Martial Void King

Chapter 181

Chapter 181

Black Hole

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” Chu Shen yelled as twenty stars exploded at once. The flames raged over his soul for the next ten minutes before finally calming down. The entire space was thick with gray dust.

Master Ti Wu observed the phenomenon before nodding. “Alright you brat. This should be good enough to start your black hole.”

“Go ahead and start condensing the energy in your body right in the center of your soul. Use at least half of the star dust to create a huge star. When it starts to explode, contain the explosion and condense it further into an even smaller state. When it does, the star will collapse in itself and turn into a black hole.”

Chu Shen nodded, panting as he tried to recover. Master Ti Wu glanced at him before sighing. “I guess you can wait until you’re feeling better. You need to do this in top condition otherwise you could suffer backlash.”

Chu Shen sighed. “Thanks master.” For the next thirty minutes, Chu Shen simply relaxed and brought himself up to full strength. Finally, he decided that he was ready.

Holding out his hand, Chu Shen concentrated. The gray mist-like energy vibrated before slowly moving. They started to move faster and faster towards the center of Chu Shen’s soul. The energy swirled around a growing ball in the center.

All of the energy compressed before suddenly catching on fire. It formed a huge ball more than fifty times the size of a normal star. After a couple seconds, Chu Shen could sense that the huge star was becoming unstable. It was about to explode.

Chu Shen started to concentrate. The star trembled before it suddenly exploded. What was curious though was that the explosion did not spread. Instead, an invisible sphere seemed to trap the explosion inside it. Slowly the sphere contracted.

The gray energy started becoming darker and darker as it became smaller and smaller. Soon, it was a tenth the size of a normal star. Chu Shen was grimacing as sweat trickled down his brow. A splitting headache threatened to distract him from his mission. Suddenly, the dark energy disappeared.

Chu Shen didn’t see this as his eyes were closed in concentration. He could now sense that the explosion was contained. It was starting to find a balance. After a few seconds more, he relaxed. The energy had finally stabilized

Opening his eyes, he looked at the stabilized energy. There was nothing there. Panicked, he desperately looked around but saw nothing. He closed his eyes and concentrated. The mass of energy was still there. Confused, Chu Shen started thinking. Then he remembered something. 

A black hole could not be seen visible because light couldn’t escape its gravity well. There would simply be an absence of light, pure blackness, where the black hole was. Since his soul was already black in color, it was invisible.  

Chu Shen sighed in relief. At least all the effort wasn’t useless. Master Ti Wu spoke up. “Nice job. Now you have the center of your galaxy. The next step is to create the rest of it.”

“A galaxy is simply a collection of stars. You can think of it as a solar system with stars as planets and the black hole as the sun for a normal solar system. So your next job is to create stars and then put them in orbit around the black hole.”

Chu Shen frowned. “I don’t know how to do that. So far, all the stars have blown up after I made them.”

Ti Wu shrugged. “You just have to experiment with them until they’re stable then. I never said it would be easy.”

Chu Shen sighed before getting to work. The energy clumped together in the now familiar process of making a star. Slowly the flames burned but the energy was still chaotic. Chu Shen controlled the energy, not allowing it to explode.

He was forcefully stopping the chances of an explosion but now he was stumped. Then, he recalled the astrophysics lessons that he took on Sparta. He started controlling the inside of the star, making it burn even brighter. The force of the energy burning meant the star started to bulge outwards.

Gathering more energy together, Chu Shen forced it into the outer edge of the star. This increased the star’s mass and gravity. The star started to pull itself towards the center of its body. He added more and more until finally, there was equilibrium.

Letting go of his mental grip on the star, Chu Shen observed it for a while. The star burned bright, not even flickering. It showed no sighn of exploding. Master Ti Wu watched dumbfounded.

‘This brat! How did he discover the principles of Yin and Yang! Using the soft pull of Yin energy that is produced by large objects and the forceful push of Yang energy that stars produce. Just how how did he know about them! It takes geniuses years to learn this principle!’

Master Ti Wu had been looking forward to his disciple bitterly training for at least a year before grasping the basic concept. He was really going to use this to temper his disciples will and strength of character yet he was completely thwarted!

Master Ti Wu finally decided to ask. “You brat. How did you know what to do? Just how did you find a balance for the star to exist?”

Chu Shen turned to Master Ti Wu. “Well master, my time on Sparta helped. They’ve recorded the creation of stars before and using the data from their experiments, I knew what to do.”

“Stars are fueled by nuclear fusion. The energy produced from this pushes the layers of the star outward. At the same time, the star’s internal gravity pulls the layers of the star inward. The denser a star gets, the stronger the nuclear fusion reaction. This causes the star to become hotter and create more energy, pushing the layers of the star outward.” 

“When this happens, the star becomes less dense and the nuclear fusion reaction becomes weaker. This causes the star to become cooler and create less energy, allowing the star’s internal gravity to overpower the push of energy and to increase the density of the star. This process is called the solar cycle and the star becomes hotter or cooler depending on what part of the solar cycle it is in.”

Master Ti Wu just stared openmouthed. This was exactly what he had been planning on teaching his disciple! Every person had to learn how do it for himself, there was no shortcuts. There had even been a senior that had recorded the birth of a star in a jade slip so that the disciples of the Void sect could gain inspiration from. It was one of the prized possessions of the Void Sect, a secret that many would have killed to gain. Yet, his disciple was saying this was taught in Sparta? A place where no one cultivated!

 Master Ti Wu was practically spitting up blood. This was unfair!

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