King of Gods

Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Fetch Zhao Feng


Zhao Linlong’s performance was indeed great. Throwing away the fact that he had the highest cultivation, every skill that he showed was perfect. His Spatial Cloud Finger was now even better than what it was at the Summit, and his Shadow Step had closed in on perfection.

Zhao Linlong started to work even harder after his defeat and under the pressure, his strength had increased. Even some sixth ranks of the older generation weren’t his opponent.

“Not bad.” The head of the sect and elders nodded their heads. From their point of view, Zhao Linlong’s strength was indeed top tier in Sun Feather City. They turned to Master Ye.

“Master Ye, how do you feel…?” Zhao Tiancang couldn’t help but ask.

Once his stepson Zhao Linlong was chosen by Guanjun Palace, his future days couldn’t be estimated. It would only be a matter of time before Sun Feather City was controlled by the Zhao sect. The other elders looked on expectantly.

“So – so.” The words were like a hammer that heavily hit Zhao Tiancang.

How could this be… so-so?

“So-so?” Zhao Linlong’s face turned red.

Anger surged in his heart. Being the genius with the highest cultivation within Sun Feather City, he had only received a so-so review?

“Oh yes! Linlong! Didn’t you gain something from the partial Holy martial art?” the sect leader prodded him.

Partial Holy martial art!


Eyes lit up amongst the elders.

“Hehe.” Some interest was finally visible in Master Ye’s eyes.

“Yes, father.” Zhao Linlong took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Suddenly, his aura changed.


At this moment, Zhao Linlong had the aura that Xin Wuheng had on the summit day, but much fainter, only around one-tenth of Wuheng's.

“Wind Flowing Stance!”


An unseen wind wave swept up everything in a radius of several meters. This casual swipe could seriously injure most cultivators under the seventh rank.

“Good, good!” The elders couldn’t help but applaud.

This was what they truly felt at heart, they weren’t acting. Their insights gained into the partial Holy martial art weren’t much stronger than Zhao Linlong’s. After their cheering, they once again looked expectantly at Master Ye.

There shouldn’t be any problems this time, right? A faint smile appeared on Zhao Linlong’s face.

“This is your so-called insight from a partial Holy martial art? The power of it isn’t even stronger than your Spatial Cloud Finger! You haven’t even touched the corner of a Holy martial art yet! Useless!” the cold, expressionless voice sounded within the room.

Instantly dead silence fell.

How was this possible?

Zhao Linlong felt somewhat dissatisfied. However, the man sitting there was one of the country’s few ninth ranks.

Ninth rank of the Martial Path!

Even if they were unsatisfied, they didn’t have any courage to rebuke him.

“The genius I am looking for… is not him,” Master Ye said harshly.

On the day of the summit, the two Guanjun Corpsmen didn’t know Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng’s names, but they had seen their potential and talents. The potential of those two were ranked in the top five of Guanjun Province. Zhao Linlong’s performance wasn’t even able to reach the top twenty.

“Master Ye, Linlong’s cultivation is the highest amongst the younger generation,” Zhao Tiancang said helplessly.

At this moment, the other elders realized who Master Ye truly wanted, but they had confined that person. This was the reason that Zhao Tiancang didn’t mention him.

A few seconds of silence followed.

“Call all the youngsters of the fifth rank or higher here,” Master Ye ordered.

Zhao Tiancang immediately did what he was ordered to do.



Zhao Yufei, Zhao Chi, and Zhao Han all came to the room. There was only five youths who had reached the fifth rank: Zhao Linlong, Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, Zhao Chi, and Zhao Han. But there were only four present.

“This person comes from the Guanjun Province. You must all perform well and if you’re chosen, you may be taken to the Guanjun Palace,” Zhao Tiancang explained.

Immediately, excitement rose on their faces. Compared to the Guanjun Palace, their Zhao family was just an ant. If they were chosen by the Guanjun Palace, their future couldn’t be measured.

