Martial Void King

Chapter 187

Chapter 187


Chu Shen spent the next three months simply advancing his cultivation. He found out from Master Ti Wu that creating more soul energy by exploding stars only worked inside his soul.

That was why when he destroyed his soul domain to reinforce his elemental domain, his soul energy didn’t increase. Master Ti Wu pointed out the reason and afterwards Chu Shen felt incredibly stupid.

When he destroyed a star inside his soul, his soul would have to take the impact of the explosion. That was what caused the pain he felt everytime he destroyed a star inside his soul. This caused his soul to be tempered, thereby increasing his soul energy. 

He hadn’t noticed until Master Ti Wu pointed out but he hadn’t felt any pain when he destroyed his galaxy to reinforce his elemental domain. That lack of pain was because the explosion wasn’t inside his soul and his soul wasn’t tempered as a result of this.

The reasoning behind this was incredibly simple and Chu Shen was kicking himself for not coming to this realization sooner. The lack of pain was a clear clue yet he had missed it.

With that question out of the way, Chu Shen was able to focus completely on his training. He went back to the base and informed everyone that he was going to be in closed door cultivation for a long time.

At first, everyone was simply impatient while Chu Shen trained. They simply wanted him to hurry up and finish his training. Yet, when two weeks turned into a month, a month into two, and two months into three, everyone became concerned. Last time, his training only required one month. Yet he had already been in training for three times as long.

Chrissa had gotten tips from Master Ti Wu while Chu Shen was training. His disembodied soul would float around the base occasionally and observe everyone’s progress.

Master Ti Wu was quite satisfied with Chrissa’s progress as she had mastered her elemental domain and was able to enter her soul through meditation. Under his guidance, Chrissa was able to form black hole inside her soul. She was finally considered a Cosmic Stage cultivator.

She closed up on the second month of Chu Shen’s training to form her stars. Meditation was inferior in every way to using Voids Hand to train. She would have to enter a state of intense meditation without interference from the outside world.

If something woke her from the meditation, then she could suffer from backlash and lose control of her budding galaxy as a result. It was also harder to control her soul energy as a result of the shallow connection that meditation allowed.

It was similar to comparing the different sleep levels. In REM sleep, one would have deep and realistic dreams while in the other sleep cycles, one would have shallow, unrealistic dreams. 

The soul would be a dream and meditation would be the other sleep cycles. The connection with one's soul would be faint and ghostly when one was in meditation. 

As one’s soul energy became stronger, the connection to the soul, would become stronger as well. This would eventually create a state similar to the Voids Hand inflicted upon Chu Shen currently. Unfortunately, Chrissa would have to establish multiple galaxies for such a phenomenon to occur.

Aslo was a hopeless case when it came to meditation. He was simply too energetic and distracted to sit still for the necessary time needed to enter into meditation to begin with. 

As a result, Aslo focused on strengthening his domain and perfecting his control over it. Soon, he was able to expand his domain out to a mile. This was far greater than what Chu Shen or Chrissa was able to accomplish, allowing Aslo to gain a somewhat superior attitude when it came to domains.

Lucas, on the other hand, was spending time doing what he loved the most. Inventing. There were years of backlog from Xentus Viri looking for him and experimenting with black holes and ignoring requests from the councilors on Sparta.

As a result, there were ample amount of projects for him to work on to pass the time. Xentus Viri, for his part, was overjoyed at being able to work with his son once again. It just wasn’t the same if Lucas wasn’t beside him, bothering him with millions of questions.

He could tell that Lucas had changed though. The designs he came up with were now focused upon practical use. Previously, Lucas designed weird and wondrous creations such as the nanite mech that could transform into anything that one could imagine.

However, the practicality of such a mech was questionable as nanites were not very sturdy and the power source for nanites were extremely inefficient. It was simply something that was only suitable to be used in a movie or to play around in the lab with.

Now Lucas considered if the invention was applicable for warfare and daily use before creating it. If it didn’t meet these criteria, Lucas directly abandoned the project. Over half the projects he previously had worked on were discarded by the revitalized Lucas.

Clearly, Lucas’ trip had matured him. Xentus Viri was both pleased and sad at this discovery. He was glad that Lucas was finally maturing, yet he had missed those moments that had caused Lucas to become the man he was now. That was why he was so sad.

Chu Shen was able to form all fifty million galaxies with 1 trillion stars in each one. The exact number of stars was beyond comprehension and even Chu Shen felt the number of stars was daunting.

Once he finished the fifty millionth galaxy, Chu Shen tried to form another black hole but he ran into a problem. There wasn’t enough space for another one. In reality, galaxies were trillions upon trillions of miles apart from one another.

This was a result of distribution of stellar mass. One galaxy would hog all the mass around it, leaving a vacuum of stellar dust and junk from previous stars. Without that cosmic junk to form new stars, there would be no galaxies. So a new galaxy would form where there were higher densities of stellar dust and there wasn’t any competition around.

However, that situation did not apply in Chu Shen’s soul. He controlled the galaxies and he created them as well. He could create two galaxies less than a mile apart inside his soul. As a result his internal universe was densely crowded with galaxies. 

He found that when he released his soul domain outside his body, the distances between the galaxies and stars increased, making it appear as actual galaxies and not just a blob of light as it appeared inside his soul currently.

The main point though, was that Chu Shen’s soul was so packed full of stars, that he just didn’t have room for another galaxy.

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