Legend of Legends

Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Return 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Minota was hunching over, holding his testicles, when Halo swung his sword and beheaded him. He was still holding his testicles when he disappeared. The other Minota rushed at Junhyuk. His eyes looked mad, and he was filled with hatred.

Junhyuk teleported.

Minota arrived at the spot where Junhyuk had been standing when he was hit by a fire spear.


Even after being hit, Minota couldn’t control his anger.

“Argh! I will kill you!”

Minota was so livid, he couldn’t see anything else, so he chased after Junhyuk. Even though Minota had a lot of health, when he ignored his own safety, he became an easy target for the heroes.

Diane’s arrows and Halo’s sword attack landed on him. He was dying, but he still had only one thing on his mind.

“You son of a bitch! Wait and see!” He said, staring at Junhyuk.

Junhyuk smiled a little and answered him:

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional.”

Minota couldn’t speak anymore and disappeared. Junhyuk watched him disappear and turned around. Artlan was also fighting, and Warren was heading toward him.

Suddenly, Warren jumped and aimed for Diane. Warren’s eyes were blood red, and that meant his health was regenerating.

Vera launched a fire orb while he was in the air.


He was hit by the explosion and dropped to the ground, and Diane shot her explosive arrow at him.


Finally, Halo slashed him with his sword, but then, Warren howled:

“Woo, woo, woo!”

Warren had positioned himself well, and Artlan, Halo and Diane froze. Ellic then rushed toward Artlan, pushing him away, and Warren headed for Diane, biting her neck.


Diane screamed, and Warren tried to stab her stomach with his claws. However, Junhyuk ran toward them and stabbed Warren in the eye.


Warren was in pain and opened his mouth, letting go of Diane. Junhyuk grabbed Diane’s hand and teleported away. Warren was irritated, but Halo slashed him.

Halo’s sword went through Warren’s thigh and stuck to the ground. At that moment, if Diane received any more damage, she would die.

Warren swung his claws at Halo, but Halo ducked and dodged them and retreated. The sword was still stuck the the ground, and Warren was trying to pull it out when a black firewall rose from beneath his feet.

The firewall inflicted continuous damage, and Diane loosened more arrows at Warren. He tried to block with his claws, but he was only able to stop three arrows.

Two arrows hit him along with a fire spear, and Warren died. Warren’s body thinned out and disappeared, Junhyuk let out a sigh.

“Are you OK?”

Diane was bleeding from her neck, and Junhyuk applied pressure to the wound with his hand.

“Thanks! I could’ve been killed if you were a little late.”

“It’s OK.”

At that point, only Ellic remained, and Artlan jumped at him.


Ellic blocked Artlan’s attack, but everyone was waiting to attack him. Ellic fought hard, but he would lose. Soon, Ellic fell, and Artlan smiled.


Meanwhile, the number of minions had decreased by half, but the allies still had four heroes. This battle would also end in a victory.

Junhyuk felt the end approaching.

They had won.

They tended to Diane’s injury, and Vera used her magic on the archers.

“Follow me,” Artlan told Junhyuk.


Junhyuk ran with Artlan toward the minions. Artlan ran very fast, but he kept up with him, slashing at their enemies.

The minions were no match for Junhyuk, and he watched Artlan’s swordsmanship and tried to mimic it. They killed the minions, destroyed the gate and went inside. Artlan cracked his neck and inspected the area inside the castle.

Inside, there were two giant golems.

“Vera, blow them up.”


Vera was preparing her magic when Artlan ran forward. Halo joined him, and Junhyuk followed them. The golems saw the invaders in their territory and ran to engage.

A golem swung its fist down at Artlan and Halo, and Junhyuk launched a force field.

Boom, boom!

In the past, he had only been able to put a force field around one person. Now, he could cover all heroes.

Halo and Artlan were fighting the golem when Junhyuk also stepped forward. He stayed inside of the force field because the golem could kill him with one blow.

Junhyuk could inflicted fixed damage, and it helped out. The golem was hit, and the blow splintered parts of its body.

Then, meteors fell from the sky.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The golem staggered from the impact, and Diane’s explosive arrows hit it head on.


Parts of the golem’s head came apart, and Artlan jumped. Artlan swung his saber, and the golem’s crumbled to pieces.

Meanwhile, Halo stabbed the other golem in the ribs. Golems were different from humans. Humans would die with a sword stuck to their ribs, but the golem swung at Halo, completely ignoring the sword.


