King of Gods

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Choosing Martial Arts Skills, Part Two

Having such a big selection of martial arts gave Zhao Feng endless excitement. He couldn’t hold in his happiness and laughed with his head raised. Quite a period of time passed until he calmed down.

In Cloud Country, a middle rank martial arts skill was worth a couple hundred silver, but the money Zhao Feng received per month was only ten silver.

Of course he couldn’t take the sect’s skills out and sell them. If he did that he would get punished; they would destroy his cultivation and then kick him out of the sect.

Zhao Feng ‘took’ a hundred books out from the Martial Arts Library; most of them were high class and all of them had at least a past person train it so he could use their experience.

However, to choose a few martial art skills from among these books wasn’t easy. It was good that all of these books were fully imprinted in his mind, because he only needed one thought to compare them against one another and choose the one most suitable for him.

A single martial art could increase his strength; with the combination of many martial arts, it could only help his cultivation.

Zhao Feng only used half an hour to choose four skills from the hundred books. They were Lightly Floating Ferry, Angry Dragon Fists, Air Pushing Breathing Technique, and Continuous Meteorite Arrows.

Lightly Floating Ferry was definitely the highest rank skill out of them all, and Zhao Feng had a high chance of solving the missing words.

After that came Angry Dragon Fists and Air Pushing Breathing Technique, these skills also complimented one another.

Angry Dragon Fists was one of the peak books of the middle rank, and the damage dealt by it was high. It compressed one’s strength into one strike, and the power was so incredible that it wasn’t weaker than some of the high ranked martial arts. Zhao Feng had high expectations for Angry Dragon Fists because it increased one’s physical strength.Strong body strength was the foundation and minimum requirements for developing chi.

Chi was something that made someone a true Martial Artist.

Air Pushing Breathing Technique was also a peak middle rank martial art. It developed one’s body strength, blood, and body. When trained to a high level, there was a chance to understand chi.

“Angry Dragon Fists and Air Pushing Breathing Technique work perfectly well together, and when used together the power of it is at least comparable to high ranked martial arts, and there is an increased chance to understand Martial Path Inner Strength.” Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

As for the last skill, Continuous Meteorite Arrows, it was also close to high rank.

Why did he choose an arrow skill? This was because it worked well with Zhao Feng’s left eye.

“If I do not learn an arrow skill, then I’d be sorry for my left eye…” Zhao Feng had a smile curl upon his lips.

It could be imagined, with his left eye’s abilities, he’d be a natural ‘godly archer’, and if he perfected the arrows skill...

After choosing martial arts skills, Zhao Feng started to cultivate.

He first started with the Air Pushing Breathing Technique, as strong body and blood was the foundation of cultivation. The stronger one’s blood was, the damage from Angry Dragon Fists in close combat would be stronger.

Closing his eyes, Zhao Feng mind entered the contents of Air Pushing Breathing Technique.

A while later, his body’s blood started to move slowly…

“This easy?” Zhao Feng was shocked.

According to the contents of Air Pushing Breathing Technique, most people that could move their blood needed at least four to five days, or even up to fifteen days.

Could it be that I am a genius?

Zhao Feng thought a bit, and then disagreed with himself. Because if he was a genius, then it wouldn’t have been so hard for him to break into the second rank of the Martial Path.

He realized that after merging with his mysterious left eye, his mind’s energy had increased. His reaction speed, understanding, and analyzing speed all now exceeded that of normal people.

When he was learning the Air Pushing Breathing Technique, a peh peh sound came from the left eye.

At the same time, in the pitch black dimension, the 67 cm radius of faint green light was spinning at an increased rate.


Half a day later...

Zhao Feng had trained the Air Pushing Breathing Technique to the first level and his body gave off a faintly disgusting smell of sweat.

He felt that his body’s strength had become stronger by thirty percent.

I did it? Zhao Feng felt somewhat incredulous.

Air Pushing Breathing Technique was divided into three levels, and once one trained to the peak of the third level, there was a chance to comprehend chi.

After another half day, Zhao Feng had already trained Air Pushing Breathing Technique to the peak of the first level, then the speed started slowing down. He changed his mind and started training in Angry Dragon Fists, which paired up with Air Pushing Breathing Technique.

As expected, with the foundation of Air Pushing Breathing Technique, the speed of learning Angry Dragon Fists was very fast.

In only half a day’s’ time, Zhao Feng learned all of the eighty-one moves to a beginner level.

