King of Gods

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Leaps and Bounds

As Zhao Feng entered the cave, he immediately felt cold.

As he went deeper, the cave grew roomier. There were some deadly beasts and wild beasts inside the cave, but they were all weak. As he could see them from a distance, he used his silver bow to pick them off.

When they got close, he would use his new curved blade. The blade would easily slice through the deadly beasts.

Soon, a blood-red rock wall appeared and under the red rock wall, there was a blood-red pond. From time to time, there were bubbles popping on the surface of the pond. Zhao Feng didn’t know what the red liquid was, but he felt that its aura was similar to that of the python.

“Blood plant, Blood Spirit Grass, Blood Bamboo rock…three hundred years old, five hundred years old, one thousand years old…,” Zhao Feng laughed as his eyes rested upon the red rock.

Some treasured medicines grew on the rock wall and the oldest one had reached one thousand years. As Zhao Feng had once eaten two and three hundred year old resources, he obviously knew the worth of these medicines.

A normal five hundred year old blood plant was worth twenty-thousand silver or so. As for blood plants and blood spirit grasses over one thousand years of age, there weren’t any in stock in Sun Feather City.

Zhao Feng roughly calculated that there were around twenty three hundred year plants, over ten five hundred year plants, and three one thousand year old plants.

Five hundred year old plants are great for normal Martial Artists. As for thousand year old plants, they are even rare for cultivators of the sixth rank and Martial Masters (7th rank and higher).

Zhao Feng couldn’t restrain his happiness. When one didn’t die there was definitely luck coming your way.

Zhao Feng had been in a life death situation, but he survived. And in desperation, he had come to this land of luck.

As Zhao Feng walked towards the red rock wall, he didn’t pick the precious plants immediately. His eyesight focused on the red pond.

There was some dead skin of a python lying next to the pond. As for the liquid, it flowed from the rock wall.

“For the red rock wall to grow such precious materials, it can be seen that the liquid is definitely not normal,” Zhao Feng stared in excitement. He cautiously bent down and touched the red liquid. Suddenly, there was a pulse from his left eye. The blood red liquid effect was even better than the Body Strengthening Powder.

“Great!” The blood-red pond was the source in which the rock wall was able to grow such rare resources.

Plop! Zhao Feng immediately jumped in the pond.

Gulugulu! Zhao Feng felt a hot and spicy energy entering his pores.


Zhao Feng couldn’t restrain himself from moaning in pleasure.

The energy from this pond is much more stronger than the Body Strengthening Powder I bought.

Zhao Feng circulated Air Crossing Breathing Technique and Metal Wall Technique at the same time.

The blood-red liquid was very mysterious. It could not only help strengthen one’s body, it could also increase one’s Inner Strength.

Time flowed by...

Under the help of the liquid, Zhao Feng felt the level of his Air Crossing Breathing Technique and Metal Wall Technique increase dramatically. Over seventy percent of the energy had been absorbed by his bones, blood, and skin.

Around half a day later...

Zhao Feng felt his Metal Wall Technique finally progress from the peak of the second level to the third level. He felt that his skin was as strong as bronze and that his bones were even harder.

“Metal Wall Technique has reached the third level. My defense has doubled and my strength has increased by two hundred kg.” Zhao Feng was very satisfied. If the Metal Wall Technique was fully consolidated at the third level, his body could face swords and blades straight on.

After reaching the third level Zhao Feng rested for a few hours more in the red liquid. At this moment, his cultivation had reached the peak of the fourth rank and his Inner Strength was approaching the fifth rank.

In the life and death situation in the Sky Cloud Forest before, his cultivation had reached the peak of the fourth rank. Even the man in gray had reached the sixth rank before he died.

“It looks like that one’s potential can be drawn out best when they are in life and death situations,” he mused to himself.

After Metal Wall Technique was fully consolidated, he jumped out of the pond and walked to the entrance of the cave.


Deadly beasts and stronger wild beasts were killing each other over the corpses of the two high tier deadly beasts.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh as he thought about the worth of high tier deadly beasts. They were worth more than twenty times than the price of a low tier deadly beast.

But these deadly beasts and wild beasts could eat the corpses of the two high tier deadly beasts to increase their own strength. Zhao Feng was scared to face so many beasts, so he retreated back to the pond.