Previously, Minota had been able to push the force field back a little, but the golem pushed half of it into the ground.

They were stuck on the ground, and everyone attacked the golem.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Everyone’s attack was focused on the golem, and the golem went down. Artlan started attacking the force field around the castle. Libya had reincarnated, but didn’t come out. She would be facing for heroes alone and would die like a dog.

“We won’t see her later.” Artlan said.

Libya gritted her teeth, and Artlan swung at the force field.


“We meet again in two weeks?” Junhyuk asked him.

Artlan shook his head.

“No. This time, we meet in four weeks.”

“In four weeks?”

“Right. You didn’t know?” Vera asked, smiling.

“You didn’t tell me.”

“We’ve been on a winning streak, so this was the last battle. Now, we advance.” Diane said while shooting arrows.


“We will meet different heroes,” Halo said, slashing at the castle.

He seemed glad, but Junhyuk was nervous.

“New heroes?”

“Right. Five different heroes from before.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

Advancement meant they would fight at a higher level, and the higher levels had different heroes.

It felt ominous. He understood the heroes he had been dealing with, but did not know anything about the new heroes he would encounter. He could get killed without lifting his swords.

He was worried.

“They will still only have four powers. Heroes summoned here have limits,” Artlan said while swinging his saber.

That was for when heroes fought each other, but he wasn’t a hero. Junhyuk wanted to be extra careful the next time he was summoned.

That’s when Skia showed up behind Libya. Skia stared at Junhyuk and disappeared. He did not expect Skia to fight four heroes, but nevertheless, he launched a force field.

For the next ten seconds, Skia wouldn’t be able to attack. Skia showed up a little later, but was pushed back by the force field.


The four heroes looked at Skia, and Skia laughed.

“This time you’ve won, but this won’t happen next time.”

“We’ve advanced. There won’t be a next time.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll follow you there.”

Skia waived a hand, preparing a power, but Sarang fired her electric blast at Skia.

The electric blast was faster than the heroes’ attacks, and Skia was paralyzed, unable to move or use a power.

Everyone ran toward Skia. Artlan launched his saber, and Halo used his flash attack. Skia was cut in the ribs, and Vera’s fire spear hit Skia on the head. Diane’s arrows hit Skia on the chest, and Junhyuk stabbed the same place.


Skia had to feel bad. Skia thought Junhyuk would come out of the force field, but Sarang had hit Skia, and Artlan chopped off Skia’s head.

Artlan caught the head in the air and said:

“Don’t be so stupid if you want to advance. Learn from it.”

Skia’s head disappeared, and Artlan picked up the item Skia dropped.

“Destroy it all!”

Everyone started pounding the castle’s force field. Minota reincarnated, but didn’t come out. Junhyuk’s force field was still up. There would be no meaning for him to come out then.

Minota watched them while grinding his teeth.

“You know this is not the end!”

Junhyuk looked at him and shrugged.

“You have to advance to meet me again.”

Minota’s eyes widened, and Junhyuk felt chills looking at his cold stare. In this battle, Junhyuk had killed Minota by underhanded means.

Minota stepped forward and said:

“We will advance too. We will meet you then.”

Junhyuk didn’t answer, and instead, he hit the force field with the Frozen Rune Sword.


The force field and the castle were completely destroyed, and Minota turned around.

Junhyuk sighed. He had survived.

He turned his head and looked at Artlan, who grabbed his shoulder.

“You are a big part in our advancement.”

“Not really. I survived because of you.”

Diane walked over and checked out Junhyuk’s butt.

“If you feel grateful, take off your armor.”

Junhyuk laughed and shook his head.

“We meet in four weeks,” Artlan said.

“OK. I’ll see you then.”

Artlan and the heroes disappeared, and Junhyuk looked at Sarang. She smiled at him.

“Big bro, we are still alive.”


Junhyuk caressed her head.

“It’s a relief. We’ll return together.”

Sarang smiled with her eyes.

“We have a month before getting back?”

“Right. Next time, listen to me more or else... Understand?”

Sarang nodded.

“I should become an expert so that I can reincarnate.”

Junhyuk agreed with her. She had to activate one more power, and it would be a huge relief. He watched her be surrounded by light and said:

“You worked hard.”

“You too.”

The whole world was filled with light.

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