Martial Void King

Chapter 191

Chapter 191


The great elder frowned. “You are Chu Shen I take it?” Chu Shen simply stared at him. The great elder nodded. “I will presume your silence is confirmation. This is actually quite an opportunity. You see, we were planning on capturing you. Surrender, boy.”

Chu Shen simply stared at him. “I just killed one of your people yet you think you can take me on?”

The great elder looked confused. “Why would I not be able to take you on? Is it because of the expert you brought along? He must be at the Celestial stage for him to have such a strong soul energy. Don’t think you can take us on with just that.”

Chu Shen was stunned before he suddenly grinned. This guy didn’t realize how strong he was. Maybe with that, he would be able to kill them and rescue his mom. To be honest, the guy did have a right to be arrogant if he hadn’t reached the Universe stage.

If he was still at the world stage and was facing someone that was at the Heaven or Universe stage, he would be completely useless. Based simply on common sense, Chu Shen had only been at the world stage 3 months ago. It was impossible that he had advanced very far if at all.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll rescue you in a second.”

The great elder frowned. “Planning on resisting?” He waved his hand at the other elders. “Back off, you’re not match for him. Only soul energy would be useful against him.” The elders bowed before retreating. The one with the greatsword holding his mom also nodded.

A universe descended upon Chu Shen. A total of twenty galaxies with a million stars in each one appeared above him. The great elder smiled as he saw this. With his universe suppressing Chu Shen, it would be a piece of cake to capture him. 

What happened next scared the great elder. A universe containing fifty million galaxies with 1 trillion stars in each galaxy appeared around Chu Shen. The sheer amount of stars made the elder want to turn around and flee.

Chu Shen grinned. “How do you like my soul domain?” As he spoke, the domain flew outwards. The domain that the great elder had summoned disappeared as its soul energy was drained into Chu Shen’s universe.

The great elder paled as his soul energy disappeared. He became mentally fatigued as a headache immediately enveloped him. The great elder suddenly turned towards the other elders behind him. “Run! Get the wood element girl to the sect! Tell the sect leader to close the sect and launch the Blazing Tiger Flaming Mirror formation! Do it now while I stall him!”

Lightning wrapped around the man that was holding Chu Shen’s mother. He turned into a streak of light as he shot into the distance. The sheer speed he was using was more than twice the speed that Gu Don had previously used to escape Chu Shen. 

Chu Shen panicked. “NO! MOTHER!” He tried to rush forward but multiple blades of ice shot at him. “OUT OF THE WAY!”

Chu Shen didn’t dodge the ice blades but simply let them strike his body. There was no way such weak strikes could hurt him. That was a mistake. The ice blades struck his body and the spread. They started coating him in ice. The ice quickly engulfed his body, causing him to freeze in midair.

A chain composed if ice lead back to one of the other elders. He swung his hand, causing the cocoon of ice containing Chu Shen to swing into the ground with a boom. The great elder flew down and placed his hands on the earth surrounding the crater Chu Shen had formed.

Black armor appeared around him as he activated the <Cancellation Armor: Reality>. The ice that trapped him dissolved instantly as his armor absorbed it. Chu Shen furiously looked up right as the earth suddenly closed in around him.

The great elder had the element of earth! The earth enclosed Chu Shen entirely before forcing him down deeper underground. When that happened, the great elder relaxed slightly. He had planned it all out with the other elder, using his Qi to talk unnoticed. That was what had allowed them to ambush Chu Shen.

He turned towards the elders, diverting his focus from the earth that trapped Chu Shen. “I won’t be able to trap him for long. Leave, use the transmission array to get away!”

The elders didn’t hesitate. When Chu Shen destroyed the great elder’s soul domain, Gu Don had immediately fled. The other elders had hoped they could be of some help but even the most powerful of them had fled with Chu Shen’s mom. What was the point of them sticking around then?

Chu Shen was trapped by the enormous weight of the earth. It squeezed on his body. Because it was physical rock and not Qi, Chu Shen couldn’t absorb it with his Void Qi. Or he could, but it would take too long. Chu Shen channeled his Qi into the palm of his hand. Then he released the burst energy.

The Qi punched a hole through the ground beside him but not entirely. He now had enough room to swing his arm. He let out a tremendous punch at the earth around him, causing it to shatter. The shockwave from his punch freed his body from the earthen prison. A hammer appeared in his hand as he swung it upwards at the ceiling.

Above him, the great elder realized that Chu Shen was breaking free. Gritting his teeth, he prepared to channel his Qi into the ground. Before he could do so, there was a loud explosion as the ground ripped apart and seemed to explode below his feet.

Dirt and sand flew upwards into the Qi protecting the great elder. The force of Chu Shen’s blow had pulverized the rock, turning it into sand. Chu Shen jumped out of the hole in the ground as the great elder stumbled backwards.

Upon exiting the hole, Chu Shen didn’t even look at the great elder but immediately took off. He didn’t have the time to waste killing the elder, not when he still had to rescue his mom.

He sent out his spiritual sense as he flew in the direction the man that had been holding his mom had fled in before. His spiritual sense locked onto the man. The man had changed direction and was flying extremely fast. Chu Shen gritted his teeth and raised his speed to the max. At this time, his friends had caught up with him and were actually already in pursuit of several elders.

Chu Shen blasted by the elders and his friends who were fighting. He was only concerned with his mom. The gap between them was slowly closing. The distance closed from 20 miles. To ten, then five. By the time the distance was closed down to two miles, the elder had appeared next to a transmission array.

During the elders flight, he had knocked out Chu Lai to prevent her from struggling. He activated the formation as Chu Shen saw from two miles away. The elder activated a secondary formation before stepping into the gate that the transmission array had activated. His mom, and the elder, had disappeared.

Chu Shen didn’t give up. Maybe he could still activate the formation and rescue his mom. Then the secondary formation activated right as Chu Shen landed. The array exploded as the self-destruction formation that the transmission array had been built upon activated.

Chu Shen blinked as the explosion occured. He ignored the flames as they engulfed his body for a couple seconds. The searing heat awakened Chu Shen. “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” He yelled out in pain.

He had lost his dad and now his mom, all in a couple months. He gritted his teeth. “Blazing...Tiger...Sect!” he forced out from his clenched teeth. Killing intent filled his soul. An elder that he had passed before suddenly appeared at the array. The elder was stunned to see Chu Shen and immediately tried to flee.

Chu Shen saw him and appeared beside the elder, his hammer already in motion. The elder dissolved into blood as the hammer made contact. Chu Shen let out a harsh wail before charging forward. The only way he could feel better was if he killed. Killed. KILLED!

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