King of Gods

Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – Kicking in the Hideout

“Are you crazy? That is a nest of bandits, run!”

Huang Qi almost turned insane, his eyes were full of anger and he wanted to curse Zhao Feng’s entire family.

These eleven fierce and deadly bandits weren’t something that they could compare to. The three sixth rankers alone would be troublesome for them, and there still were many cultivators of the fourth and fifth rank.

“Brother Feng, it’s too dangerous…you’re not joking, right?” Zhao Yufei was also shocked. Through the encounters they'd had with the bandits, they now understood their deadly methods.

“Run! Retreat! We can still do it now!” Huang Qi’s heart felt like it was on fire. If they were found by the bandits, they would receive an unimaginable fate…

Zhao Yufei’s face was extremely pale and subconsciously gripped Feng's hand. “Why did you bring us here if you knew this place was full of bandits?”

“Be quiet, there’s eleven bandits here, but they’re not together. You just have to follow my plan and we’ll destroy them all…" Zhao Feng’s tone was very calm.

“I’m not listening to you, I wanna run away…" Huang Qi’s heart was cold with fear.

At this moment, they could already see the figures moving around the wooden rooms through the cracks of the rocks.

“Brother Shi! The brothers that went to hunt aren’t back yet,” a bandit of the sixth rank called.

“They’re probably never going to come back then if they haven’t returned in two hours…" Within the room came a deep voice from a middle-aged man. “Be on alert! I fear that the enemy might have followed the trails to here.” 

The voices could easily be heard by the three hiding behind the rocks.

“Hehe, looks like there’s no way back, so you have to listen to my plan,” Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

Huang Qi ground his teeth; he now hated Zhao Feng because he knew the latter had planned for this to happen.

“I’ll listen to Brother Feng.” Instant trust could be seen in Zhao Yufei’s eyes.

Damn it!

Huang Qi’s heart dropped as Zhao Yufei agreed. If a lady like her wasn’t scared, then how could he?

“You two go over and finish off the fourth and fifth ranks fast, but don’t fight against the sixth ranks, especially the middle aged peak sixth rank leader…” Zhao Feng told them the plan.

“So what are you doing when we go over?” Huang Qi asked suspiciously.

“I’ll be behind you two…supporting you!” Zhao Feng gave a smile.

No sh*t!

Huang Qi almost didn’t curse out loud, while Zhao Yufei and he were going to kill the enemies, this guy, the leader of the team, was going to hide behind them?

How could he do this? No way!

What would happen if Zhao Feng ran away because he saw that they were too hard to deal with?

“Ok, it’s settled then.” As soon as Zeng finished his words, Huang Qi was pushed out with a pah.


Huang Qi screamed and his figure was seen. At this moment, he had cursed all of Zhao Feng’s ancestors.


He had nowhere to go so he charged towards the bandits near the wooden rooms.

"Who’s there!?" The bandits nearby soon found the two.

“Come! Enemy attack…” Sounds of fighting rang out.

Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi attacked the bandits of the fourth and fifth rank. According to Zhao Feng’s plan, they had to kill them fast. If they were held up by them, the stronger ones would arrive and they would be killed for sure.

Under this pressure, the two’s battle power exceeded what they usually showed.


The instant the two forces clashed together, a fourth ranker and fifth ranker were slain.


At the same time, Zhao Feng stood on top of the big rock and released an arrow.


A peak fifth rank cultivator fell to the ground. What was shocking was that this arrow perfectly stopped the attack that Zhao Yufei was about to face from behind her.

“Brats, you dare to attack us! Don’t think that any one of you will leave today!?”

A bulky, muscular middle-aged man walked out of the wooden room and led the other two sixth ranks over.

Huang Qi and Zhao Yufei instantly felt the pressure emitting from them. The middle aged man’s aura was strong, on par with the top five Ten Sky Guards, or even the top three.

Sou Sou Sou!

Three arrows pierced through the air and headed straight at the three sixth ranks.


The leader used his blade to block the arrow, but the other two sixths ranks next to him had been slightly injured.

“This Golden Stairs Bow is indeed not bad. I’ve only used seventy to eighty percent of my strength and I haven’t put any Inner Strength in it," Zhao Feng had a faint smile on his face.

