King of Gods

Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – Beast Horde, Part Two


That piercing scream echoed all over Guanjun Province City. 

Plop! Plop… 

Those that weren’t cultivators immediately fainted. Zhao Feng used his enhanced vision and he saw an enormous golden bird nearly thirty kilometers away. The golden eagle was similar to the Metal Beak Eagle he had seen in Sky Cloud Forest, but many many times larger. Just the wingspan alone reached ten meters. 

“Not good! That’s the famous Golden Beak Eagle King from the Sky Cloud Forest who rules the skies!” A few cultivators in the city recognized the golden bird. 

A Golden Beak Eagle was a high tier deadly beast which could rival cultivators of the ninth rank. 


The Golden Beak Eagle King swept towards the city wall in a flash. 


Instantly, seven human cultivators were ripped into shreds. The strongest cultivator of the seven that had been killed had reached the seventh rank and he didn’t even see the Golden Beak Eagle King coming. 

Qiu! Qiu Qiu… 

At this time, a cloud of golden light came from the far away. That cloud of golden light was made up of thousands of Golden Beak Eagles, each comparable to human Martial Artists. 


“The beast horde is here, go report this to the Guanjun Palace!” 

The Guanjun Province City erupted in chaos as everyone started shouting and screaming. 


Sky Guards Battalion... 

The youths all heard that heart-piercing scream, but they didn’t have Zhao Feng’s enhanced vision and therefore, they couldn’t see the scene thirty kilometers out. 

“It looks like there’s a high tier deadly beast near here,” Ye Linyun seemed to sense something and glanced in that direction. 

“Long story short, from now on, you will all help defend against the beast horde and there will be battle points awarded for how many beasts you kill. For regular beasts, every one you kill will get you 1 point, while a high tier deadly beast gives you 20…,” Third Guard announced. 

After telling them what to do, Third Guard and Ye Linyun led the young warriors out. 

When the group reached the city walls they were shocked. In sight was the horde of wild and deadly beasts in the sky and ground. Just  deadly beasts alone, there were a few thousand, and there were hundreds of thousands of wild beasts. 

“So fast! The beasts are already here,” Ye Linyun took in a deep breath. 

It was good that the Martial Artists and troops had already arrived here and started to kill some of the attacking beasts, but the problem was the Golden Beak Eagles in the sky. They were similar to the Metal Beak Eagles, but were much stronger, as even normal arrows wouldn’t be able to break their defense. It could be said that the Golden Beak Eagle was an evolved version of the Metal Beak Eagle. 

Ding… Ding… Ding… 

A rain of arrows landed on the Golden Beak Eagles and  gave off the sound of clashing metal. But the arrows shot by Martial Learners weren’t even able to break the defense of the Golden Beak Eagles. 


Zhao Feng took his Golden Stairs bow out and shot down two Golden Beak Eagles with one arrow. 

One arrow, two eagles! 

The nearby archers were slightly surprised since the archer was only a fourteen year old youth.

“Everyone, go join in the battle. Archers, take care of the beasts in the sky. Other cultivators follow the troops and fight the beasts outside,” the general of Guanjun Province City ordered. 

The troops were able to defeat normal wild beasts, but only cultivators could fight the deadly beasts. 

“Go!” The youths of Sky Guards Battalion joined in the battle and fortified the defenses. 

The beast horde was an opportunity to ignite one’s potential while earning battle points at the same time. The disciples of Lord Guanjun immediately charged towards the nearby wild and deadly beasts. 

Nan Gongfan, Feng Hanyue, and Zhao Yufei had all reached the seventh rank or higher and they could easily kill tens of wild beasts in one hit, but there were just too many. 

Sou– Sou– Sou– 

Zhao Feng kept firing his Golden Stairs Bow, and every arrow would pierce through two or three deadly beasts. Maybe because he had killed too many, the other wild beasts all charged towards him red-eyed. 

"Watch out!" The nearby archers exclaimed. 

“These bastards also have intelligence?” Zhao Feng was slightly surprised, but he didn’t fear them. 

Star Finger! 

Zhao Feng repeatedly stabbed out his finger and rays of beautiful green light appeared, which instantly destroyed a large number of birds. But this also caught the attention of the stronger beasts. 


Suddenly, a scream was heard and looking up, a high tier deadly beast led a group of Golden Beak Eagles towards Zhao Feng. 

