King of Gods

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Strength of a Quasi Martial Artist

“The effect of the blood plant is so good.” Zhao Feng felt incredible. He first thought that, even with the help of the two hundred year blood plant, it would still take him at least two days to break through. If everyone had the same effect, then cultivators at the fourth rank or higher would be worth nothing.

Soon he figured out the reasons.

First, he had never taken any herbs before, therefore he could absorb the herb to a high degree. Secondly, the Air Pushing Breathing Technique had reached the third level, which made Zhao Feng’s strength reach the third rank even while he was at the second rank. Thirdly, Zhao Feng felt that his body was slowly changing after merging with his left eye.

Zhao Feng calmed down soon as he realized that many others in the Zhao sect had already reached the third rank at his age. He could only be considered talented, not a genius.

Take Zhao Yufei for example, she had reached the peak of the third rank two months ago and had already almost learned Inner Strength, which meant that she had the strength of a Quasi Martial Artist.

“I am probably at the same level as Xin Fei and Zhao Yijian. However, I do not have confidence in winning against them.” After all, Xin Fei and Zhao Yijian had learned high rank martial arts skills, and had trained them to at least the low level.

For the next two days, Zhao Feng consolidated his cultivation.

While he was training in the Air Pushing Breathing Technique, he realized that there was a low humming sound. Zhao Feng empowered his left eye and discovered that there was a faint green and red glow forming between his blood and skin.

“Air Pushing Breathing Technique is nearing the peak of the third level. My strength is not any weaker than Zhao Yufei or Xin Fei who have Quasi Martial Artist strength.” Once Air Pushing Breathing Technique reached the peak of the third level he would have the chance at understanding chi. Most people had to be half-step Martial Artists to reach this step. Even most peak third rankers could not do this.

After he consolidated his foundation, Zhao Feng left the inn and headed towards the Zhao sect. As for the other two blood plants, he did not plan to use them any time soon.

As soon as Zhao Feng left the inn, a beggar wearing torn clothes turned and ran away from him.
The beggar arrived at a restaurant and reported to a youth clad in silver,“Master Xin, he has come out!”

“Ok, here’s your promised silver.” The youth had a cold smile.


As Zhao Feng turned into an alleyway, he heard footsteps thundering closer from behind him.

Teng sou sou ———-

Two or three shadows flipped over the wall and pursued him from behind.

“Who’s there!?” Zhao Feng immediately turned around.

“Kid! Leave ten thousand silver and we’ll let you go,” three disciples of the Xin family said as they surrounded Zhao Feng. The one that spoke was the youth in silver.

Xin Gang! Zhao Feng immediately recognised the youth.

The three disciples in front of him had all reached the third rank and Xin Gang had reached the peak of the third rank.

“Ten thousand silver? Just you three?” Zhao Feng said indifferently as he stood straight. He had spent near ten thousand silver in Sun Feather City and still had ten thousand left. These people obviously planned to take it all for themselves.

“Kid! I’m warning you, do not be too arrogant! I was injured the last time, that’s why you won. Today we’re going to have payback for the losses we had back in Sky Cloud Forest.”

“Hmph…… that day you took sixty percent of the tiger’s worth while one person from our sect died.” One of the Xin disciples had greed and unwillingness in his eyes.

“Stop speaking such nonsense! We’ll take him down quickly in case some accidents happen,” the youth on the left said as he kicked towards Zhao Feng. Immediately the two others followed suit.

“Hahaha, a bunch of trash,” Zhao Feng laughed as he jumped seven meters off the ground and landed on top of the wall of a mansion. He had easily dodged the three frenzied attacks.

“Don’t let him run away!” Xin Gang roared and was the first to leap towards Zhao Feng.

“Run?” Zhao Feng looked mockingly at Xin Gang as he immediately used the Air Pushing Breathing Technique and Lightly Floating Ferry, leaving behind an afterimage in the air.

Not good! Xin Gang felt an unbearable pressure coming from his side.


Xin Gang, who was in mid-air, barely managed to block one punch.


Although he blocked it, the force still made him smash into a stone wall and cough out blood.

“This kid’s strength has probably reached quasi fourth rank. I cannot even take one of his hits.” Xin Gang felt his eyes go black and immediately warned his peers, “Xin Yu, Xin Chen watch out!” However, before he finished warning them there was a scream coming from his left.

“Ahhhhhh…” Another youth had his bones broken.

“Run!” The last Xin disciple was scared out of his wits and tried to run. However, before he could escape, a whistling sound came from behind.


He felt his eyes turn black before he could even see the attack…

In terms of speed, Zhao Feng had learned a high rank martial art skill and when used, could be compared to martial artists of the fourth rank.

“I will let you off the hook this time, but if you anger me again...” Zhao Feng looked coldly at Xin Gang and then, like a bird, floated away.

“What incredible strength and speed…” the youth next to Xin Gang said dazedly.

“This Zhao Feng has just reached the third rank and already has the strength of a Quasi Martial Artist.” Zhao Feng’s strength right now could be compared with Xin Fei’s.


After finishing off Xin Gang and company, Zhao Feng returned to the Zhao sect. A few disciples that were familiar with Zhao Feng were surprised by his cultivation level.

“When did Zhao Feng reach the third rank of the Martial Path?” They all knew that Zhao Feng’s strength was only at the first rank twenty days ago!

“I heard that Zhao Feng and some Xin family disciples killed a Green Headed Tiger King yesterday and he then stole over half of the spoils…” one well-informed Zhao disciple said.

“One deadly beast is worth twenty to thirty thousand silver. This kid’s definitely bought some super expensive herb that increased his cultivation.”

“What is so amazing about using outer help to increase one’s cultivation? Those people usually have lower strength.”

These disciples were all either envious or disdainful.

Zhao Feng never thought that the information would reach the sect so fast. Not bothering with these people, Zhao Feng walked on. Soon he arrived at his home.

He first saw his mother Zhao Shi sewing clothes.

“Father, mother, here is one thousand silver.” Zhao Feng walked inside the room and took out a stack of silver notes.

“One thousand silver?” Zhao Shi stared as she picked up the notes.

“How did you get so much money?” Zhao Tianyang asked in surprise. When he saw that his son’s cultivation had reached the third rank, a strange glimmer passed through his eyes.

“It happened like this…” Zhao Feng then told them a simplistic story of what had happened in Sky Cloud Forest. After listening to the story, Zhao Tianyang and Zhao Shi had a tinge of disbelief in addition to their excitement. After all, Zhao Feng did not use to perform so superbly. However, being parents, they obviously wanted their children to be successful.

Zhao Feng sat cross-legged in his room and surveyed the chamber. “There is still one more month until the family sparring contest. If I can become an inner disciple…my parents status and treatment should become a bit higher…”

Closing his eyes, Zhao Feng’s consciousness entered the pitch black dimension inside his left eye. The faint green ring had extended to three feet.

When Zhao Feng was at the first rank, the green ring’s length was one feet, and it was two feet when his cultivation reached the second rank. Now, it was three feet as he reached the third rank.

As the green ring grew, Zhao Feng found that the power of his left eye increased with it. He could see every item in detail at a range of fifteen kilometers. His mind’s energy and reaction speed had also significantly increased.

Zhao Feng started to decipher Lightly Floating Ferry once more. Soon there was less and less of Lightly Floating Ferry left undeciphered.

One-third left…one-quarter left…one-fifth left…

Night came. Just as Zhao Feng was exhausted, the last bit of Lightly Floating Ferry was deciphered. At this moment Zhao Feng held his breath as he viewed its contents.

“This footwork skill can even…” His exhaustion was replaced by ecstasy!