“I’ll just train a bit more here, then,” he said to himself. He laid down in the blood pond and started to cultivate again. The use of the blood-red pond was very helpful. Once he left, he wouldn’t have the chance to come back.

Another half day later...

Zhao Feng’s cultivation and Inner Strength were both extremely close to the fifth rank of the Martial Path. Inside his left eye, the green glow had reached 1.55 meters.

“I can try to break through to the fifth rank soon!” Zhao Feng said as he jumped out of the pond and started to perform Angry Dragon Fists. Angry Dragon Fists had already been trained to the Max level. Now, the power of some moves had exceeded the original limit. From a different point of view, it could be said that this was a new martial art now.

Zhao Feng felt like he was burning.


Zhao Feng picked a five hundred year old blood plant off the red rock wall.

When a normal Martial Artist reached the peak of a rank, they couldn’t break through to the next rank immediately. This was because there was a problem called a bottleneck.

Zhao Feng’s purpose of using the blood plant was to open this bottleneck. The five hundred year blood plant had much more energy than a three hundred year old blood plant. As Zhao Feng ate it, he immediately felt the energy run wildly through his body.

He immediately circulated Air Crossing Breathing Technique to absorb the energy.

One day and one night later...

Zhao Feng felt his blood mix with his Inner Strength. He felt more and more threads of Inner Strength being formed.

The amount of Inner Strength I have has almost doubled since I’ve broken through to the fifth rank. My body’s attributes have obviously been increased as well.

Zhao Feng could see the changes throughout his body with his left eye.

Soon. He consolidated his realm and absorbed the remnants of the medicine. Adding Inner Strength onto his Air Crossing Breathing Technique, his raw speed had reached a whole new level. Zhao Feng’s overall strength had undergone dramatic changes due to the breakthrough.

If he met the gray-clothed man now, he was certain that he could fight and win.

Cultivation was the base strength. As the base strength increases, chi, speed, and skills will have much more power.

After another day of consolidation, Zhao Feng had once again returned to the cave entrance.

Wu~ Roar—–

A piercing scream came from within the canyon. Zhao Feng couldn’t stop himself from trembling.

That was…

His expression changed.

Inside the canyon, an eight meter long Azure Eyed Hyena stood. The hyena released its deadly aura and it made all the wild and deadly beasts within a fifteen km radius cower in fear.

It was obvious that the Azure Eyed Hyena was also a high tier deadly beast. Its strength wasn’t any weaker than the Blood-red Python or the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger.

The Hyena spotted Zhao Feng as soon as he peeked out of the cave and it came pouncing towards him like the wind immediately.

What speed!

Zhao Feng’s pupils contracted as he activated his Inner Strength and retreated back into the cave.


The cave began to shake as the Hyena crashed into the entrance. The shock wave caused Zhao Feng to groan in pain.

“High tier deadly beast! What power!” he cursed.

Because he had been circulating his Inner Strength and he had reached the third level of the Metal Wall Technique, he was unharmed. If it was a cultivator of the fourth rank of the Martial Path, the shockwave alone could have almost killed them.


The Azure Eyed Hyena repeatedly attacked the entrance.

Zhao Feng felt like the mountain was shaking. It was good that the entrance was hard enough, and small compared to the Azure Eyed Hyena. After a few attacks, the entrance began to crumble instead.

Boom! The entrance came down.

Ah! Zhao Feng’s face turned black. After a few more rumbles, the Azure Eyed Hyena left the entrance.

However, Zhao Feng could still feel its aura. After the Blood-red Python died, this was now the Hyena’s territory. Even if Zhao Feng managed to dig outside he would still have to face a strong enemy. After thinking about it for a while, he decided to return back to the depths of the cave.

The cave still had small animals and beasts which could be used for food.


Zhao Feng jumped back into the blood-red pond and he started to concentrate on training Metal Wall Technique again. The red liquid had great benefits for the body. Zhao Feng felt his body undergo subtle changes.

Peh! Peh!

The thumping inside his left eye released sizzles of heat throughout his body, which made his absorption rate of the red liquid increase.

One hour…two hours…three hours…

Zhao Feng felt his body becoming harder and harder.

Half a day…one day…two days…

After two days, Zhao Feng finally reached the fourth level of the Metal Wall Technique.