King of Gods

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Air Crossing Breathing Technique


“…Lightly Floating Ferry, late page: Only with the Air Crossing Breathing Technique can one wield it to its fullest potential. It will be unsurpassed by anyone under the seventh rank and is a peak speed skill for all those under the ninth rank. Below is the contents of the Air Crossing Breathing Technique, and the minimum requirements are being at the peak of the third rank of the Martial Path as well as possessing Inner Strength.”

As the last tenth of the skill was deciphered, Zhao Feng released his excitement. He never thought that a skill such as Lightly Floating Ferry would have a complementary skill. This was technically buffing Lightly Floating Ferry to an ever higher level!

Zhao Feng could now confirm that Lightly Floating Ferry was at least a peak rank martial art skill. Most people knew that martial arts were split into Core, Low, Middle, High, and Peak. However, this did not mean that peak ranked martial arts skills were at the top. There were rumours of Holy Martial Skills, skills that surpassed peak ranked martial arts skills.

Likewise, there was the Holy Martial Path above the nine ranks of Martial Path.

Zhao Feng had heard that to enter the Holy Martial Path, one needed to learn a Holy Martial Skill.

Obviously, with Zhao Feng’s status, he couldn’t even think about Holy skills. Even the true Martial Artists of Sun Feather City could not touch the level of the Holy Martial Path.



Zhao Feng had finally deciphered its contents, and the entire Lightly Floating Ferry was displayed.

“If I can gain an understanding of chi right now, any opponent under the fourth rank will not be a match for me.” Zhao Feng immediately started to learn the contents of Lightly Floating Ferry. Once Lightly Floating Ferry entered the beginning stages, Zhao Feng could immediately start using chi.

Half an hour later, Zhao Feng had only just understood some parts of Lightly Floating Ferry. However, to try and understand chi through Lightly Floating Ferry alone was still a bit difficult.

Sun Feather City had thousands of cultivators who had reached the peak of the third rank, but many of them would never understand Inner Strength and reach the fourth rank. Even some of the sect’s talented youths, such as Zhao Yijian and Zhao Yufei had been stuck for a while and had yet to succeed.

Zhao Feng ended that night with failure.

“Don’t rush! I have just stepped into the realm of the third rank and if I can train the Air Pushing Breathing Technique to the peak of the third level, I believe that my chances of success will increase.”

The second day, Zhao Feng once again started to train in the Air Pushing Breathing Technique, as well as Angry Dragon Fists. On the third day, the Air Pushing Breathing Technique was slowly moving towards the peak of the third level. Zhao Feng felt that his body strength had reached a limit now, every time he repeated the Technique it he felt as if he had reached his peak.

He once again tried to condense chi, but again resulted in failure. Every time he failed, his strength would fall in exhaustion.

Although Zhao Feng understood the Air Crossing Breathing Technique, to actually successfully form chi was an entirely different matter. However, Zhao Feng did not give up, and every time he tried there would be subtle improvements.

On the same day, Zhao Feng received a written notice.

Tomorrow noon there will be a very powerful martial artist giving a lecture on the martial arts field.

Every outer disciple received this news.

“An open lecture on the martial arts field?” Maybe it was because the family sparring contest was only one month away, but the outer disciples all started to put in more effort as well.

Zhao Feng was very anticipatory of this lecture. He had only been at the Zhao sect for half a year and this was the first time he had this kind of chance.


Morning of the next day...

Although it wasn’t noon yet, there were already a lot of Zhao sect disciples here. Zhao Feng even saw many strong outer disciples that weren’t usually seen.

“Look…those are two of the top three outer disciples, Zhao Yufei and Zhao Yijian! Even Zhao Guang, who is ranked fifth, is here!”

The main focus of these people were those at the peak amongst the outer disciples.

At the Zhao sect there were over one thousand youths from the age of thirteen to eighteen. Over half of them had cultivations of the second rank. Obviously, when Zhao Feng first came, he was indeed the bottom.

On the field, those that that held the most attention were those that ranked in the top ten. The most focused on person was Zhao Yufei, who was fifteen years of age. Her beauty stood out amongst the crowd. She wasn’t just pretty, she also had great talent and was ranked third, tied with Zhao Yijian.

“Look! That is Zhao Yue who is ranked first!” There was a buzz as Zhao Yue appeared.

Zhao Feng did not even need to find him as the crowd split apart by itself. Through the pathway came a youth, sixteen or seventeen years of age. He wore azure coloured clothes and had a simplistic face.

“He is Zhao Yue?” It was Zhao Feng’s first time seeing Zhao Yue, he had only heard rumors about him before.

Zhao Yue was older than most disciples, being seventeen years old. This was because once someone became eighteen years old, they were considered adults and could no longer be counted among the younger generation. Zhao Yue often cultivated endlessly inside his own room, so it wasn’t common for him to be seen by others.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s eyes locked onto Zhao Yue, and he felt the tremendous pressure coming from him. Although their ranks were the same, Zhao Feng could feel the pressure that being emitted by Yue.

Zhao Feng also perceived the immense strength hiding in Zhao Yue’s muscles. Because Zhao Yue was older, this meant that he had cultivated longer and had the best foundation. In terms of strength, he was definitely ranked first!

No wonder he was worthy of the title of being the strongest outer disciple!

Zhao Feng couldn’t find any flaws on him. As Zhao Yue appeared, Zhao Yijian, who was ranked third, and Zhao Guang, who was ranked fifth, showed their fighting intent. There wasn’t much difference in strength between the top five outer disciples.

There was still a bit of time before the lecture started. Soon, there was another shout.

“Zhao Gan’s here!”

“Zhao Gan? The person ranked amongst the top five?” The gazes of many disciples turned towards a certain direction. The person arriving was a short haired youth whose body was as slim as a leopard.

Zhao Gan?

Zhao Feng felt that the name was familiar. Soon he remembered that this person was Zhao Kun’s brother. And sure enough, behind Zhao Gan came a familiar figure, Zhao Kun!

Zhao Kun had also spotted Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng saw him walk to his brother and say something.


Zhao Gan spun around and his cold eyes locked onto Zhao Feng.

“You’re that Zhao Feng?” Zhao Gan said expressionlessly as he walked over.


There was a shock that went through the crowd.

“What is going on? Why would Zhao Gan trouble someone who is so unknown?”

“Unknown?” Someone shook his head and mocked, “Zhao Feng is not some unknown brat. A few days ago he killed a Green Headed Tiger king by accident!”

“Oh, it’s him!”

“I heard that he beat up Zhao Gan’s little brother. I bet you Zhao Gan is coming for revenge.”

After a short discussion the crowd soon calmed down. Most of the disciples had playful looks on their faces, as Zhao Gan was tied for fifth among the outer disciples.

At this moment, even Zhao Yue, who was ranked first, Zhao Yijian and Zhao Yufei, who were equally ranked third, looked over.

Zhao Yijian had a gloating expression on his face. He knew Zhao Gan’s strength quite well. Zhao Xue, who was next to Zhao Yijian, sighed, but after remembering how Zhao Feng had acted in the Medicine Pavilion, her soft expression was replaced by coldness.

On the other side, Zhao Yufei had an interested face. Zhao Feng’s performance at the archery field had shocked her. As a result, Zhao Feng was now one of the main focuses on the field.

“Kid, today you are going to get humiliated in front of the crowd.” Zhao Kun’s lips curled into a smile. Zhao Gan walked step by step, and every step he took caused the atmosphere to tense up.

“Yes, I am Zhao Feng.” Zhao Feng showed a faint smile as he sized up Zhao Gan.