Martial Void King

Chapter 192

Chapter 192


Chrissa flew forward at her fastest. When Chu Shen had yelled that his mom was being kidnapped, her heart sank. She had seen how badly it had hurt Chu Shen when he lost his father. She didn’t want any of her friends to experience such a loss, especially not Chu Shen when he still hadn’t recovered from the last time.

The wind surrounded Chrissa, pushing her forward at startling speeds, allowing her to outpace Lucas and Aslo. She saw three people starting to flee, though she couldn’t see Chu Shen anywhere. Chrissa immediately assumed that the people trying to flee were the ones that had kidnapped Chu Shen’s mom. 

She took off in pursuit. Thanks to her wind element, she quickly caught up with a few of them. She then yelled at them. “STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Chrissa wanted to make sure that they were the people she was looking for. She’d feel awful if she accidentally hurt some innocent people.

One of the men turned towards her. “You should mind your own business! We are from the Blazing Tiger Sect! Go away if you know what’s good for you!”

Chrissa’s eyes turned red with fury. Indeed these were the men she was looking for. “You’re from the Blazing Tiger Sect? Good!” A blade of wind shot forward from above her, soaring straight at the man that had spoken.

Stunned at the violent reaction, the man didn’t react in time and the blade struck him in the back. He wasn’t killed due to his Qi protecting him from the slicing power of the wind scythe. The impact still threw him into the ground though, making a decent sized crater.

The other two elders were stunned but didn’t stop. They didn’t have the time. Chu Shen would soon be free and they would be lucky if they didn’t die here. The elders simply tried to fly faster.

Chrissa created a hurricane of wind that sucked one of the other elders back towards her. The last elder was about to be sucked backwards as well but a large sword appeared in his hand. The elder stood on top of the sword as though it was a skateboard.

The sword lit up blue before shooting off, escaping Chrissa’s range. It was a flying sword! Chrissa realized she couldn’t keep up and decided to detain the two she had already captured.

The elder that had been slammed into the ground was furious. How could he have been ambushed? By a girl no less! Snowflakes started to appear around him as frost spread on the ground. His ice domain activated.

“Little girl! You shouldn’t have done that! Now you’re going to pay!” As the elder spoke, swords of ice appeared around him and then shot towards Chrissa.

Chrissa waved her hand, causing a gust of wind to surge forth. The swords hit the wind and slowed dramatically. Small flakes of ice flew off the swords, causing a powdery snow to trail behind it. The swords still pressed onwards, even as they became smaller and smaller.

The air around the elder that had been trapped in the hurricane started to shimmer as he released a domain of pure heat. The air around him distorted as it heated up, causing the hurricane to dissipate.

Upon escaping the hurricane, he immediately started escaping. The elder that was fighting with Chrissa was stunned at this. “Fu Shen!” The elder bellowed. “Come back here! You can’t escape unless she is dead! Fu Shen!”

The elder called Fu Shen didn’t hesitate or turn back. He simply kept fleeing. Suddenly, a beam of bright red light struck his back. The beam hesitated for a second before piercing through the elders shoulder. “ARGH!” Fu Shen screamed as his flesh burned.

Chrissa turned around and saw Aslo and Lucas coming up behind her. The red beam was a laser that Lucas had shot from his palm. Lucas flew up beside her. “Sorry for being late Chrissa. You’re pretty fast now.”

Chrissa smiled softly. “I used my soul energy to increase the power of my flight spell. That’s why you couldn’t keep up with me.”

The two elders were now worried. Even when they outnumbered the girl before, they had been at a disadvantage. Now they were the ones outnumbered. Fu Shen, in particular, was extremely scared. He had no idea what that red light was, but he knew that he would have died if it had been aimed at his head instead.

The elder with the frost domained suddenly raised his hands. His domain of frost suddenly exploded in range. It covered Lucas, Aslo, and Chrissa in one fell sweep. Frost crept over their skin and layers of ice appeared over their bodies. In a matter of seconds, all of them had been turned into ice statues.

The elder knew he was only buying some time. Him and Fu Shen both started to flee. Before they could get travel farther than a quarter mile, a surge of heat behind them let them know that the frost domain had been dispelled.

Chrissa, Aslo, and Lucas were all in pursuit and were catching up fast. When they caught up, Aslo caused his domain to expand. They were all covered in a domain of fire. The elder with the frost domain was sweating as this domain was more powerful than his and directly countered his own element. All of them suddenly heard a sonic boom. A blur of color passed by them as though they were standing still.

Lucas’ cybernetic eyes swiftly took in the sight of the blur. It was Chu Shen. A desperate look was on his face as he swiftly shot past them. Lucas frowned. They hadn’t seen his mom yet. Apparently, she wasn’t out of danger.

Lucas turned back to the elders. “Don’t you know who we are! We belong to the Blazing Tiger Sect!” Fu Shen desperately shouted out.

Aslo decided to speak up. “Oh, we know exactly who you are.”

Fu Shen seemed shocked. “Then why attack us? Aren’t you scared of the sect retaliating? The Blazing Tiger Sect is one of the top 3 sects in the entire empire. Even those at the Universe realm would be hard-pressed to survive the sect’s wrath, much less you World-Stage cultivators.”

Aslo grinned. “Well you see, we have a friend of ours called Chu Shen. It just so happens that you all killed his dad and kidnapped his mom. So unfortunately, we don’t have a choice. Sorry, but it’s time for you to die.”

With that, Aslo leapt forward. A sword appeared in his hand as he charged at the elder with the frost domain. Chrissa made her wind blades shoot at the elder with the fire domain. The elder with the fire domain forced his to come to life.

The wind blades caused his domain to flare up with power. Chrissa frowned. Lucas stepped forward. “Chrissa, do you want me to take him on?”

Chrissa shook her head. “I need experience fighting those whose elements counter mine. Let me take this person on.”

Lucas nodded. “Alright then.”

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