King of Gods

Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Zhao Linlong’s Strength

With the judge’s announcement, the people broke out of their daze. This result was totally unexpected. Being a black horse, Zhao Feng continued to dominate his opponents and create miracles!

Now he had beaten the third strongest inner disciple, Zhao Han. Zhao Feng laughed as he sat down on the third seat of the first row.

On his right side was Zhao Chi, who was looking at him as if it was the first time he had seen him. When the outer disciples contest had ended, Zhao Chi went over to inspect Zhao Feng, but at that time, Zhao Feng was utter trash compared to him.

After Zhao Chi beat Zhao Qin, he casually said that no one had the right to fight for the top three spots. However, right now, Zhao Feng was sitting next to him. The top three were now Zhao Linlong, Zhao Chi, and Zhao Feng.

Next it was Zhao Chi’s turn to challenge someone. Zhao Chi lazily stretched his back and landed on the stage.

“Number two Zhao Chi, who do you challenge?” the judge smiled.

Being number two, who else could he challenge? Instantly, everyone’s eyes turned towards Zhao Linlong.

Now that Zhao Chi had gone onstage, there was no one blocking his vision from looking at Zhao Linlong. Zhao Linlong wore a golden robe. He had thick black eyebrows, and an aura as deep as the sea.

Since the beginning of the tournament Zhao Linlong had kept his eyes closed. Even when Zhao Feng defeated Zhao Han, he had remained expressionless, as if nothing mattered to him.

“Zhao Linlong, give me some face. Come onstage,” Zhao Chi said mockingly.

“Number one, Zhao Linlong,” the judge warned.

“Hmm.” Zhao Linlong slowly rose.

The moment he stood up, he turned into a golden blur. Instantly, he landed onstage.

“How are there so many Zhao Linlong’s?”

“After-image! So fast!” the crowd exclaimed. Many spectators couldn’t even see how Zhao Linlong moved.

“What kind of footwork skill is that? It’s so complex.” Zhao Feng’s brow furrowed. Although he could see how Zhao Linlong moved with his left eye, he couldn’t see any flaws.

“Zhao Linlong, we haven’t met for half a year. It looks like your Step Shadow skill has reached the peak level. No wonder you’re one of the fourth geniuses of Sun Feather City.” Zhao Chi was slightly impressed.

Step Shadow was a high ranked martial art. Its fame exceeded most other high ranked martial arts due to its superiority.

Peak level of a high ranked martial art!

The disciples could only watch in awe. There was no second genius of the Zhao sect who could train a high ranked martial art to the peak level.

“Zhao Chi, you’re the only one who can give me a fight. Today, I will suppress my cultivation to the fourth rank and spar with you,” Zhao Linlong said casually.

Immediately, the other disciples expressions turned dark. There was no one apart from Zhao Chi who had the right to challenge him? Zhao Linlong’s words caused many to be unhappy.

How would the number three, number four, and number five feel?

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows scrunched up, then immediately resumed normal. Ever since he had seen the shy girl attack the powerful Hyena in the Sky Cloud Forest, Zhao Feng understood something: There was always someone stronger than you.

He was working towards the greater realm. He wanted to explore the outside world.

“Hateful! That Zhao Linlong…”

Sitting on the sixth seat of the second row, Zhao Han’s face was unwilling. Just a while ago, his cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds. His Inner Strength had reached the peak of the fifth rank, approaching the sixth rank.

This had made him arrogant and a contender for the top inner disciple. In terms of favoritism, he had surpassed Zhao Chi.

However, Zhao Linlong’s words hit him into hell. And because he had just lost to Zhao Feng, he had no right to speak out against him.

At this time, the battle began.

“Sky Howling Fist!”

Zhao Chi’s fist started to glow red. Zhao Chi’s Sky Howling Fist was very similar to Zhao Feng’s Angry Dragon Fist, but the ranks of the martial arts were one tier apart.

With Zhao Chi fully utilizing Sky Howling Fist, his strength crept towards the peak of the fifth rank. Adding on his footwork, body strengthening skills and techniques, his damage scale was frightening.

“In terms of overall strength, Zhao Chi is indeed harder to fight than Zhao Han. He has almost  zero flaws, and his offense is also powerful,” Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Zhao Han suppressed his opponents by overpowering them with Inner Strength, but his speed and defense weren’t strong.

