King of Gods

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Invitation to the Genius Summit, Part Two

Inside the garden...

Zhao Feng soon recovered after he watched the two of them walk out. He wanted to reach the pinnacle of martial arts and explore the outside world. A small city like Sun Feather City wouldn’t be able to chain him.

Zhao Feng only focused on cultivating from then on, training finger skills and movement skills, then inner strength skills and on to body strengthening techniques. He didn’t know that the younger generation’s geniuses had received an invitation to attend the genius summit. The invitation came from the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City, so all the youths were ready to show off their skills.


Later that night...

Zhao Chi, Zhao Han, Zhao Qin, Zhao Ling all received their invites. Not everyone was able to receive invitations. Apparently, those that could be selected had to be at least at the fourth rank.

Zhao Feng didn’t know anything about this. Zhao Yufei was pacing around in her house, wondering if she should tell him the news.


The third day after the invitations were sent out...

Zhao Feng sat cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed. His body suddenly gave off an unrestrained aura.


The force swept past everything in view, rattling the windows and blowing the chairs away. The youth’s eyes snapped open and two arcs of lightning seemed to flash through them.

“My Inner Strength has reached the sixth rank.” Excitement and happiness flashed in his eyes, but instantly he circulated Withering Wood Technique and suppressed it to the fifth rank.

The reason why his Inner Strength reached the sixth rank so quickly was because of the cave. Even Metal Wall Technique was now only half a step away from the fifth level.

Once Metal Wall Technique reached the fifth rank, the cultivator not only had a body of steel, they could also shatter weapons with just their body. It also meant that those weaker than Zhao Feng would harm themselves from the recoil. At this moment, his Metal Wall Technique was infinitely close to the fifth level and his cultivation was almost at the sixth.

“My cultivation level and Metal Wall Technique will break through in the next two days or so.” Zhao Feng was full of expectation.

The sixth rank of the Martial Path and the fifth level of Metal Wall Technique. Zhao Feng had confidence that he could beat any disciple within the Zhao sect if he fought any of them.


On the same day, inside an old but glorious garden within the Zhao sect...

“Sixth rank of the Martial Path…faster than I expected.” Zhao Linlong was clothed in his usual gold robe as he stood up and a powerful aura surged around him.


He released a dominating aura and everything within a few meters radius was ripped into shreds.

“Not bad, you’re only eighteen years old and you’ve reached the sixth rank. This breaks Sun Feather’s City’s record!” The head of the sect, Zhao Tiancang, looked approvingly at him.

“If I didn’t have a thousand year blood plant and didn’t have stepfather performing the Inner Strength Vein Opener technique, I wouldn’t have been able to reach the sixth rank so quickly,” Zhao Linlong acknowledged humbly.

Although he had reached the sixth rank, he still was small and tiny compared to his stepfather. The difference between the sixth and seventh rank was massive, just like the third and fourth ranks. Only one in ten cultivators progressed to the fourth rank. And out of the sixth ranked cultivators, there was only one in a hundred of them that progressed to the seventh rank.

“Next, you need to concentrate on martial arts. The Genius Summit is close, you’d better earn some face for the Zhao sect,” Zhao Tiancang said, smiling.

“Don’t worry, stepfather, no one can stop me apart from Xin Wuheng. And according to the rumors, Xin Wuheng is only at the peak fifth rank. I have at least sixty percent a chance of beating him,” Zhao Linlong said confidently.


Time passed quickly.

The days until the Genius Summit crept closer and closer. Sun Feather City became busier and busier as the summit approached.

Some came just to see the most beautiful girl’s figure.

At this time, the information that Zhao Linlong had reached the sixth rank spread like wildfire throughout Sun Feather City. This obviously shocked countless youngsters and caused waves in the three major powers.

Sixth rank of the Martial Path!

For those youngsters, this was an incredible feat. There was no one comparable with Zhao Linlong in Sun Feather City. However, no one knew that Zhao Linlong was not the only one who had reached the sixth rank.


In a garden of the Zhao sect...

A youth started to walk on air, his after-images blurred throughout the area.