Angry Dragon Fists had extreme power, especially when used with Air Pushing Breathing Technique, the explosive strength was incredible.

Zhao Feng clicked his tongue in astonishment.

The most surprising part was that after learning Angry Dragon Fists, the Air Pushing Breathing Technique broke through to the second level and even went a bit further! The two skills accompanying each other had an incredible effect.

No wonder they’re perfect for each other!, Zhao Feng laughed in his heart.

For the next five days, Zhao Feng kept on learning Angry Dragon Fists and Air Pushing Breathing Pushing Technique, and both of the skills were trained up at an incredible speed.

At this time, Zhao Feng’s cultivation was closing to the peak of the second rank of the Martial Path.

“Just a bit longer and I can reach the peak of the second rank…then the third rank won’t be far away, either.”

Zhao Feng was full of expectations.


The next day, Zhao Feng left home and headed towards the martial arts field.

This was because Lightly Floating Ferry and Continuous Meteorite Arrows needed open space to practice.

Soon, Zhao Feng arrived in a corner of the martial arts field. This was the place where they practiced with bows and arrows.


An arrow left an afterimage in the air, and shot straight into the center of the target fifty meters away.

“Great arrow skill! It is no wonder that Brother Zhao Yui is one of the sect’s top three godly archers.”

“This arrow could probably break straight through the defense of a third rank, and even kill muscular wild beasts.”

Excited shouting came from the side.

“Formidable!” Zhao Feng came just in time and exclaimed.

He knew that the youth who was called Zhao Yui was famous for being a godly archer in the sect.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh...

Zhao Yui pulled the string and shot out five arrows at lightning speed, which formed a ring around the center’s red dot.

“Good! Great!” The disciples around started cheering.

Zhao Feng didn’t pay any more attention because he felt that if he tried, he could also become a godly archer.

He went to an open space and picked up a random bow. He then squinted his eyes, as if he was aiming.

As soon as he picked up the bow the disciples around the field focused on him.

“Look…who’s that? He looks new.” A disciple saw him and his eyes shone.

“Heh heh, this kid is called Zhao Feng and he came from a branch sect half a year ago. Not long ago, I heard that he offended Zhao Yijian, who is ranked third amongst the outer disciples. I also heard that his girl even left him now…” There were some who recognized Zhao Feng.

“Branch family disciple? Let us take a bet and see how many rings he can hit.” A few disciples looked mockingly at Zhao Feng. Even the goldly archer Zhao Yui was disturbed by this.

“Arrow skills needs talent and integrity. It is not something anyone who wants to learn can learn.” Zhao Yui was arrogant and faintly looked down on Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng did not bother with these people. He barely used his left eye and the target fifty meters away in his vision became bigger and bigger…


The arrow string trembled and the arrow flew through the air, barely landing on the target, but then fell off onto the ground.

It floated…

Zhao Feng started sweating as this was his first time using a bow.

“Hahaha…” The disciples around the field raised their heads and laughed.

Again. Zhao Feng was calm. Missing on the first arrow was normal.

Next, he used more energy on his left arrow and merged the Continuous Meteorite Arrow skill into his heart.


The second arrow went straight to the target and was one ring away from the middle. Ninth ring!

The field turned silent. Those that were laughing had their faces freeze. Even Zhao Yui’s brow furrowed.

Ninth Ring, this was already very close to the center. To shoot fifty meters away and hit this was even good for some old archers.

“Luck! This must be luck!”

“You’re right! A beginner cannot shoot this accurately. His first arrow did not even hit the target.”

The disciples started laughing again and looked at Zhao Feng.

However, just before they finished their words the third arrow shot through the air.


The arrow shot out like lightning and hit the target.


Dead center!

The field turned silent once more. Even Zhao Yui was shocked. They all had confused faces and stood there frozen.

“My luck is not bad.” Zhao Feng gave a little smile as it was proven that he had an exceptional talent for the bow.

“Luck? What’s up with this guy?” Most of the archers had queer faces on.

Any archer was a beginner from the start. However, it was their first time seeing someone with such luck.

“Kid! Take another shot!” a few disciples said unwillingly.

“Yes! Take another shot!” Most of them had excited looks on and started shouting.

Zhao Feng wanted to leave, but these people were unwilling to let him leave.

There were a few disciples that were the third rank of the Martial Path, and most here were older than Feng.

“Fine.” Zhao Feng shrugged his shoulders and picked up the bow again.