Martial Void King

Chapter 167

Chapter 167


After Master Lang got over his shock, they went to the gate and let his friends in. Chu Shen introduced Lucas as an aspiring artificer that had some very interesting ideas on the topic of forging. Aslo and Chrissa were friends that had decided to travel with him after he saved them. All of it was true, but Chu Shen left out the traveling to different dimensions thing. It was just too complicated.

When his friends came in, Master Lang guided them his house and told them to rest. Then Master Lang told Chu Shen that he needed to go see the principle and tell her that he was still alive. Chu Shen agreed. After that, they immediately set out to see the principal.

Chu Shen walked with Master Ti Wu to one of the nearby mountains. The path was made up of shining steel and lined with herbs. Soon, they came across a jade gate. Three guards were there.

One of them came forward. “Halt. This is the principal's office. Students may request to see the principal only after gaining the approval of one of the elders.”

Master Lang smiled. “I am one of the elders. I hereby request that me and my student meet with the principal. The news I bear is urgent.”

“Please show us proof that you are an elder.” The guard was cautious and didn’t show any outward sign of believing or disbelieving Master Lang’s claim. Master Lang sighed and brought out his id token. It was made of white jade and had the picture of a sword engraved on the front and a dragon on the back. The guard looked at it before nodding. “You may pass, honored elder.”

The gate swung open and Master Lang nodded at the guards before walking by them. The path led to a spacious courtyard lined with precious herbs. The Qi in the atmosphere was thick, allowing the plants to grow rapidly. The path was winding and long, but they reached their destination quickly.

In front of them was a majestic building lined with gold trim. A statue of a sword could be seen in the front. When Chu Shen saw it, he felt as though his body was being cut into millions of tiny pieces.

Master Ti Wu was shocked when he saw the statue. “This statue contains its own sword domain, allowing all who see it to feel as though they were being cut. If one had the sword element, they would undoubtedly be able to create a strong domain from studying this. It seems as though this academy does have some strength to it.”

Master Lang saw Chu Shen’s expression and laughed. “I see you can feel it. This statue was carved by a Cosmic-level expert, the founder of the Majestic Sword Academy. I’m sure that you can reach that level soon though, maybe in a year or two? Anyways, we must go see the principal.”

Master Lang went into the building, leading Chu Shen to a closed door. Once there, he knocked on the door. “Principal Mayweather, I have brought a guest to see you.”

A female’s elderly voice came from inside the office. “Come in, both of you.” Master Lang pushed open the door. Facing them was an elderly woman. Upon seeing Chu Shen she raised an eyebrow. “I sensed two Natural Realm cultivators, but to think one of them was so young. Tell me Artificer Lang, just who is it that you brought to me today?”

Master Lang grinned. “It is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to my disciple, Chu Shen. He attended the school for a couple months five years ago but you were never formally introduced to him during that time.”

Principal Mayweather studied Chu Shen. “Odd, I remember that your disciple died in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. How is he here now?”

Master Lang shook his head. “No Principal Mayweather, he did not die. I kept the life tablet with me and the bond my disciple had with it never faded. He is now here, amongst the living once again.”

“Oh?” Principal Mayweather raised her eyebrows. “Please, tell me more about the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Just what was it like inside after it left?”

Chu Shen hesitated. Should he tell the truth?

While he was caught in indecision, Master Ti Wu spoke to him mentally. ‘Brat, you can tell her about the other dimensions. It is no secret that other dimensions exist and that one can travel to them. Cosmic-Level cultivators such as this principal can already enter other dimensions. Just don’t tell her you know what they are, merely describe to her that you went to weird places.’

‘Thank you Master Ti Wu.’ Chu Shen proceeded to inform Principal Mayweather of some of the worlds he went to.

“I did not stay inside the pavilion during these five years. Instead, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion would cause me to teleport to random locations at random times. The first one was filled with people that didn’t cultivate but crafted strange artifacts to fight. The second one was just like ours. The next one had people with their elements already awakened at birth. Another location had strange puppets that fought me as soon as I arrived but left me alone.”

In this manner, Chu Shen proceeded to tell them about the weird places he had gone. He did not tell them about what he did in each world, but instead informed them of what each world was like and how it differed from their own. Principal Mayweather was startled but did not reject Chu Shen’s stories. Master Lang was confused at the places his disciple described. 

Chu Shen finished describing the places he had been to. No one spoke for a little bit before Principal Mayweather sighed. “I see. You have experienced a lot for someone so young. No wonder you have grown so much, anyone's soul would grow after seeing the different worlds. Though I don’t believe it would be this pronounced unless you were already a genius. I would ask about what you did on each world, but I understand everyone has their secrets and that we would not be able to understand them anyways. You may go Chu Shen.”

Chu Shen bowed. “Thank you Principal Mayweather. However, may I be so bold as to ask a favor?”

Principal Mayweather waved her hand. “Yes, go ahead and tell me your wish.”

“May some friends of mine be enrolled as students? One of them is a genius artificer and the other two have already reached my own cultivation level. Because of where they are from, they are lacking in the common sense of cultivation and I myself still lack knowledge. Also, will I still be enrolled as a student?”

The question seemed to shock her more than Chu Shen traveling to different dimensions. She seriously considered it for a while before nodding. “I believe it can be arranged. They can be privately tutored until they learn and then they can enroll in the advanced classes here at the academy. You will also be taught alongside them if you wish, though I do ask that you enroll under a different name. It would be too much of a hassle if it was found out that you survived.”

Chu Shen bowed. “Thank you, Principal Mayweather.”

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