Zhao Feng’s body landed on the ground as lightly as a leaf. If one looked closely, they would realize that Zhao Feng’s figure was even straighter now. His body was much bigger than that of an average adult, even though he was only fourteen years old.

His cultivation and Metal Wall Technique had both broken through seven days ago. At that time, he was completely confident that no one would be his opponent in Sun Feather City.

He had been trying to gain insights from Star Finger and Lightly Micro Step the past few days. Lightly Micro Step had reached the peak level.

Now, Zhao Feng concentrated on Star Finger. His Star Finger had finally been trained to the third grade.

Hu Qi—–

Zhao Feng’s second finger left an after-image in the air.


Zhao Feng condensed his chi into one point and the air around it seemed to tremble.


In the dark night, the star formed from his Inner Strength didn’t dissipate immediately. Instead, it left a mark in the sky, leaving a beautiful arc behind.

This move was the killing move of Star Finger, One Point Star Finger.

The power of One Point Star Finger had reached an extreme level. Once it was used perfectly, he could defeat anyone of the same rank, and this skill also suppressed body strengthening techniques. Zhao Feng believed that not many people under the seventh rank were able to block this move.

But One Point Star Finger also had disadvantages.

The first was the completion rate. There was only a twenty to thirty percent chance of being able to use One Point Star Finger successfully since he had only reached the third grade.

The second was the danger involved. If he failed, his capillaries could rupture. Back then, Elder Zhao’s Star Finger had only reached the third grade because of this danger.

“If I’m to use my left eye, I’ll have a forty to fifty percent chance of being able to successfully use it and the chance of failing and injuring my finger is only ten percent,” Zhao Feng analyzed.

Obviously, as his grade increased, the success rate would also increase.

Most people would have a forty to fifty percent chance when they reached the peak of the third grade. There was a seventy to eighty percent chance at the fourth grade. And at the fifth grade, there was a one hundred percent success rate. As for the sixth grade or higher, the damage was not limited to One Point Star Finger. If one didn’t have a Holy martial art, they were done for…

But it was still too far away for Zhao Feng. He was really anticipating the fourth grade.

“Young master Zhao Feng, you’ve received an invite,” a servant came from outside and said respectfully.

Zhao Feng felt weird and saw the words on the azure paper: Genius Summit.

Genius Summit? Zhao Feng didn’t know anything about this Summit.

The bottom of the letter had a few small words.

Organizer: Qiu Mengyu.

Zhao Feng felt that this name was familiar.

“Who’s this Qiu Mengyu?” Zhao Feng asked on impulse.

“Young master Zhao Feng, Qiu Mengyu is the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City and she is also one of the four great geniuses.” The servant tried to remain expressionless.

Qiu Mengyu, the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City. Someone didn’t even know her?


As soon as the servant left, a faint purple figure floated into the garden.

“Brother Feng, did you just get the invite from the summit?” The dimples on Zhao Yufei cheeks were alluring.

“What is this Genius Summit?” Zhao Feng still didn’t know what it was.

“You don’t know what the Genius Summit is? I even…” Zhao Yufei’s mouth was wide open as she stood there shocked.

She was also a bit angry. She had gone to the Qiu family and requested another invitation just for him!

“Sister Yufei, what is the Genius Summit?” Zhao Feng couldn’t restrain himself from asking again.

He didn’t know how the invitations were arranged. Originally, Zhao Linlong had five recommendations, but he didn’t give one to Zhao Feng. Zhao Yufei didn’t tell Zhao Feng about this. Instead, she went directly to the Qiu family and procured Zhao Feng a new invitation.

“Hmph, if you don’t know, then don’t worry about it,” Zhao Yufei said, and left Zhao Feng’s garden.


Zhao Feng felt weird since Zhao Yufei seemed to be angry. This was the first time that he’d seen her angry.

“Genius summit? I’ll go and check it out then. I wonder if the most beautiful girl is even prettier than Zhao Yufei?” Zhao Feng finally felt interested.

He opened the letter and on it was written the place and time.

“What!? Not good!”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed, because the starting time was tonight!

At this time, the sun had already gone down. There was only half an hour left!

“Wait! Yufei, wait for me…!” Zhao Feng screamed as he started to chase after her.