Martial Void King

Chapter 179

Chapter 179


Lucas paused. “Well, uh, no. Not exactly. Anyways. I had so much fun exploring and I’ve had so many new ideas. I also brought my friends over. Chu Shen is trying to hide his mother from a very powerful organization that is trying to kidnap her.”

Xentus Viri sneered. “Serves him right. Kidnapping my son, only to have his mother kidnapped. Good for him.”

Lucas stared. “He’s my friend, a good friend. He’s saved my life before and stuck with me through thick and thin.”

Xentus Viri shrugged. “That doesn’t make him my friend.”

Lucas groaned. “Daadd!”

Xentus Viri sighed. “Alright fine. I won’t make things difficult for him while he’s here, okay?”

Lucas nodded. “Thanks dad.”

Xentus Viri blushed before looking away. “Shut-up. Go bring them in so I can get back to work. Right now I’m trying to run experiments on manipulating black holes at range.”

Lucas grinned. “Same old thing huh. Anyways, I’ll show them to some spare rooms we have.”

He immediately ran out of the room, eager to show his friends around the base. Xentus Viri sighed and fell into his chair. He stared up at the ceiling. “How much you’ve grown over the years Lucas. How much you’ve grown.” A tear trickled slowly down his cheek.


Meanwhile, Chu Shen came out of the ship coughing. He bent over, gasping for breath. Smoke billowed out of the ship’s hatch behind him. Everyone else was also desperately trying to breath.

Whirling, Chu Shen grabbed Aslo by his shirt. “What the heck!”

Aslo threw up his hands. “I’m sorry, okay? It wasn’t my fault the fireball fell. I was just juggling to keep from being bored.”

“Being bored is not an excuse to juggle fireballs! Those things are dangerous! You’re abusing your power! Don’t you know that plastic emits noxious and poisonous fumes when caught on fire!” Chu Shen was about ready to strangle Aslo right now.

Chrissa sighed before closing her eyes. The wind slowly picked up before blowing into the ship. The smoke slowly withdrew from the ship, causing a huge column of smoke to billow upwards. “I’ve put out the fire and it shouldn’t smell bad anymore.”

Chu Shen sighed before putting Lucas down. “Fine. You have to explain to Lucas though.”

“Explain what to me?” Chu Shen jumped and turned around. Right behind him was Lucas. “Someone want to explain why there’s smoke coming from my ship?”

Chu Shen pushed Aslo forward. “He does.”

Aslo glared at Chu Shen before facing Lucas. “Well, you see. I might have accidentally dropped a fireball I was juggling onto your chair. Then it caught on fire and filled the whole plane with smoke and then- Ugh!”

Aslo was looked around, studying the surroundings as he spoke. That was the reason he missed Lucas’ move as he punched Aslo right in the gut. He fell to the ground wheezing. “Hmph. I’ll replace the chair afterwards. Anyways, come on in everyone. I’ll show you to your rooms.”

He left Aslo on the ground before taking everyone inside. Xentus Viri was an eccentric scientist that didn’t enjoy having company. However, one must not forget his identity as the head scientist of Sparta. 

While not often, sometimes important visitors would come to his lab such as the Admiral or different council members. As a result, several luxurious guest bedrooms were kept on base and maintained by robots. During his stay, Chu Shen had slept in one of these rooms before.

Chu Shen resettled into his old room while everyone else was shown to their new bedrooms. Afterwards, he went to go find Xentus Viri. He found him staring off into space. Literally. He had a hand-held telescope out and was looking up at one of the stars trying to study it.

Chu Shen  tapped the wall nearby. Xentus Viri lowered the telescope before turning to look at Chu Shen. He threw the telescope at him. Reaching up, Chu Shen grabbed the telescope easily.

“Tch.” Xentus Viri turned back to the viewing window. “I have mixed feelings about you. You became the first friends Lucas ever had, and allowed him to make two new friends as well. You took him away from me for eight years, and then you brought him back. I don’t know how to treat you.”

Chu Shen shrugged. “I took him away on accident, during a moment of forgetfulness. I’m sorry about that. To me and Lucas, it has barely been three years since we left you so don’t think he’s been missing you for a long time because he hasn’t been away that long at all.”

Xentus Viri nodded. “I know that. He told me all about it. He introduced me to that power of yours, the power of the soul. Lucas gave me a beast core and I’ve looked over it many times. I believe it belongs to a power in some sort of other dimension, not unlike the hyperspace we use to travel.”

He pointed at Chu Shen. “I’m actually quite irritated at you. You called these places you to go to dimensions when that’s not true. They’re actually alternate universes, from the string theory. I would have thought that being here you would have learned that but I guess not.”

Chu Shen shrugged. “Well, I never got to the theoretical parts of the education modules. I was busy learning the things you’d proven true, the facts instead of the theories. I wasn’t sure how long I had here after all.”

Xentus Viri sighed. “It makes sense I guess. Anyways, Lucas informed me about the different power-levels of your worlds. I assume you’ll be training so you can protect your mom when you go back to your universe?”

Chu Shen nodded. “Yeah.”

Xentus Viri nodded. “Alright. In order to get you out of my hair right away, I’ll give you my anti-matter reactor. I’ve been using it to open up the black-hole generator for a while now. Since I’ll be studying those beast cores for a while, I won’t need it and I heard having energy available increases your training speed.”

Chu Shen smiled. “Thanks Xentus Viri. You’ve really helped me out a lot.”

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