Martial Void King

Chapter 194

Chapter 194

Blazing Tiger Sect

Chu Shen and his friends appeared in the middle of a stone road. The road lead towards a valley between two large mountains. In that valley lay the Blazing Tiger Sect. A large wall made of jade surrounded magnificent pagodas. A large sign with the words ‘Blazing Tiger Sect’ stood outside the gates made of solid gold.

A red semi-transparent barrier covered the entire Blazing Tiger Sect. A terrifying amount of energy seemed to be emanating from the barrier. Chu Shen realized this must have been the barrier that Master Ti Wu had been talking about. A determined look came over his face. All he needed to do was smash through the barrier and then he could rescue his mom.


Inside the Blazing Tiger Sect, the sect master was facing the elder with the greatsword. The elder had appeared outside the sect due to the spatial restrictions imposed by the barrier. 

Upon entering, he first sent Chu Lai to the prison and then he went straight to the sect master. The sect master frowned as he listened to the tale of the man with the greatsword. “Are you sure he said to activate the Blazing Tiger Flaming Mirror formation? Not just the Flaming Mirror formation?”

The elder nodded. “Yes. He also said for you to close the sect down.”

The sect master sighed. “Unless you can give me a reason, then I can’t activate the formation the Great elder asked.” It wasn’t that the sect master didn’t trust the great elder, he simply couldn’t activate such a precious formation based on word alone.

One must understand, the Blazing Tiger Flaming Mirror formation was a legend of the sect. It was a treasure that had taken fifteen years to be made by multiple five star array masters. 

It had taken over 90% of the sect’s resources to hire the array masters and buy the materials needed before being completed five hundred years ago. The end result was the trump card of the Blazing Tiger Sect.

The formation was mostly meant for defense. It used soul energy, allowing it to withstand Universe Realm cultivators, though if more then two attacked it would be destroyed. 

Upon activating the formation, over a thousand Rank 7 Beast Cores would be consumed every month for just keeping it active. The cost of simply activating it was something the Blazing Tiger Sect could afford but not for long.

At most they could withstand it for three years. After that, they would run out of resources. The fact that they could keep it activated for three years was proof of how powerful the Blazing Tiger Sect truly was.

Of course, this cost was only for keeping it activated. If the formation was under attack, the consumption rate would increase exponentially. How long could it truly keep up was something that none had looked into.

The elder nodded. “I understand, sect master. Please be prepared though. I believe that the great elder wouldn’t have requested such a thing without due reason.”

The sect master sighed. “I know. I have faith in the great elder. No need to wor-.” He suddenly frowned. “Someone just teleported in.”

The sect master flew out of the hall and towards the gate where he had sensed the teleportation. Before he had reached there, he heard a tremendous BOOM and the entire barrier surrounding the sect shuddered. A man with a hammer had appeared before the barrier.

The hammer was embedded into the barrier and cracks spread throughout the entire barrier. The barrier was still standing though. The sheer destructive force caused the sect master to pale. Even he would have to go all out in order to cause such damage to the barrier. To think that a casual blow with a hammer could cause such destruction….

The elder beside the sect master pointed at the man. “That is Chu Shen, the one the great elder was warning you about.”

The sect master master nodded gravely. “I understand now.” A jade token appeared in his hand and was crushed. A signal was sent throughout the sect.

Surrounding the sect was a jade wall. This jade wall was actually the foundation for the different formations that protected the sect and was hollow on the inside. Many of the elders stayed here cultivating, ready to activate any formation required and provide their energy to the formations.

The elder in charge for this month was in a state of panic as the barrier was under attack. Over 60% of the energy had been consumed in less than a second. He had no idea what to do and had called the other elders already.

Suddenly, a loud gong sounded. The elder calmed down. He sat down on the ground in the lotus position. More elders ran into the room before sitting down. A total of thirteen elders appeared in the room. Twelve elders sat in a circle around the great elder, who controlled the formation.

Qi flowed from the elders into black lines inscribed into the floor. The Qi activated bundles of Rank 7 fire element beast cores that were in the walls. A total of 1 thousand beast cores distributed evenly across the jade wall were activated. More and more Qi gathered until it suddenly shot upwards, enclosing the entire Blazing Tiger Sect in a dense red shield.

The Blazing Tiger Flaming Mirror formation was activated!


Chu Shen saw the barrier surrounding the Blazing Tiger Sect. Dense killing intent came from his body. Without a second though, he charged at the school. Flying into the air, he withdrew his hammer.

With a mighty blow, he smashed into the barrier. A loud BOOM rang out as the barrier shuddered. Cracks spread as the impact started to destroy the barrier. Chu Shen stood in midair and hauled his hammer over his head.

A second blow rained down on the barrier. Even more cracks spread. Then a third blow came. Then a fourth. After the barrier was hit a fifth time, it finally collapsed into shards of translucent red energy.

Chu Shen stared at it for a second, almost disbelieving that the barrier was so weak. Chu Shen then started to go forward but a huge red barrier suddenly shot out of the wall below. It stopped Chu Shen from entering the Blazing Tiger Sect.

A person appeared on the other side of the barrier. Chu Shen had no idea who it was. 

The man opened his mouth. “I am the Sect Master. Who are you to be attacking the Blazing Tiger Sect.”

“My name is Chu Shen.”

The Sect Master sighed. “I see. So there is no chance of talking you down. I guess the Blazing Tiger Flaming Mirror formation will have to be activated completely then in order to kill you.”

A white jade token appeared in his hand before being crushed. “For someone so talented, it is a shame that you will have to die from this fiery inferno.”

The red barrier started to glow ominously. Chu Shen gripped his hammer tightly, his knuckles turning white. His head went backwards as he roared out fiercely. “GO AHEAD! I’LL SMASH WHATEVER I NEED TO UNTIL I RESCUE MY MOM!”

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