King of Gods

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Zhao Yijian


“After breaking through to the second rank of the Martial Path, I won’t be at the bottom anymore, and I’ll also have the right to participate in the Family Sparring Contest.” Zhao Feng was very excited, but soon calmed down.

The Martial Path had nine ranks, and every rank was harder to achieve than the previous one, similar to a pyramid.

Everyone knew that the first three ranks were known as the Body Ranks. Cultivators at this stage were also known as Martial Learners!

Martial Learners used force to strengthen their bodies to provide a strong foundation for later realms.

Although Martial Learners were very low, as they had just entered the gateway of Martial Arts, to cultivate to the peak of the third rank was not to be looked down upon.  One would have at least 400 kg of strength, and those born with better talent could even have over 500 kg of strength! They could rip apart tigers and destroy bears with their bare hands.

Although Zhao Feng had only broken through to the second rank, he had 250-300 kg of strength, which was well outside the capabilities of normal people. If it was accompanied by strong martial skills, dozens of normal people wouldn’t be able to stop him.

If I can reach the third rank of the Martial Path, and have 350-400 kg of strength, my overall strength will at least double, Zhao Feng thought in his heart.

Of course, the thing that he yearned for was the fourth rank of the Martial Path.

The fourth thru sixth ranks of the Martial Path were known as the Accumulation Ranks. Students at that level were also known as Martial Artists!

After entering this realm, the Martial Artist wouldn’t just have a strong body and blood. They could also strengthen their organs and use the power of Inner strength, which surpassed that of pure muscle attacks. Once they reached Martial Artist, they would leave the realm of mundane people and enter a higher level.

Back at Green Leaf Village, Zhao Feng had the urge to become a true Martial Artist, and entering the Zhao sect had made this dream come one step closer.


After he entered the second rank of the Martial Path, Zhao Feng immediately told his parents.

Second rank of the Martial Path?

His father Zhao Tianyang and his mother Zhao Shi were both surprised, but let out deep breaths of relief.

As Zhao Feng was able to reach the second rank at his age without the use of outside help, his talent could be said to be truly above average.

“All you have to do for the next two months is to prepare for the Family Sparring Contest. We do not need you to do extremely well, just do not lose face.” Zhao Tianyang revealed a happy smile.

His mother Zhao Shi also had a pleased smile. For Zhao Feng to reach this step, they were both very pleased and did not have higher expectations.

However, Zhao Feng’s goals weren’t restricted to just this. He wanted to become a true Martial Artist, maybe even reach the pinnacle of Martial Arts!

After breaking through to the second rank, my status within the sect is now higher and I have the right to enter the first floor of the Martial Arts Library. The sect’s Martial Arts Library contained many different martial arts skills. Thinking about this, Zhao Feng immediately headed for the Martial Arts Library.

“Brother Feng!”

Halfway, a slightly shocked voice from a girl stopped him.

The young girl’s voice had a familiar sound and felt comfortable to listen to.

Zhao Feng’s body turned stiff, as a boy and girl close to his own age approached from the side.

The boy was purple clothed, had thick eyebrows, with a straight tall back and sharp eyes. His cultivation had reached the peak of the third rank, and the other disciples around him could feel the pressure he emitted.

“He is the sects third ranking outer disciple Zhao Yijian!” the people around them exclaimed, with faces full of worry and fear.

The girl that came with Zhao Yijian was a young woman wearing white. She had a clear and beautiful face.

“Little Sister Xue.” Zhao Feng looked at the white clothed girl and his mouth subconsciously curled into a mocking smile.

The girl in front of him was the one who entered the sect with him half a year ago, Zhao Xue.

Back at Green Leaf Village, Zhao Xue was a huge fan of his. However, after they entered the Zhao sect they became distant from one another, and they were almost total strangers now.

After Zhao Xue entered the Zhao sect, she quickly became good friends with Zhao Yijian using her beauty, who was ranked third out of the outer disciples, and then, by using her connections, she had achieved the second rank of the Martial Path half a month ago.

At this moment, Zhao Xue said something to Zhao Yijian.

“Ok, but just do not take too long.” Zhao Yijian nodded his head and leaned aside, not even bothering to look at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Xue walked in front of Zhao Feng and, in a complex manner, and with a little sigh, said, “Brother Feng, you have finally broken through to the second rank. However, Xue’er is going to give you some advice, do not be too stubborn. After entering the sect, I have realized that the place we started at is too low compared to the people here.”

