Martial Void King

Chapter 165

Chapter 165

Back Again

Chu Shen glanced around for the fourth time in as many hours. They were right next to a dirt road that led to a walled city. Before Chu Shen could study his surroundings in depth though, Master Ti Wu floated out before him. “This place seems… familiar. The energy density and universal laws…” He turned to Chu Shen. “Brat, I think we may be back in your universe.”

Chu Shen gasped. “Really Master Ti Wu!? Really!?”

Master Ti Wu nodded. “Yes, I believe we are.”

Chu Shen was excited, but he managed to calm himself down. “Master Ti Wu, it hasn’t been five years though. How could we have come back around?”

Master Ti Wu frowned. “You brat, haven’t you already figured out that time flows differently between universes? When you went back to the twins, only an hour had passed for yo,u but a day had already gone by for them. I even told you about this, how could you forget!”

Chu Shen shied away from Master Ti Wu’s soul form instinctively. “I’m sorry Master! I won’t forget your sage advice ever again!”

“Hmmph.” Master Ti Wu’s rage abated slightly after Chu Shen’s compliment.

Once he stopped cowering, Chu Shen decided to ask something. “Master Ti Wu. I remember you saying that you scanned the planet before. Would you be able to search for the Chu Sect?”

Master Ti Wu startled. “Yes. Yes I could. Chu Shen! Give me some Null Qi so I can conduct my search.”

While this went on, Lucas ignored Master Ti Wu while Aslo and Chrissa explored their surroundings a bit more. Chu Shen remembered how they were thrown from world to world last time and hurriedly marked the ground with his Chains of Transportation, creating a charm that would bring him back to the world once enough Qi was given.

Lucas saw that out of the corner of his eye and hurriedly told Aslo and Chrissa. They all followed suit and created charms for themselves. Master Ti Wu had absorbed half of Chu Shen’s Qi and used it to scan the world. He floated in midair in the lotus position, his eyes closed.

While Master Ti Wu waited, Chu Shen told them about Master Ti Wu’s suspicions. Lucas was happy for him and immediately congratulated him on his return to his home. Aslo slapped him on the back and told him they should have a party to celebrate. Chrissa just smiled as she watched them.

Master Ti Wu opened his eyes. They were pure grey from using Null Qi. “I found your sect, brat. It’s close to a hundred miles away, you’re not going to get there any time soon.”

Chu Shen shook his head. “I can just borrow a spaceship from Lucas and be there in a few minutes.”

After Lucas was informed, he decided on a different plan. Launching a satellite, Lucas scanned the planet. It located their group and Lucas displayed a map displaying a two-hundred mile radius.. Master Ti Wu guided Lucas until he zoomed in on Chu Shen’s sect.

Once he had the location, he found a nearby field. Taking note of the coordinates, Lucas activated the teleporter. They all disappeared and then reappeared in that clearing.

Master Ti Wu shook his head. That was practically cheating! Traveling a hundred miles would have been easy with his cultivation, but it would have still needed a couple hours. They, on the other hand, only needed a couple minutes to teleport. Only those mysterious old fogeys with the element of Space could accomplish the same thing. 

Void Qi was related to space, but it was oriented more towards the balance of space and the cancellation of all forces then the actual manipulation of space. As a result, teleportation and other spatial manipulation techniques were beyond its capabilities.


The deafening screech caused Chu Shen to cover his ears. Looking up, he saw a very familiar silhouette flying above him. It was a mountain eagle. Chu Shen couldn’t help it. When he saw that eagle, he started crying. For a long time, Chu Shen had been worried about never making it home. Of course, he tried to avoid thinking about it and kept his fears bottled up. Now, it all flowed out of him at once.

Lucas came over and hugged Chu Shen. “Don’t worry Chu Shen, your home.” Chu Shen started crying even harder. Master Ti Wu watched silently. Normally he would make some condescending remark but Chu Shen’s tears reminded him of his own sect and friends. Friends that had been killed by the Five Heavenly Mountains Sect. 

After a couple minutes, Chu Shen managed to gather himself. He patted Lucas on the back. “Thanks man, I needed that.”

He decided to finally look around closely. There was a hut at the far end of the field with some fences. Inside the fences was four birds and two giant mammoths.  They were outside the city where Chu Shen had taken the exam to enter the Majestic Sword Academy!

Chu Shen reminisced for a while before he remembered something. “Uh, Master Ti Wu?”

Master Ti Wu was brooding after remembering his dead friends. Chu Shen’s voice startled him. “What you brat.” The cold voice caused Chu Shen to shiver involuntarily.

He pushed on though. “Well, this isn’t the Majestic Sword Academy. This is where I took the entrance exam.”

Master Ti Wu had a surprised look on his face before glancing around. After realizing it, his face darkened. How could he have made this mistake in front of his disciple. “Let me try again.”

Master Ti Wu had scanned the planet and with his memory he didn’t have to scan again. He remembered the life tablet that his disciple had bound. That should have traces of his disciples soul and Qi. Using that, Master Ti Wu located the majestic sword academy.

He pointed north. “It’s only five miles that way.”

Master Ti Wu once again guided Lucas, allowing them to teleport to a road leading to the academy. Master Ti Wu was still fuming inside. ‘To have made such an error! Ti Wu, you old fogey! Get it together or else you will lose all face in front of these youngsters!’

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