Every time he released an arrow, a bandit would fall. At the same time, both Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi became engaged in a tough battle, but Zhao Feng supported them from behind, so they didn’t reach a desperate state.

“I’ll leave the boy and girl to you, I’ll go get the archer…” The middle-aged bandit leader immediately saw that Zhao Feng was the most threatening one.

Zhao Feng steadily pulled out three arrows and shot them at the three sixth ranks again.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The three sixth ranks once again blocked Zhao Feng’s attacks, but it gave Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi time to take a breath.

When the middle-aged man reached Zhao Feng, there were only four to five bandits left. Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi were both in an extremely dangerous situation.

Water Wave Slash!

The leading bandit’s sword seemed like the sea as wave after wave of power surged through it. His sword level had almost reached perfection, and the skill was almost at the peak rank too.


Zhao Feng waved his Golden Hair Bow with the addition of strength from his Metal Wall Technique.


The force sent the middle-aged bandit back a few steps. The casual swipe of the Golden Stairs Bow not only contained power from Metal Wall Technique, it also had an unspeakable aura as if it had become one with its surroundings.

“Hehe,” Zhao Feng gently smiled, then he jumped into the air and pulled the string of his bow.


An arrow went straight into the chest of a bandit near the wooden houses. At the same time, the arrow managed to resolve the desperate situation Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi were in. Although Zhao Feng killed one, Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi still faced four bandits, including two of the sixth rank.

“Hm, it’s about right.”

Zhao Feng didn’t think of helping the two any further and the middle-aged leader wouldn’t let him do so anyways.

“Star Finger!”

Zhao Feng exclaimed as he put the bow away and engaged the bandit leader in close combat.

The opponent’s strength had reached the peak sixth rank and he had a seemingly unlimited number of hidden moves. Normal sixth ranks might not even be able to block one move of his.

Zhao Feng found that when he used Star Finger to the peak third level, he still couldn’t gain the upper hand, but his advantage was obvious. The fifth level of the Metal Wall Technique had a small rebound which fended off the furious attacks of the enemy.

But the bandit didn’t run! With his battle experience, he knew that if he ran, he was just inviting death. Zhao Feng was a godly archer and to run away from one was retarded. Also, Zhao Feng’s speed was faster than his.

The man decided to engage in close combat and put some hope in his comrades to finish the two brats off and support him here.

Both Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi had a hard time as they faced two sixth ranks, one fourth rank, and one fifth rank, but they were geniuses after all. Under the pressure, they became more accustomed to the fighting and steadily regained their composure.


Soon, the cultivator of the fourth rank was slain by Zhao Yufei, which let them have a slight break as they only had to face one fifth rank and two sixth ranks now. But their expressions turned serious once more as they looked in the direction of Zhao Feng.

If it were either of them, they probably couldn’t even exchange twenty moves.

One Line Star Finger!

Zhao Feng’s move this time reached the edge of the fourth level.


A deep gash was left on the middle aged bandit, but that simple drove him into a frenzy, which propelled him to attack more powerfully without consideration for his own injuries.

The leader was putting his life on the line and he even headed down the path of perishing together with his enemy.

The determination he had would make most opponents wary, but Zhao Feng wasn’t normal; he still remained calm as he opened his left eye.

Ten moves later, the injuries on the middle aged bandit became heavier and an error was finally found by Zhao Feng.


The bandit fell to the ground and before he could rise, a finger pierced through his heart.

“These bastards still have some skills,” Zhao Feng let out a breath.

Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi's fight also came to an end. They knew that Zhao Feng would most likely not help, so they used their killing moves and finally slew the last three bandits.


Zhao Feng slew the one bandit trying to run away with his bow.


Huang Qi and Zhao Yufei fell to the ground exhausted, but joy and happiness could be seen in their eyes.

The nest of eleven bandits had been cleared! The almost impossible mission had been finished.

The two looked at Zhao Feng with awed admiration, because they knew this was Zhao Feng’s plan and he had played an important role in supporting them.

At the same time, behind a rock a few hundred yards away, a silver figure hiding there took in a cold breath. “These three brats took down a whole nest! Six of the eleven bandits, including that peak sixth rank bandit who was killed by the youth named Zhao Feng…”