“Stop them!” The expression of the nearby cultivators changed. 

That high tier deadly beast was of the eighth rank and once it charged into the city, havok would be caused. 

Star Finger! Tornado Stance! 

Zhao Feng’s eyes were sharp as he sent out a beam of azure light that spread into a wide range attack. 

Tock! Tock! Tock…

 Instantly, five or six Golden Beak Eagles fell down to the ground, dead. What was even more shocking was that every Golden Beak Eagle had been pierced through the throat. 


Zhao Feng clashed with a Golden Beak Eagle, and he was perfectly fine while the Golden Beak Eagle had been pushed back. 

“This youth is so strong! Already at the seventh rank at such a young age!” The nearby cultivators were shocked. 

Zhao Feng found that the Golden Beak Eagle he just faced was even stronger than the Two Winged Sword Teeth Tiger and it was almost at the ninth rank. 

Zhao Feng would take down at least two birds with one arrow each and every shot. 


Outside the gate, there were five other high tier deadly beasts, or better expressed as peak tier beasts, that arrived. These beasts were all comparable to the ninth rank and they killed dozens of people with every hit. 

Zhao Feng saw those beasts with his left eye and he purposely avoided them as these beasts were all much stronger than the Two Winged Sword Teeth Tiger. 

“Trembling Ripple Kill!” 

A shout came from a youth as the figure faced a peak tier deadly beast. 


That small youth was able to fight on par with that gigantic peak tier deadly beast. The nearby cultivators were all stunned. 

Bei Moi! 

Zhao Feng and the others saw that familiar figure face deadly beasts of the ninth rank with only his peak eighth rank cultivation. 

Peak tier deadly beasts were just too terrifying, they would destroy everything if they entered the city. 

Teng! Teng! Teng… 

Ye Linyun, Third Guard, and their fellow ninth ranks all flew out of the city and met their respective opponents. A total of six ninth ranks were sent out from Guanjun Province City, the same number as the peak tier deadly beasts, but the Golden Beak Eagle King had no opponent as it was just too fast. 

Although cultivators of the ninth rank were strong, they still weren’t able to fight with the Golden Beak Eagle King in midair as it was the latter’s domain. 

“This bastard!” 

The archers on the city wall had a headache as they watched the Eagle King. If it was just a normal beast, they could all release their arrows at once and kill it. But the defense of the Eagle was just too strong. With the Golden Beak Eagle King’s lead, hundreds and thousands of Golden Beak Eagles zoomed towards the city wall. 

“Ahhhh…” Every wave of attack would take away the lives of many soldiers. 

“Tell all the archers to fire at those bastards…" On top of the Guanjun Province City wall stood a middle aged man who gave the orders.

This person was the general of Guanjun Province City, who had reached the peak ninth rank himself and he had just slain a peak tier deadly beast not long ago, boosting the morale of their side. But facing the Golden Beak Eagle King, the general could do nothing against it. The Golden Beak Eagle King was fast, strong, and it fought only in the air. 

“General Heng, if we don’t slay the Golden Beak Eagle King, our side will fall into chaos sooner or later,” Ye Linyun spoke as he landed next to the general covered in blood. Just now he had successfully killed a peak tier deadly beast, but he had been injured as well. 


Suddenly, the Golden Beak Eagle King turned into a blur and pounced on a human cultivator of the ninth rank with speed like lightning. 

“Watch out!” the general and Ye Linyun both warned. The human was fighting another peak tier deadly beast at the time and he thought 'crap' as he heard the warning. 


The sharp claws of the Golden Beak Eagle King pierced through the ninth ranks Inner Strength shield. 

“Ahhhhhhhh!” the man screamed, then he was ripped into shreds by the two deadly beasts. 

Seeing the scene, Zhao Feng’s heart turned cold. Bastard! 

Both General Heng and Ye Linyun clenched their teeth. 

“General Heng, we must kill this bird no matter the cost!” 

 Ye Linyun’s face went cold. It was just too hard to raise up a human cultivator of the ninth rank. A small city alone might not even give birth to one in tens of years. 

“We must attract it to the ground somewhere, then ambush it,” General Heng said thoughtfully. 

“How are we supposed to kill it if most archers can’t even break its defense?” Ye Linyun asked bitterly and helplessly. 

“Gathering all the best archers…” General Heng’s murderous voice echoed in a radius of a few kilometers.