Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 924

Chapter 924: Northern Sea Alliance’s Young Master Ye?

The skinny man did not dare to underestimate Xiao Chen. So he walked over with a smile on his face, performed a cupped-fist salute, and said, “How may I address this brother? This humble self is Xing Qingyun, a loose cultivator of the Primal Chaos Domain.”

“Ye Chen, from the Heavenly Starry Ocean’s Northern Sea Alliance. I was invited by Di Wuque to discuss the Heroes’ Convention. Since I’m here, I want to test out this Xiao Chen as well and see how capable he is for him to dare to kill someone before a Martial Emperor.”

Xiao Chen remained calm as he started weaving a story that no one could see a flaw in.

“So, it is Young Master Ye of the Northern Sea Alliance. This humble self made an oversight.”

Upon hearing that Xiao Chen was from the peak faction of the Heavenly Starry Ocean—the Northern Sea Alliance—and had even received an invitation from Di Wuque, this Xing Qingyun quickly adopted a respectful tone.

“I hear that Di Wuque has arrived in the Primal Chaos Domain and met with the top true inheritors of the Frost Moon Palace and Heavenly Music Sect. Now, they are heading to the Heavenly Ruin Wasteland together.”

It seemed like Di Wuque had come to the Primal Chaos Domain for the sake of the Heroes’ Convention. He was really putting a lot of effort into this.

A dubious expression appeared on Xiao Chen’s face. He said, “When I just arrived at the Primal Chaos Domain, I kept hearing about this Heavenly Ruin Wasteland. Brother Xing looks very knowledgeable. Can you explain more?”

The flattery pleased Xing Qingyun greatly. He smiled and said, “You asked the right person about this. The Heavenly Ruin Wasteland is a land of fortuitous encounters in the Primal Chaos Domain.

“Occasionally, all sorts of Remnants appear there. This time, someone actually found the Remnant of a large Immortal Sect. This attracted the attention of many experts from various places. Even quasi-Emperors were interested and made a move.”

Xiao Chen now understood. This Heavenly Ruin Wasteland was apparently similar to the Savage Battlefield.

“Urm…Young Master Ye seems to have said that you want to kill Xiao Chen?” Xing Qingyun said hesitantly.

Naturally, Xiao Chen could not kill himself. This was just a cover story. However, since he was pretending, he had to make it realistic. He asked in a cold voice, “What’s wrong? Do you feel that I’m not strong enough?”

Xing Qingyun smiled and said, “‘I’ll be honest here. Young Master Ye is pretty strong. However, if you want to kill Xiao Chen, your strength is far from enough. You must know that even the Demonic Brilliant Two Elders could not stop him.”

Seeing that Xing Qingyun’s words seemed to hold some hidden meaning, Xiao Chen said bluntly, “Just be candid.”

“In that case, I’ll be direct. A few of the disciples from the Frost Moon Palace and Heavenly Music Sect have formed a King Killing Alliance. I feel that if Young Master Ye joins us, the chances of killing Xiao Chen will be higher.”

“King killing? What king?”

“Naturally, it is the White Robed King Xiao Chen. This fellow has not obtained the title Azure Dragon King yet. However, the title White Robed King already spread far and wide. So there is no problem with calling him the White Robed King.”

King Killing Alliance?

Xiao Chen was surprised. He asked, “Brother Xing, how do you know Xiao Chen’s location? By suddenly forming this King Killing Alliance, are you thinking of chasing him all the way to the Supreme Sky Sect?”

Xing Qingyun smiled and replied, “Naturally not. Now that an Immortal sect Remnant appeared in the Heavenly Ruin Wasteland, given Xiao Chen’s character, he will definitely go there. We have people from our alliance guarding the entrance, so we will get him sooner or later.”

Xiao Chen sighed to himself, This is such a coincidence. He managed to avoid some trouble by chance. He wondered who were in the King Killing Alliance.

The real experts should not be forming an alliance. Suddenly, a plan occurred to Xiao Chen. Now that many people were trying to kill him, he might as well take this opportunity to create some confusion.

“How about it, Brother Ye? Join our King Killing Alliance!” Xing Qingyun said with anticipation.

Xiao Chen fanned himself with the folding fan in his hand and revealed a proud expression. He smiled and said, “Brother Xing, are you looking down on me? With my strength, do I need to join a King Killing Alliance? To think that an alliance is needed to kill just one Xiao Chen? Some King Killing Alliance! In my opinion, you guys are not that strong.”

Xing Qingyun’s expression changed drastically. He forced out a smile and said, “In that case, I still have some things to do. I wish Young Master Ye good luck!”

