Martial Void King

Chapter 189

Chapter 189


Chu Shen and his friends appeared where they had first appeared in Chu Shen’s world. They were on a dirt road with a walled city visible in the distance.

“We’re back mom. Now it is time to get revenge on the Blazing Tiger Sect.” Chu Shen turned toward his mom to reassure her. Or at least, he tried to. When he turned around, his mom wasn’t there.

Immediately Chu Shen panicked. He knew that his mom had used the Chains of Transportation, so why wasn’t she here! “Guys! My mom isn’t here!”

“What!” Lucas looked around frantically. “She must be here.” 

Chu Shen calmed down after a couple seconds. “Let’s not panic, otherwise we won’t get anywhere. I’m sure she’s fine. How about you go back to your dimension Lucas to make sure she isn’t there. Master Ti Wu, I’ll have to trouble you to look for her here.”

Master Ti Wu nodded. “Very mature you brat. I’ll go ahead and scan once you give me some of your Qi.”

Lucas nodded. “Alright Chu Shen, I’ll do it.” He disappeared right afterwards.

Chu Shen stared up into the sky, where could you be mom?”


Gu Don sighed as sat down in the luxurious chair. For the past four months he had been staying at a hotel in a nearby town. When he had lost the connection to his wind seeking rune, he had been ordered by the great elder to stay in the local vicinity.

With their help, he set-up a thousand mile transmission formation so that they could join him if the wind-seeking rune appeared again. So far, the wind-seeking rune had remained silent. He sighed again. When was this boring wait going to end.

Suddenly, he stood up. The wind-seeking rune had finally awoken! The wood element girl was now out of the pocket dimension. He could feel that she was only a couple miles away. It would only take him a couple minutes to get where she was, especially with his speed.

He instantly activated the message talisman. He was only to activate it if the wood element girl had appeared. The great elder would appear soon through the formation so he immediately started preparing to great him.

In less than five minutes, the formation had activated. The great elder appeared with four elders flanking him. Including Gu Don, 5 elders and one great elder were now here to bring back the wood element girl. From this alone, one could tell the importance they placed on Chu Lai.

The great elder looked at Gu Don. “Gu Don, the wood element girl has appeared?”

Gu Don bowed. “Yes great elder. She is not far from here either. I believe it should only take a few minutes to catch up to her.”

The great elder nodded. “Good. Then we should immediately depart. We wouldn’t want her to go back into the pocket dimension now that we have found her.”

They all swiftly left the hotel before flying into the air. The townspeople were all shocked at the flying cultivators. Why would someone so strong visit their town? Rumors appeared and a local legend was born about a treasure that attracted powerful cultivators to their little town.


Chu Lai appeared at the foot of a mountain. Looking around she realized that no one was around her. She was confused since Chu Shen had made it sound as though all of them would be together.

She discovered that she was actually at the foot of the mountain leading to the Majestic Sword Academy. She realized what had happened at that moment. The area she created the charm in was right here, to avoid disturbing the spatial barrier around the academy. When she teleported back home, it must have taken her to where she created the charm.

Chu Lai was about to go up to the academy when she realized that she didn’t have an identification token. Without it, she couldn’t enter. Sighing, she instead went to the town nearby. She was just about to enter the gates when she felt something behind her. Turning around, she gasped. 

It was Gu Don, the murderer of her husband!

Gu Don grinned. “Why hello Chu Lai, we meet again.” He looked around. “Where is that arrogant boy of yours. You see, I brought a few more elders from the Blazing Tiger Sect. I imagine they would like to teach him a lesson or two.”

Chu Lai angrily stared at him. “If he appears here, I am afraid that all of you will be dead.”

Gu Don sighed. “How unfortunate. I was hoping he would be here so that we could gain some leverage over you. No matter. I am sure we can find some other means of persuading you to cooperate with us. Wiping out that branch sect your husband came from perhaps?”

Chu Lai gasped. “You, you wouldn’t! That would start a war between you and the Chu Sect! They would never let you get away with it!”

Gu Don smiled. “Oh my. We wouldn’t want to fight the Chu Sect after all. However, I did hear that beast tides were quite common in that area. I have an elder that is very good with beasts and has quite a few as pets. I am sure that no one would blame us if the branch sect was wiped out by some beasts randomly rampaging in the area, hmm?”

Chu Lai was shaking with rage. Suddenly, two hands grabbed her arms from behind. Twisting her head, she saw a man had appeared behind her. An enormous greatsword was strapped to his back. He grinned at her.

“Hello Chu Lai. Time to come back to the sect with us.” He yanked her into the air by her wrists. Chu Lai struggled and cried out, but the man ignored her. The other elders fell into formation behind her and the great elder flew in front.

The great elder glanced back at Chu Lai, a grin evident on his face. “It looks as though we have finally captured the wood element for ourselves. Soon, the Blazing Tiger Sect will be unstoppable.”

Chapter 189


Chapter Notes:

Sorry guys, spoiler title! As you may have guessed, we are coming to a close with this arc. However, it will be ending in the 200's, not chapter 190 like I normally do. 

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