The first person that came up was Zhao Han. When he went up, a powerful, cold Inner Strength flowed out from his body.

“Focusing solely on cultivation isn’t good,” Master Ye shook his head.

Hope was extinguished from Zhao Han’s eyes. In Master Ye’s eyes, his performance was crap. The scene caused Zhao Linlong to let out a breath and even feel slightly good. Zhao Chi went up next.

“Average, you’re understanding is manageable.” The review was slightly better than before.

Finally, it was Zhao Yufei’s turn. Zhao Yufei was the youngest and therefore, she went last. She immediately performed her Spiritual Wind Slice and using of Air Crossing Breathing Technique, all her moves were beautiful.

Finally, a light came from the expressionless Master Ye’s eyes. “Not bad.”

Not bad!

This was the best review he had given. Zhao Linlong’s face was pretty ugly. In terms of strength and cultivation, he easily surpassed Zhao Yufei. But Zhao Yufei was only fourteen years old, and therefore her potential was far greater.

The elders were stunned, they never thought that the one that Master Ye would look most importantly at was Zhao Yufei. But if they thought about it logically, Zhao Yufei came from a branch of the main sect and under the conditions of low resources, she had still surpassed what Zhao Linlong achieved at her age.

“She ok, but she’s not the one in the report.” Master Ye’s eyebrows twitched.

Not good!

The hearts of Zhao Tiancang and the elders clenched. But in the next moment the most unwanted scene happened.

“Master Ye, there’s still a genius that’s even better than me,” Zhao Yufei told Master Ye.

From the moment she entered the room, she had wondered why Zhao Feng wasn’t present. She didn’t know that Zhao Feng had been put under confinement orders for suspicion of treachery, and under those conditions, Zhao Feng was excluded.

“Hmmm? There’s still one more?” Master Ye’s face turned dark as he surveyed the elders. Those that were looked at by Master Ye felt as if a blade had sliced them.

“Master Ye, the situation is like this… there’s still a youth in the sect, but he’s under suspicion of betraying the family…”

“Shut up!”

Anger surged on Master Ye’s face. “I don’t give a f**k if he’s a traitor or not, I just want my bl**dy genius!”

His powerful voice echoed within the room. Zhao Linlong and the others of the younger generation felt their skin go cold. Just his voice alone could cause such pressure. It was hard to imagine what kind of power those of the ninth rank had.

“Fetch Zhao Feng,” Zhao Tiancang managed to squeeze out the words.

The elders sighed in their heart. Zhao Linlong’s fists were clenched and his teeth were clenched, full of unwillingness.

How could the top genius of the Zhao family be replaced by someone of the branch sect?

“Zhao Feng won’t be chosen by him. Even if he is, so what? I’ll still make him lose face!” Zhao Linlong darkly said.



A handsome youth walked steadily into the room.

Who had come to the Zhao family today?

From the situation, it seemed the elders and the sect leader were all under orders from the man in the top seat. The moment he opened his left eye, Zhao Feng felt the powerful pressure emitting from the man. What was even more shocking was that his Inner Strength had reached an extreme level.

If Zhao Linlong’s Inner Strength was said to be a patch of cold water, then the head of the sect’s could be said to be a bath of boiling hot water. But compared to this man in green's was like metal! The quantity and quality had reached a peak state.

“So strong!” Zhao Feng quickly closed the ability of his left eye.

The person in front of him was the strongest person he had seen so far, excluding the girl's group at the canyon.

“What’s your name?” Master Ye asked.

“Zhao Feng.” His voice was steady.

“Not bad.” Interest showed on Master Ye's face.

The aura from his breathing didn’t cause the youth in front of him to panic and somehow… he had the feeling that he couldn’t see through him. Zhao Feng’s real cultivation was at the sixth rank and when he wanted to fully conceal it, even Master Ye couldn’t easily see it…