King of Gods

Chapter 86

Chapter 86 – Exchanging in Province City

Zhao Feng suppressed his excitement as held his hundred of thousands in silver notes and left his building. He had never dreamed of having so much money. Back at the Zhao sect, his allowance was only twenty silver per month! 

I can probably buy many resources to help my Silver Wall Technique…, Zhao Feng thought. 

Soon, he walked out of the Guanjun Palace, somewhere he hadn’t been before. The size of the Province City far exceeded Sun Feather City. Cultivators and carriages could be seen everywhere. 

Zhao Feng didn’t even need to ask directions of the market, he went with the flow and arrived there. Hundreds of meters away, he saw a shop with the sign ‘Medicine Pavilion’ on it. 

“The power behind Medicine Pavilion is indeed strong. They even have a shop in the Province City.” Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up with joy. He had gone to the Medicine Pavilion a few times back in Sun Feather City, and he knew the quality of goods they had there were high. 

“Three Forest Moonlight Grass…Precious Snow Jade Marrow…Bone Connecting Pill…Final Seven Poisonous Snake Guts… , Zhao Feng felt dizzy just looking at the variety of items. 

Shua! Shua! 

Zhao Feng opened his left eye and scanned all the items. In an instant, he had memorized all the names, appearances, and descriptions. 

The thousands of pills, medicines, and resources would take a Martial Learner years to memorize, but Zhao Feng only used a few breaths to seal them in his memory. He then closed his eyes and scanned through the items in his head to try to find what he needed. 

“Is there anything you need?” A Martial Learner came over and asked respectfully. He had sensed that Zhao Feng’s aura was much stronger than the others. 

“En,” Zhao Feng replied. He immediately called out four items. “Three packs of Bone Strengthening Powder, Three Blood Condensing Body Strengthening Pills, Three Chi Storage Pills,and one Sun Gathering Pill.” 

The Martial Learner trembled as he asked, “Are…are you sure you want these?” 

“Bone Strengthening powder, one of the best resources to help body strengthening techniques, costs around thirty-nine thousand silver per pack!” a nearby cultivator exclaimed. 

Zhao Feng had asked for three at once! 

“Little friend, are you sure you’re not kidding?” A middle aged pill master walked over and released his sixth rank aura. 

“Mao Pill Master!” The nearby pill makers and Martial Learners looked at him respectfully. 

Immediately, the situation here caught the attention of many others. 

“Kidding? I don’t have such a habit,” Zhao Feng smiled faintly. 

Mao Pill Master walked over and calmly said, “Friend, these precious items add up to a total of forty thousand silver. Are you sure you can afford it?” It was obvious that Mao Pill Master didn’t believe that Zhao Feng had that much silver. 

Forty thousand silver! 

The nearby customers took in cold breaths and sighed. They wouldn’t have thought that the few items a fourteen year old youth called out would cost forty thousand silver. 

“Yes.” Zhao Feng stared back at the pill master. 


Anger appeared on Mao Pill Master’s face, because if Zhao Feng was actually buying it, the high level of the Medicine Pavilion would appear. 

Although Mao Pill Master didn’t shout, his sixth rank aura expanded. 

“Do you think that  I don’t have the right to do so?” Zhao Feng asked coldly as he released a ferocious Inner Strength. 

Instantly, the air seemed to freeze and the customers nearby had a feeling of being suffocated. Mao Pill Master stiffened and could feel that his Inner Strength had been suppressed. Luckily, the aura lasted for only a second before fading away. Apart from the nearby seven or eight people, no one else felt it. 

“What’s going on?” A pill learner didn’t even know what had happened. 

Cold sweat appeared on Mao Pill Masters back. “Please follow me to the second floor.” 

According to the rules of Medicine Pavilion, if twenty thousand silver worth of goods were to be exchanged, they had to go to the second floor. 

The change in attitude by Mao Pill Master made some people curious, but there were a few that had felt the powerful aura that came and went in an instant. 

“Martial…Martial master…” a cultivator of the fifth rank mumbled bitterly to himself. 

But because his voice was too soft, no one else heard him. Those that knew the truth felt shocked, as if they had lost their souls. Mao Pill Master looked deeply at Zhao Feng, then raised his hand. He had never seen such a young Martial Master before. Once one became a Martial Master, they would be looked up in awe by Martial Learners and Martial Artists. 

Martial Masters weren’t just symbols of power, they were symbols of status as well. But this youth of only fourteen years old had already reached this level! 

“No need, I’m busy. Just trade here,” Zhao Feng shook his head. 

This immediately made Mao Pill Master slightly awkward, but he couldn’t go against it, so he had to exchange right there. 

“Bone Strengthening Powder, thirty nine thousand a pack, three packs equals one hundred seventeen thousand silver; Blood Condensing Pills one pill thirty-two thousand silver, three pills ninety-six thousand silver; Chi Storage Pills one pill forty-four thousand silver, two pills eighty-eight thousand silver; Sun Gathering pill eighty thousand silver each…it all comes to a total of three hundred and eighty-one thousand silver!” Mao Pill Master announced. 

Three hundred and eighty one thousand silver! 

The nearby customers took in cold breaths. One had to know that one whole deadly beast was only worth thirty thousand silver, and they had to risk their lives and go into the depths of the Sky Cloud Forest to hunt one! 

Even Martial Masters wouldn’t dare to enter the true depths of the Sky Cloud Forest. 

“Here’s the silver.” Zhao Feng took a thick pile of silver notes out and put them on top of the counter. 

“The number’s correct.” Mao Pill Master could confirm if it was legal tender or not by looking for the stamp of the thirteen country pact. The thirteen country pact included the Cloud Country and the Maple Fire country. This pact was also called the Sky Cloud Thirteen Country Pact and they all used the same currencies for easier trading. 

Soon, Mao Pill Master and two others went to grab what Zhao Feng wanted. 

“Bone Strengthening Powder, three packs; Blood Condensing Pills, three; Chi Storage Pills, two; Sun Gathering Pill, one,” Zhao Feng confirmed everything was there. 

“This youth can take out such a wad of cash.” The eyes of a few cultivators in the Medicine Pavilion twinkled. Two of them even followed him with grim faces. They didn’t know Zhao Feng’s true cultivation. 

“Mao Pill Master, that customer… ” A Pill Learner saw that something was wrong. 

“The customer’s safety outside of the Medicine Pavilion has nothing to do with us. Apart from that, this customer’s cultivation and background…” Mao Pill Master didn’t worry for Zhao Feng. A fourteen year old Martial Master must have a strong background. 

As soon as Zhao Feng walked out of the pavilion, he sensed two people following him. He gave a cold laugh, but he didn’t bother with them. 

Being the disciple of Lord Guanjun, he could do almost anything he liked in the Guanjun Province because his master was the overlord here. 

“Young master.” As soon as Zhao Feng entered the Guanjun Palace, the head guard of the sixth rank came over and greeted him. Eight Martial Artists, including the head guard, stood respectfully. 

Maybe the normal guards weren’t aware of Zhao Feng’s background, but the head guard had some connections, and he knew Zhao Feng’s identity. 

“Guanjun Palace!” The two following behind him jumped. 

Teng! Teng! 

Their footsteps immediately stopped. They despaired even more when they saw the head guard greet Zhao Feng respectfully… 

Guanjun Palace. 

This gigantic city controlled twelve other cities and those that could be called Young Master must have connections with 'that person'… 

Thinking up to here, cold sweat appeared on the two Martial Artists. Just a step further, and they would’ve been in hell!