King of Gods

Chapter 87

Chapter 87 – Training

Guanjun Palace... 

Zhao Feng returned back to his house and made the servant get a bathtub of hot water ready, so he could put his Bone Strengthening Powder in. This Bone Strengthening Powder was similar to the other powder he had used before, it was just hundreds of times better. 

I heard that the Bone Strengthening Powder has extremely good effects for body strengthening techniques. I wonder if it’ll be of use for my Silver Wall Technique. Zhao Feng started to soak in the medicine water. 

The boiling hot water could easily burn through the skin of normal people, but it had no effect on Zhao Feng’s strong body. 


The water suddenly started bubbling and it turned into a purple-red color like a flower blossoming. Zhao Feng felt a searing pain come from his body, and it slowly seeped into his blood and marrow. 

“What a powerful medicine!” 

Cold sweat appeared on Zhao Feng’s forehead, but he managed not to scream. According to what it said on the Bone Strengthening Powder’s packet,  normal seventh ranks needed to split one packet in half and use them separately. Zhao Feng was confident that his Silver Wall Technique was a top tier body strengthening technique and so he used a whole packet instead. 

He didn’t know that his body had been changed by the mysterious eye, and that he could absorb more of the medicine at once. 

Peh Peh! Peh Peh! 

Zhao Feng felt sizzles of heat being released from his left eye, which cooled his whole body down and allowed him to absorb the medicine at a faster rate. 

The amount and speed at which he absorbed the powder was at least twice the speed of others, which was why he felt that the medicine was extremely powerful and pure. 

For a few hours, Zhao Feng suppressed  pain which would make a normal person faint. 

Half a day later, Zhao Feng finally adjusted to the pain. At this time, he slowly circulated Returning Breath Technique, which helped him absorb the medicine more evenly. 

One whole day and night later, Zhao Feng was finally able to take in all of the medicine, but there were still some remnants inside his body. 

“No wonder it’s a precious body strengthening item…" 

Zhao Feng felt that the increase in Silver Wall Technique was very obvious. Before, Silver Wall Technique had just stopped progressing when it had reached the sixth level. 

This was exactly just like what Third Guard had said, Holy body strengthening techniques were easy to learn, but as they progressed, it got harder. 

It was good for Zhao Feng that his body had undergone a change by merging with the mysterious left eye, which increased the rate medicine was absorbed at. 

After using one packet of Bone Strengthening powder, Zhao Feng thought about the other resources that he had at hand: a Sun Gathering Pill, three Blood Condensing Pills,  and two Chi Storage Pills. 

The Blood Condensing Pill also helped improve the body. He remembered what Lord Guanjun had said deeply, that the nine ranks of the martial path focused on the body. 

The use of Chi Storage Pills was to purify one’s Inner Strength, and he bought them for his Returning Breath Technique. The last Sun Gathering Pill cost eighty thousand silver and it could increase the cultivation of men who trained the Yang laws. 

Body, Inner Strength, Cultivation. The four items Zhao Feng had bought were focused on all three, with the first being the most important. 

Next, Zhao Feng ate a Blood Condensing Pill, which could strengthen the body. This pill also took Zhao Feng over two days to fully absorb. 

After taking in this pill, Zhao Feng felt both his body and Silver Wall Technique increase in power. 

According to his plan, the next ones he was going to eat were the Chi Storage Pills. Because his body foundation was extremely strong, Zhao Feng felt his Inner Strength increase by leaps and bounds. This made him fully aware of the fact that the foundation must be solid. 

For the next half a month, Zhao Feng concentrated solely on Silver Wall Technique and Returning Breath Technique. 

The three packets of Bone Strengthening Powder, the three Blood Condensing Pills, and the two Chi Storage Pills had all been used up. 

At this time, his Silver Wall Technique had reached the late stages of the sixth level. At this level, Zhao Feng’s body was as strong as silver and when he activated Silver Wall Technique, a faint silver glow would appear on his body as if he was an invulnerable statue. 

Even if I don’t use Inner Strength, I can face normal seventh ranks with no problems, Zhao Feng thought. 

