs, they would immediately experience the feeling of being unable to move a single step in society.

Luo Nan's uncle worked for the SCA. His uncle had taught the kids specific topics on social experiences, which left a very deep impression on Luo Nan.

The machine buzzed as paper passed through it. Finally, Luo Nan matched Gym Master Xiu with his preconceived image of an old-fashioned character. Was this not a passable reason to explain the gym master? 

Xue Lei brought the printed schedule over. Gym Master Xiu lowered his head and skimmed through it. He calmly said, "Who arranged it?"

Luo Nan was startled, but Xue Lei laughed before he could respond. "Is it Secretary He?"

"Yes, you're right. It's Sister He."

Gym Master Xiu shook the paper lightly, which caused it to sound out with a crack. Then, he placed the paper on the low table and placed a cup that he had been playing around with upon it.

"It's quite decent. You still have the time to sleep... If you want to learn my breathing techniques, you must ensure that you get at least six hours of sleep a night. Learning to breathe shall start with sleep."

Luo Nan was stupefied, and he instinctively turned to look at Xue Lei. Xue Lei gave him a wink and motioned for him to agree to it.

But Gym Master Xiu spoke before Luo Nan could talk. "No need to rush in your answer. Go back and think it over. Think of whether or not you can maintain steady work and rest. Then, make your decision."

Then, Gym Master Xiu raised a hand and motioned that Luo Nan could leave.

That was it? This big gym master... Was he easy to talk to? Or hard to talk to?

Luo Nan was a bit unused to it, and his mind was sluggish. He followed Xue Lei's lead, saluted to Gym Master Xiu, and bid his farewells.

The two went back through the same corridor. On the way, Luo Nan was still wondering, "Learning to sleep..."

"It's learning to breathe while sleeping."

Xue Lei corrected Luo Nan's mistaken thought. "The Sleeping Immortal Skill, the Nose-Locking Technique, the Dormant Dragon, and similar techniques have existed since ancient times. The gym master certainly must have chosen to begin here based on the reality of your situation. He's tailoring his teachings to you."

Luo Nan grunted in agreement; he was not doubting the gym master. The world was a large one, full of extraordinary things, not to mention the realm of supernatural powers. Luo Nan knew of Mr. Bai's dream techniques; this was intimately related to sleeping. There was also Rui Wen; that little girl had already slept for a full half a month. She was certainly using sleep to adjust her state.

Gym Master Xiu had said something superb. "No matter the technique, everything must start from the beginning."

Luo Nan had to truly give it a shot in order to see if the training was useful, to see what the results would be.

Luo Nan still possessed this patience.

Luo Nan's mind finally adapted, but then, he recalled a different matter. "Oh right, the tai chi ball!"

What was the tai chi ball? Luo Nan was still unsure, but he had broken someone else's equipment; this fact was as clear as day. It would be best to pay the necessary repercussions.

Xue Lei could not refrain from scratching his head when he heard the words 'tai chi ball'. "That thing is truly broken... Forget it, don't be concerned about it. Focus on tidying up your schedule between work and rest. Work hard when you get back. I'll think of a way to fix that toy."

Luo Nan was unfamiliar with the circumstances and could only say, "I'll pay the repair costs."

"Let's talk about that later." Xue Lei chuckled and led Luo Nan to the exit.

The two passed through the middle courtyard and the front courtyard. They hardly saw any people in the daoguan at this time. Xue Lei explained the deserted state of the gym, "We haven't recruited any new classes because we're going to be moving soon." 


Luo Nan had been in the back courtyard for around half an hour and had a deep impression of the silent and serene feeling. They were going to move from such a great location?

Xue Lei sighed. "The gym master won this place in a bet for the sake of setting roots in Xia City back in the day. The property itself belongs to Boshan Industries. The bet back then was only for the rent of ten years. Right now, the gym master has to pay rent, and the rent is extremely expensive. We don't have the savings... In fact, the gym master is bad at business. He lives very destitutely in his day to day life.”

The two had walked to the entrance by now. Luo Nan turned around. He found it hard to imagine not being able to make money in such a bustling location.

But then, he saw the plaque above the door of the gym with its two simple words, ‘Divine Yu’. Then, he thought about the personality that Gym Master Xiu displayed. Now, he felt that there was nothing strange about Xue Lei's words.

"Back then Xiaolin, sigh. Xiaolin had said that if the gym master subleased the daoguan out and switched to a smaller location, the rent money coming over several years would be quite a substantial sum. Then, we wouldn't be in this situation."

Xue Lei was still not quite used to mentioning his ex-girlfriend. Luo Nan gave an awkward laugh. Honestly speaking, he had not thought of subleasing, and it looked like Xue Lei had not either based on his tone of voice.

They were both not financially minded people.

Luo Nan bid farewell to Xue Lei. He no longer wasted time; he took the flying car Phantom straight back to Renai Hospital. He had gone to the daoguan, so today's treatment and study time had been postponed until night. Time was of the essence. Plus, there was the matter pertaining to his daily schedule that he had to discuss with He Yueyin.

Luo Nan arrived at the hospital. He saw Bai Xinyan, but he did not see He Yueyin.

"Prepare to be disappointed if you wanted to have some private tutoring. The Incident Investigation Team have just arrived at Xia City from the Society HQ..."

Bai Xinyan indicated to Luo Nan to strip the devices off his clothes, but she saw that Luo Nan was frozen in place. She raised her eyebrows. "Student Luo Nan. Please don't show the fact that you're disappointed so clearly, okay?"

After He Yueyin had pointed out Bai Xinyan's temperament, Luo Nan's immunity toward Bai Xinyan's teasing had greatly increased. In a certain sense, this was an exchange of blows.

Luo Nan thought for a bit and asked, "Investigation Team... What's the meaning of adding an 'Incident' to it?"

Bai Xinyan reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. "What did that Gym Master Xiu say to you?"

Neither of the two had answered the other's questions. Their gazes just crossed. Luo Nan looked straight into Bai Xinyan's amber eyes. His heart inexplicably beat a bit harder, but soon his mind settled down. He did not blink at all.