Martial Void King

Chapter 153

Chapter 153

The Plan

Lucas needed to come up with a plan. Luckily, he had an alien AI and at least two smart friends. The third was doubtful at best. He kept the stealth probes around the jellyfish planet to try and intercept more communication attempts while keeping three probes at the manufacturing location to monitor the ships located there.

Afterwards, he contacted Chu Shen through the tank’s comm and asked to hold a strategy meeting. Chu Shen agreed and asked him to come over to their tank since everyone except him was over there already. Lucas also contacted the AI and asked for it to have a scout drone present at the meeting so it could put its two cents in. The AI was confused by the metaphor, but it agreed nonetheless.

Lucas arrived within ten minutes and found the scout drone to be waiting beside the tank. Signaling Chu Shen, they opened the tank door and climbed in. Soon afterwards, Lucas found himself sitting at an almost crowded table with the rest of the crew.

Everyone just sat there awkwardly before Lucas took charge. “Alright people, I need ideas on how we’re going to beat the jellyfish.”

Aslo immediately shot up. “We blow them up!”

Lucas facepalmed. “Yes, Aslo, we can do that.” He glanced around the table. “Are there any other, more strategic ideas?”

Chu Shen spoke up next. “Why did you call them jellyfish? I thought they were robots.” Chrissa nodded as well.

Lucas looked at them, shock on his face. “What do you mean? The whole point of this scouting mission was to discover who was behind the robots attacking us. I found out who they were, it was included in the livestream I was sending you. If you were watching it then you should’ve known that.”

Chu Shen looked sheepishly at Lucas. “Well…. I kinda sparred with Aslo after stopping him from bugging you.”

Lucas looked at him. “So you decided to fight Aslo to stop him from disturbing me again?”

Aslo immediately decided to butt in. “No he didn’t. It was because I burned his arm that he got all mad and started fighting.”

Lucas turned to Chrissa. “Did you at least watch the video?”

Chrissa shook her head. “I had stop the boys from fighting so I didn’t get to watch the last part of it.”

Lucas sighed. “All that work for nothing.”

Chrissa comforted Lucas. “It wasn’t for nothing. We still need it, we just didn’t get to watch it at that moment, that’s all. We should probably watch it now so we know what it is you’re going to be talking about.” She turned to Chu Shen and Aslo. “Isn’t that right boys?”

“Yes ma'am!” Both boys replied in unison. Chrissa may be shy and not very outspoken, but if she was helping someone and you got in the way… Let’s just say that you never wanted to mess with her unless you were prepared to lose a couple fingers.

Lucas brightened up at that. “Alright then. Besides, I don’t believe the AI ever got a chance to see it either, correct?” He glanced at the scout drone.

The scout drone nodded, a habit it had picked up from the humans when it observed them. “Negative. I did not receive any recording and had no knowledge of any of this until this meeting.”

“Then it’s settled.” Lucas activated the display in the room and started selecting portions of the film to watch. Within three minutes he had reduced the video down to twenty minutes with a brief survey of both locations and a focus of the jellyfish and what they looked like according to the scanners.

There was some gasps heard at the very end when they saw the scan of the jellyfish. Surprisingly there was no surprise about the manufacturing ships, probably because they had actually been paying attention that time. After the video ended, Lucas explained the limitations heavy gravity creatures often had. Afterwards he only asked them what they thought he should do.

Chu Shen shrugged. “I have some ideas but I’m not sure about them. What we can do is try and communicate with these jellyfish. Have your probes try and come up with an accurate translation. Then maybe we can understand why they’re attacking us and what we can do.”

Aslo shook his head. “No. What we should do is invade and immediately destroy all of the manufacturing ships. Without them, we don’t have to worry about their fleets coming to attack us. Then we can force them to stay isolated on their planet.”

Chrissa nodded. “I think we should try and talk with them. If they refuse then we can destroy the manufacturing ships. We still have some weapons they don’t know about yet.”

Lucas looked at the robot in the corner. “What is your opinion on this, AI?”

The scout drone’s immediate response surprised all of them. “The correct course of action would be to first destroy the alien world and then destroy their manufacturing capabilities. With their world under attack, there is a 91.964% probability of the invaders recalling their fleet, leaving their manufacturing sites defenseless. With this, there is a 52.183% chance that the manufacturing ships will be destroyed without a single loss.”

Chrissa gasped at the cold logic. To immediately destroy the other side without even giving them a way to escape… How cruel! This was pure logic at its best. Aslo seemed hesitant before eventually giving a decisive nod. Chu Shen frowned and Lucas shook his head.

Lucas decided to inform the robot of his opinion. “While logic dictates that is the direction we should take, we will not take such action. I believe Chrissa’s idea holds the most merit.”

The scout drone turned to look at Lucas. “Your chances of success drop from 98.826% to 92.722%. Such loss in probabilities is within the acceptable range given for emotional decisions of commanders. You decision is approved and may be carried out after approval by me.”

Lucas nodded. “Okay. Then let me go ahead and lay out the plans I have. Meanwhile, the stealth probes are going to continue to compile an accurate translation program so we can talk to them.”

Everyone agreed with Lucas’ assessment. For the next two hours, they argued about where to put what ships, how to attack the enemy and why, what they should say to the aliens, what they would do if the aliens refused to surrender, and if they should completely wipe out the aliens or just impose a ban on spacecraft.

After the two hours were done, they had finally decided what to do. With their plan complete, it was time to set it in action.

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