This was only at the sixth level of the Technique. If he reached the seventh, he could wipe out almost any Martial Master of the seventh rank unless the opponent had also learned a Holy martial art. 

Next, Zhao Feng was going to eat the Sun Gathering Pill. 

Zhao Feng left this until last because he wanted to strengthen his foundation, which would help him absorb it better. 

Closing his eyes, Zhao Feng ate the Sun Gathering Pill. After reaching the seventh rank, the progress of Zhao Feng’s cultivation had slowed down. Immediately, Zhao Feng felt a surge of hotness spread throughout his body. 

The energy of this pill needed to be slowly released and absorbed. Zhao Feng took more then seven days with Returning Breath Technique circulating nonstop to take in all the energy.


Eight days later... 

Zhao Feng had absorbed almost all of the energy of the Sun Gathering Pill. At this time, the green light in the dimension of his left eye had reached 2.5 meters. 

A month of hard work had not let Zhao Feng’s cultivation reach peak seventh rank. 

I can’t believe that Bei Moi’s almost at the ninth rank since cultivation slows down so much after the seventh, Zhao Feng thought in his heart. 

It was good that his Silver Wall Technique had reached the peak sixth rank, and it set a solid foundation for him, which gave him confidence that he could reach the eighth rank in three months time. 


Zhao Feng could feel the power within him as he breathed in and out. The quality and quantity of his Inner Strength had increased dramatically. 

No seventh ranks should be my opponent now. I might even to be able to take on some normal eighth ranks, but there’s no chance of winning if I meet a monster like Bei Moi!, Zhao Feng estimated his strength. 

He could challenge those of the eighth rank, and he might even have a chance at winning if they were normal cultivators of the eighth rank. If they were prodigies like Nan Gongfan or Bei Moi, they would have at least half-Holy ranked martial arts. He could not beat them, as the latter also had the strength to challenge those of higher ranks. Bei Moi had already killed a cultivator of the ninth rank. 


Zhao Feng finally came out of secluded mediation after a month. 

At this time a servant reported to him, “Young master, while you were in secluded meditation, Lady Zhao Yufei and Young Master Feng Hanyue both came to find you.” 


Zhao Feng stretched his body while walking out of his house slowly. Feng Hanyue’s house and Zhao Yufei’s houses were not far away. 

Soon, the three met together. 

“Brother Zhao, it seems that you’ve improved quite a bit in one month,” Feng Hanyue gave a faint smile and he was slightly curious.

“Still not good enough compared with Brother Feng.” 

Zhao Feng found that Feng Hanyue had almost reached the limit of the seventh rank, not tarnishing the name of the top genius of the Ten Sky Guards. 

Zhao Yufei had increased by leaps and bounds as well, reaching the seventh rank. 

Today, the three youths discussed their skills and the others wanted to spar. Zhao Feng didn’t reject this notion either and sparred with the two. 

The final result was that Zhao Feng fought Feng Hanyue to a standstill, while Zhao Yufei lost by a bit. 

Throughout the sparring, Zhao Feng used only sixty to seventy percent power of his Silver Wall Technique and he slightly conserved the power of his other skills such as Star Finger and Smoking Transparent Step. 

Even then, Zhao Feng was surprised at Feng Hanyue’s strength as the latter may have hidden his strength, too. But the one who was most shocked was Feng Hanyue; he wouldn’t have thought that after just one month, Zhao Feng would be able to fight on par with him. 

While they were sparring, Zhao Feng realized that both Feng Hanyue and Zhao Yufei had trained in a few half-Holy ranked martial arts as well. 

“Being disciples of Lord Guanjun, we can go to the Treasury Hall and choose a total of ten half-Holy martial arts,” Feng Hanyue told him. 

This news made Zhao Feng jump with joy. No wonder Third Guard and Bei Moi didn’t seem to put half-Holy martial arts in their eyes. 

The advantage they gained by being a disciple of Lord Guanjun was just too big. Zhao Feng decided to go to the Treasury Hall when he had time. 

“Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Nan Gongfan invited us to spar with each other in three days, and Bei Moi will be there as well…,” Feng Hanyue said.