Martial Void King

Chapter 188

Chapter 188


Chu Shen turned to Master Ti Wu. “What am I supposed to do now. My soul is stuffed full of galaxies, I can’t fit even a single one inside anymore.”

Master Ti Wu grinned. “Great. You have now recreated the entirety of the heavens inside your soul. In other words, you have become a Heavenly Cultivator. For the next step in your cultivation, you would need to do some other things but that is unimportant right now.”

“The current you has enough strength to take revenge on the Blazing Tiger sect. When you first had conflict with them, I used my spiritual sense to look for them. According to what I could sense, they only have one old man at the Heavens stage and a couple dozen men at the World stage. There was one or two at the Celestial stage as well.”

Chu Shen frowned as he realized that this wasn’t going to be easy. Finally, he shrugged. “Alright. With my Void Qi, I should have nothing to fear from a simple Blazing Tiger sect.”

Master Ti Wu grinned. “That’s the spirit. Now, you have the Chains of Transportation so you should be able to travel back to your own dimension in a matter of seconds. All you need to decide is when you want to go back and who you wish to take with you.”

Chu Shen grimaced. “Yeah, I guess my friends would want to come. I don’t know if bringing Aslo would be a good idea. Lucas would be nice to have and Chrissa is actually coming along quite nicely with her training so far.”

Master Ti Wu grimaced as well. “Aslo is a bit of a problem. Anyways, when are you going to travel back?”

Chu Shen frowned. “I don’t know. Let me talk with the rest of the team before we decide what to do.”

Master Ti Wu sighed. “Alright, I guess that’s fair. Anyways, after you wipe out the Blazing Tiger sect we can move onto revenge for me. You now have the minimum power required for you to be able to go the Void Sect’s dimension.”

Chu Shen stared at Master Ti Wu.  “Wait, what? What do you mean that I have the minimum power. Plus, how are we going to get to the Void Sect’s dimension? We haven’t been to any of it so far.”

The look of disdain Master Ti Wu sent towards him froze Chu Shen’s blood. “How confused you are. I was worried for your safety previously because of how low your cultivation was. Now I would say you would be able to at least defend yourself if someone tried to rob you.”

“In my world, the cultivation level of everyone is very high. Most commoners are at the Martial Warrior stage and most outer disciples are at the Martial Emperor stage. As for elders, they are usually at the stage you are in now, Heavens Stage. So now you are finally equal to the elders of Second-Rate sects. Your opponent is a first-rate sect and you would only be able to match some of their inner disciples”

Chu Shen’s mouth fell wide open. This, this! The stage he had reached was already considered miraculous. One must remember that the Heavens Stage was practically considered a myth. 

Each of the powerful sects in his world only had one Heavens Stage cultivator and they were considered the pinnacle. Yet, such peak experts would only be considered disciples!

Chu Shen shook his head to clear his thoughts. “Okay, I understand that. But you still haven’t answered how I would get there.”

Master Ti Wu grinned. “Oh disciple, how dare you doubt your master. I am still an expert after all. I can change the spatial coordinates on the charm for the Chains of Transportation. Essentially, I can teleport you wherever I need to using your bracelet as a medium. Getting there isn’t an issue.”

Chu Shen sighed. “Okay. I did promise you master so I will help you get revenge. Just wait a little longer until I am powerful enough to actually achieve your request.”

Master Ti Wu frowned. “Of course I know that. I just wanted you to find out some news about the Five Heavenly Mountains Sect. I just want you to learn what kind of power they have at their disposal and what you are going to be facing in your future.”

Chu Shen nodded. “I understand. Anyways, I need to talk to everyone else.”


Chu Shen gathered his group together and informed them that he was going back to his own dimension the next day. There were various reactions to that statement.

Aslo appeared as though he wanted to charge in right now. He had always been hot-headed and now he knew there was going to be a fight. He was ready to show off his domain to anyone he was fighting.

Chrissa was sad that they were going to have to destroy the Blazing Tiger sect, but she knew this was needed for Chu Shen to gain some semblance of solace. She was still a kind-hearted girl and while she was ready to kill if needed, she wasn’t comfortable with killing quite yet. 

Lucas simply nodded grimly. He had experienced the feeling of losing a parent. When his parents were killed, he wanted to blame the world for their death but he was eventually able to come to terms with the fact that no one was to blame. Chu Shen’s dad was murdered though and he had a clear target to exact revenge. 

He wouldn’t stop until Chu Shen’s dad was avenged and the murderer held accountable. That included the Blazing Tiger sect because they were the ones that sent that murderer after his friend in the first place.

All three of them agreed to follow Chu Shen back to his world the next day. Lucas took the opportunity to prepare his gear for the trip back. His body had returned to his normal look of a teenage boy.

Don’t be fooled by his looks though. Xentus Viri and Lucas had spent the past two months revising different projects and this had been their top priority. The number one thing they had to keep in mind was to mimic the skills of martial artists.

An interesting fact was that Lucas was not affected by soul attacks. Normally soul energy was used to disrupt the soul strands that control the user’s Qi. Lucas, on the other hand, did not use soul strands. He simply blasted the energy outwards.

This caused him to be less flexible when fighting but he made up for it with the sheer amount of power that was granted by the anti-matter reactor. Because he didn’t use soul strands to control his energy, soul energy had no effect on him.

The next day, the group, including Chu Lai, was all standing together in the dining hall. Xentus Viri stood in front of them. He had hugged Lucas goodbye a few moments before. While he was willing to go to Chu Shen’s dimension, Chu Shen had refused. His reasoning was that Xentus Viri was a scientist. He would be of no help to them when their mission this time was to kill.

Also, he would be sorely missed back in his own dimension. He was a prominent figure on Sparta and the council was already worried about him. Leaving without an explanation or trace would only worsen his status with them.

Chu Shen turned towards everyone. “Thank you everyone for coming with me. It means a lot that you all would be willing to risk your lives in order to avenge my father. Thank you. Well, i’ll see you all in my dimension.” With that, he disappeared.

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