Legend of Legends

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Strange People 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Junhyuk sped up and caught up to Artlan.

“Five people were left behind.”

Artlan glanced at him and said:

“I saw it.”

“Do we just keep moving?”

Artlan stopped for a moment.

“Now is the time for fighting. We can’t take care of the people who stay behind.”

Junhyuk did not tell Artlan that they lagged behind intentionally. He looked back and nodded.

“I understand.”

“Let’s go.”

Artlan moved again. They soon reached the riverside.


Artlan crossed first, then the minions followed him. From far away, the aglantas showed up.

Junhyuk pulled out both of his swords and was looking at the minions crossing when Vera extended her hand.

“Go first.”

Vera made a huge firewall that blocked the aglantas from getting any closer.

It was getting hot enough for the surface of the water to sizzle and boil. Junhyuk was once again reminded that everything was easier when he was accompanied by a couple of heroes. He sheathed both swords and followed Artlan.

They crossed the stepping stones safely, and Junhyuk saw Sarang was tense, so he caressed her helmet gently.

Whew! I didn’t know it would be so easy to get across.”

“That was due to Vera.”


Vera crossed the stepping stones last and said:

“We don’t have time. Let’s hurry.”


They all followed Artlan and hid in the field of reeds, where they’d been before. They took the very stressed minions with them and hid. They were all holding their breaths, and Artlan went over to Junhyuk.

“You’ve trained hard.”


“Did you collect a lot of money?”

Junhyuk smiles bitterly.

“I have 8,834G.”

“Then, if this surprise attack works out, you will have 10,000G.”

“If I stay alive.”

It was possible that he wouldn’t survive. He had become the main target, but Artlan did no really care.

“You will survive.”

“I hope so.”

“If you survive, you should buy weapons from Bebe.”


He thought weapons would be very expensive, but Artlan continued calmly:

“They only give you basic weapons, but the things Bebe sells are different.”

Vera stepped forward and explained further:

“With 10,000G, you will be able to afford the weapons you want.”

“Are weapons really expensive?”

“Bebe has some stuff that’s cheap.”

“Why would I want a weapon?”

Artlan laughed a little and answered:

“The weapons they give you have no other power other than increasing your attack. If you want something good, you must upgrade it at least five times.”

Junhyuk looked at Artlan’s sabers.

“Are they like your sabers?”

“No. I brought them here myself. It’s comparable to the most highly upgraded weapons they sell here. So, I only increased their durability.”

“So, after upgrading, I could get something like your sabers?”

“Something like them, but before the increased durability.”

Heroes used very special weapons. Junhyuk realized he could get something like that, and Artlan continued:

“If you pay more, you have more options. Also, depending on the upgrade, you could get a magic sword.”

“There are magic weapons?!”

Junhyuk was really surprised, and Artlan thought it was ridiculous.

“Of course! However, when people get those kinds of weapons, they tend to get careless.”

That was something heroes like Artlan would say. If it made you safer, wouldn’t it be nice to own a magic sword?

Junhyuk was worrying when Vera spoke:

“There is nothing wrong with magic, but it’s effectiveness is not that great, especially when dealing with heroes.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to own one?”

“Right, but when you add magic upgrades, the cost goes up.”

Junhyuk had cold sweats.

“How much?”

“Twice the price of an ordinary upgrade.”

Junhyuk sighed, and Artlan looked at him and said:

“More importantly, think about which weapon you want.”

“All right.”

At that moment, he was the most comfortable with a bastard sword, but he had only practiced with it by himself and wasn’t sure of what he really wanted.

He was worrying when Artlan whispered:

“They are coming.”

Junhyuk was tense and saw them over the reeds: Ellic and Warren, along with twenty minions, were moving toward them.

Junhyuk’s expression stiffened when he saw Ellic.

“It’s Ellic!”

Ellic was really wild. When he was focused on something, he didn’t see anything else. If he wanted to kill Junhyuk, he would not care about his own death.

In any case, Ellic could reincarnate. Junhyuk had heard he could also reincarnate, but he wasn’t sure. Anyhow, it was best to not get killed.

He was filled with dread.

“Then, we should kill Ellic first,” Artlans said and looked at Vera. “Sorry, but you will have to get their attention.”

“Are you going to use it?”

“To kill them with certainty, I have no other choice, but you have to bring them over.”

“Don’t worry.”

Vera spoke and looked at the minions.

“Advance!” Vera shouted, stepped forward and shot off her magic. 

Ellic saw the fire spear heading toward him and laughed.