“What do you want to say?” Zhao Feng broke off her sentence and responded with a cold face.

Zhao Xue had a bit of anger of her face, but she still bit her teeth and said, “Brother Feng, Xue’er is going to advise you one more time, go to brother Yijian and pledge yourself to him. With his help, only then will you merge with the main Zhao sect, that way you can avoid problems…”

Pledge? Zhao Feng laughed coldly. He wouldn’t pledge to anyone in his whole life.

Zhao Yijian had a cold aura and was extremely arrogant. Every time he saw Zhao Feng, it was with his nose in the air, as if he was too high up to bother with Feng.

Seeing Zhao Feng’s expression, Zhao Xue immediately knew his answer. They grew up together, so she understood Zhao Feng very well.

Zhao Xue walked back to Zhao Yijian’s side and murmured something.

“Hmph! He doesn’t know what’s good for him, this useless garbage,” Zhao Yijian said in a cold voice.

“Useless garbage?” Zhao Feng’s brow furrowed.

Maybe it because he saw Zhao Feng so unwilling, but Zhao Yijian paused and coldly said, “I’ve heard that you’re the genius of Green Leaf village? However, at the Zhao sect, you’re just a little bug! We’ll meet at the Family Sparring contest and I’ll beat you in just one move.”

“Just like what I would say, we’ll meet at the contest,” Zhao Feng spat back bitterly and then turned towards the Martial Arts Library.

He didn’t want to keep on talking. They were bound to fight two months later, and the one with greater strength would win.

As Zhao Xue’s gaze passed by Zhao Feng, it flashed ever so slightly. At this point, she felt a strange feeling from Zhao Feng, a feeling that she couldn’t understand.

“He sure thinks he’s good,” Zhao Yijian snorted. He didn’t even think of Zhao Feng as a serious opponent!

Among the sects outer disciples, those that had entered the third rank of the Martial Path didn’t exceed sixty people, and to rank third out of these, it could be seen that Yijian had some great skills up his sleeves.

Zhao Xue gave off a deep sigh in her heart, Zhao Feng was just finding trouble for himself.

Zhao Xue understood Zhao Yijian’s strength very well. Some of the third ranks couldn’t even block one move of his.


After a short while, Zhao Feng came to one of the sect’s most important grounds, the Martial Arts Library. Therefore, it had elders guarding it.

“Branch disciple?” The white-clothed elder inside the Martial Arts Library looked at Zhao Feng’s identity plate, and furrowed his brow.

“Great elder.” Zhao Feng had a polite face on, he knew the elder's strength.

From his left eye, he felt a mysterious force coming from the elder. It was a layer of red aura between his blood and skin, but constantly moving through his veins, and could erupt at any time. It could also attack through the air and crush metal into powder.

Zhao Feng knew that the white-clothed elder had already cultivated his inner strength, his chi, to a high degree, and could destroy a hundred Fengs in an instant. Only those that were at the fourth rank of the Martial Path or higher could have chi!

Zhao Xue, Zhao Kun, were Martial Learners who wouldn’t have chi!

Zhao Feng bowed and said, “Elder, I want to go into the second floor of the library.”

“Achieving the second rank at fourteen years of age is average. However, before you become an inner disciple, I must tell you that branch disciples and main disciples have different treatments in the library,” the white-robed elder said.

When Zhao Feng heard this, he paused a second, but then thought about the new rules of the sect and immediately understood. “Elder, please go on.”

Zhao Feng knew that before having absolute power, he didn’t have any right to discuss the rules.

The white-clothed elder said with an expressionless face, “Those with the second rank of the martial path can only enter the first floor of the library. The first floor of the library has a lot of low ranked martial arts, and a few middle ranked ones. Main sect disciples can choose two middle ranked martial arts, or four low ranked martial arts at most, and the limit for borrowing these is two months. Side branch disciples can only choose one middle ranked martial art, or two low ranked martial arts, and the time limit is one month.”

After listening to the rules, Zhao Feng took a deep breath and said, “This junior understands.”

The branch disciples had only half the quantity and time of the main branch disciples.

“Ok! You can go in now, but the time limit is half an hour.”

Under the white-robed elder’s guidance, Zhao Feng slowly stepped into the Martial Arts Library, a place he’d dreamed of coming to…