“Receive my punch!” Zhao Chi shouted onstage as his fist swept towards Zhao Linlong.


A broken after-image was left behind. The next moment, Zhao Linlong appeared smiling faintly next to Zhao Chi.

Zhao Chi’s fist didn’t even touch his robe.

What was even more frightening was that Zhao Linlong was only half a meter away from him. Zhao Chi broke out in cold sweat. At this instant, he could even smell Zhao Linlong.

“Smoking Rain Step!”

Zhao Chi wasn’t useless. Immediately, he used a high ranked footwork skill and started to exchange blows with Zhao Linlong.

Immediately, the two figures interwove. Both of them used high ranked martial arts.

The reason why Zhao Linlong said that Zhao Chi was the only one who could fight him was because Zhao Chi had learned a lot of high ranked martial arts.

High ranked fist skill! High ranked footwork skill! High ranked body strengthening technique…all of these skills had been trained to a high level.

Zhao Chi continuously attacked with these skills. Now his momentum had surpassed Zhao Linlong. Although his momentum had exceeded Zhao Linlong, Zhao Chi was still pushed back. After exchanging twenty blows, Zhao Linlong had steadily overpowered him with the cultivation of the fourth rank only.

“I’ll make you lose willingly!” Zhao Linlong smiled faintly.

He raised his finger and a purple azure aura spun around in circles.


Just the thread of Inner Strength sent out a frightening aura.

“Spatial Cloud Finger!”

That finger seemed to open a hole in the clouds. That was…

Zhao Chi took a deep breath as he gathered all his Inner Strength to counter the finger.

“Sky Howling Leaping Thunder!” Zhao Chi’s fist glowed fire red as it faced the finger.

The power of this fist exceeded any skill that had been used so far in the tournament. But, although his fist seemed powerful, it seemed like it was an ant compared to the casual finger of Zhao Linlong.


The two moves finally clashed. Zhao Chi immediately tasted iron inside his mouth as he was knocked backwards.

“Not bad, you’re able to block my peak ranked martial art.” A golden-robed youth reappeared with his hands behind his back.

“Peak ranked martial art? I didn’t lose unjustly,” Zhao Chi said bitterly as he surrendered.

Spatial Cloud Finger!

Peak ranked martial art!

The crowd was in shock. When did Zhao Linlong learn a peak ranked martial art?

“Hehe, Zhao Linlong has already learned the first three moves of the Spatial Cloud Finger. That was just the first one,” the head of the sect Zhao TIancang said proudly.

“Congratulations for taking in such a good step-son.” The elders came over and congratulated the head of the sect.

Zhao Linlong was the step-son of the head of the sect! No wonder he could learn peak ranked martial arts. But the thing was that peak ranked martial arts usually needed one to reach the seventh rank of the martial path to understand them. Those that could learn peak ranked skills were usually Martial Masters!

“Zhao Chi! Challenge failed, rank not changed. Zhao Linlong, rank not changed,” the judge announced.

Zhao Linlong and Zhao Chi returned to their seats. Zhao Linlong was expressionless and didn’t challenge anyone. In his opinion, there was no one left to challenge.

The first round of the challenging contest ended. Next was the second round of the challenging contest. There were a total of three chances to challenge someone per person.

There were barely any challengers in the second round. But when it came to number sixteen, Zhao Han’s turn, he immediately challenged number four Zhao Qin and won.

He continued by challenging number two Zhao Chi and number one Zhao Linlong. The result was that he managed to tie with Zhao Chi by using his Inner Strength.

But when he met Zhao Linlong, Zhao Han was defeated in three moves. He wasn’t like Zhao Chi, who had absolute defense, so he couldn’t fend off even three of Zhao Linlong’s moves.

First place Zhao Linlong…second place Zhao Chi…third place Zhao Feng…fourth place Zhao Han.

They were the top four inner disciples. No one dared to challenge them.

Out of the four, Zhao Linlong led in front by beating Zhao Chi and Zhao Han. Only Zhao Feng had not crossed hands with Zhao Linlong from the top three.

“Third place Zhao Feng, it’s your turn to challenge someone,” the judge said.