“Right! Just like last time! I knew you would be hiding in the reed field!”

Ellic blocked the fire spear with his hammer, but was still pushed backward. However, that’s when Warren stepped forward. Warren shortened the distance at once, and Vera lifted her hands.

Soon, a firewall blazed.

Vera made three fire orbs and hung them in the air. Warren jumped over the firewall.

Boom, boom, boom!

Vera had guessed Warren would be jumping, and Warren was hit by the exploding fire orbs.


Warren screamed and retreated, and Ellic rushed through the firewall, but Vera had already escaped.

Ellic continued rushing, and Vera threw another fire spear.

“That won’t work!”

Ellic blocked the fire spear with his hammer and shortened the distance between them. Vera threw fire orbs at him and hid in the reed field.

“You are too slow!”

Vera couldn’t hide herself, and Ellic rushed in again.


Vera bounced back, and Ellic laughed and rushed toward her. Suddenly, he saw Artlan getting ready for him.


He tried to escape, but Artlan pulled out his sabers and slashed at him. Ellic knew he couldn’t escape and hammered the ground.


The hit created a huge shockwave, but Artlan’s sabers reached him first.

Ellic’s chest was open, and blood started pouring out of it like a fountain. Ellic staggered, and Vera’s fire spear hit him on his open chest.


Ellic staggered some more, and Warren ran toward them. Warren did not hesitate. However, Artlan ignored Warren and threw a saber.


The saber was stuck to Ellic’s forehead, and Warren ran toward Vera. She was a magician, and her defensive power was lower than the others. He knew about that.

Artlan still had a saber and aimed it at Warren’s ribs.


Warren howled, and Artlan stopped. Vera made a firewall, but Warren easily slashed through it and aimed his claws at her.

Then, an ivory-colored force field appeared.


Vera moved back because of the shock and was safe. Warren looked over to her.


Warren jumped up and stepped on the force field. Junhyuk had seen Vera in danger and had used his force field on her. At that moment, looking at Warren jumping, he began to run.

He was running toward Artlan, but he had to dodge Warren first.

Junhyuk collected his thoughts and faced Warren. One mistake would mean his death. Warren saw Junhyuk running and prepared his claws.

“You are an expert now!”

Warren realized Junhyuk had on different equipment and stomped the ground. Being an expert didn’t help, and Warren’s claws aimed at Junhyuk.

He was holding both swords. Maybe he could block it, but Warren’s attack power was very high. So, that was not a good idea.

Junhyuk concentrated on the claws. They looked like they would slice through his swords. When the claws were about to hit him, he moved using spatial relocation.

Warren’s claws slashed through empty air, and Junhyuk appeared behind him. He had trained, so he was used to the changes in scenery.

After he used spatial relocation, he ran like crazy. He covered twenty feet at once with spatial relocation and ran to Vera.

She gave him more time to run by making a firewall behind him. Junhyuk saw the force field around her, and ran toward it to save time.

Junhyuk gambled, and it was successful. It was his force field, and he had no problem getting inside it.


He was surprised by the shock created by Warren, who was already hitting the force field.

“How long do I have?”

Warren slashed at the force field with his claws. Soon, the force field would disappear, and Junhyuk knew that. He hoped that Artlan would come to him soon.

Maybe Artlan had heard his wish because he suddenly showed up above Warren’s head and swung his saber.


Warren howled loudly after being hit by the saber:


Warren’s howl had the power to freeze body movement. Artlan froze, and the force field disappeared. Warren pushed Artlan away and extended his claws.

Junhyuk blocked the claws with his swords.


The shock was big enough to make both swords clash against his own armor, and Junhyuk dropped to the ground. He rolled on the ground, and Vera placed her hand on Warren’s chest.

“So close!”


Warren’s chest exploded, and he was bounced back. Artlan moved again and swung his saber at Warren.

Even though his chest had suffered an explosion, he blocked Artlan’s saber with his claws and still looked at Junhyuk.

Junhyuk was bearing the pain and trying to get up, and Warren’s eyes suddenly became all red.

Soon, Warren’s wounds were healed. It was phenomenal to watch Warren healing, but it meant death for Junhyuk.

He blocked Artlan with his arm, stomped the ground and jumped. Vera quickly threw a fire spear, but Warren dodged it and jumped over her.

Warren was running toward Junhyuk. No one was between them. Junhyuk clenched his jaw and gripped his swords tightly.

He focused his thoughts on facing Warren, who was running toward him. There was nowhere else to run.

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