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and placed it on Xing Qingyun’s shoulder. He narrowed his eyes as he smiled. “Brother Xing, where are you planning to go? I was just thinking. I’ve decided to form a Demon Slaying Alliance to slay Xiao Chen and install you as the Alliance Chief.”

Xing Qingyun felt energy enter his body—energy that could rupture his meridians and internal organs at the same time.

The hand that Xiao Chen placed on Xing Qingyun’s shoulder was like the hand of a death god. As long as Xing Qingyun made any strange moves, he could die instantly.

“I…This...this humble self’s strength is too low. I...I...honestly and seriously am not capable of shouldering such heavy responsibilities,” Xing Qingyun stammered.

The King Killing Alliance had many major characters, including several outstanding talents from the Heavenly Music Sect and the Frost Moon Palace, as well as some famous loose cultivators.

Joining this Demon Slaying Alliance would be an obvious slap to the faces of these people. Nothing good would come of it.

“Brother Xing, what’s wrong? Are you looking down on me?”

Xiao Chen’s expression turned cold as he patted Xing Qingyun’s shoulder twice. Xing Qingyun’s heart thumped loudly, his expression darkening. How could he dare to say no?

What an unexpected calamity! An unexpected calamity! Xing Qingyun originally wanted to recruit an expert to raise his position in the alliance even slightly. By chance, he ended up calling over a master that feared nothing.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. With his purple hair and red headscarf, he looked as sinister as possible. “That’s the way. Let’s go. Bring me to the Heavenly Ruin Wasteland. We are going to slay a demon, to slay the White Robed Demon Xiao Chen. Become famous together with me.”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Footsteps came from above the restaurant. A group of cultivators with extraordinary cultivations entered the restaurant. The leader addressed Xing Qingyun in a huff. “Xing Qingyun, why are you still here? The last group of people in the alliance is about to depart. All we’re missing is you.”

Xing Qingyun was about the answer when Xiao Chen stopped him. Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Please return. Xing Qingyun is now the Alliance Chief of my Demon Slaying Alliance and has nothing to do with your King Killing Alliance anymore.”

“You are seeking death. Where did this dog come from? How dare he poach people from our King Killing Alliance? I think you must be one of Xiao Chen’s companions.”

When the leader saw that Xiao Chen was only a Medial Grade Martial Sage, he did not feel like speaking with him. The moment he stepped forward, he immediately attacked Xiao Chen with a palm strike.

When the leader sent out a palm strike, an icy palace rose up behind him with a cold moon hanging high in the sky in the distance. This person was actually a powerful disciple of the Frost Moon Palace.

The people around immediately recognized this person. Someone whispered, “This is the Frost Moon Palace’s Xiang Shaoyu. He is one of the Frost Moon Palace’s elite disciples, someone very outstanding. This what’s-his-name Young Master Ye of the Northern Sea Alliance will probably suffer.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “You came at a good time. I will take your head, and it will boost the fame of our Demon Slaying Alliance.”

He did not use any Martial Technique, relying only on his cultivation as he leaped up and clashed with the palm strike. His body burst forth with purple light, and clumps of electricity flickered. Berserk thunder resounded in the restaurant, shaking the entire floor.


Crisp cracks echoed—the palace and the cold moon both shattered. Xiang Shaoyu vomited a mouthful of blood and landed on the ground in a sorry state, a look of horror in his eyes.

The other people in the restaurant were incredibly shocked. This Ye Chen actually defeated Xiang Shaoyu in one move; he was really powerful.

Xiang Shaoyu climbed back to his feet and said, “Let’s go. Now that you offended our King Killing Alliance, there will be no place for you in this Primal Chaos Domain. And you, Xing Qingyun, you really have guts, you trash-eating dog.”

Just as Xiang Shaoyu was about to lead his people away, Xiao Chen said, “Let’s go? Our Alliance Chief has not said anything yet. You think you can go as you wish?”

He stepped forward and spread open the folding fan in his hand. With a flash, he arrived before Xiang Shaoyu. Electric light burst out from the folding fan, knocking Xiang Shaoyu back.

Xiao Chen did not let the others off, either, knocking them all to the ground. The scarlet cape behind him fluttered as he fanned himself with the folding fan. He smiled and said, “Alliance Chief Xing, how should we deal with these people? I’ll leave it to you to decide.”

Xing Qingyun had a miserable expression on his face, feeling very bitter. He was finished. In the future, he would not be able to remain in the Primal Chaos Domain.

“Young Master Ye, I think we should let these people off.”

Xiao Chen closed his folding fan and smiled. “Since Alliance Chief spoke up for you, I will let you all off. Leave your spatial rings behind, and you all can scram.”

Xiang Shaoyu took the lead and tossed down his spatial ring. Then he said to Xing Qingyun, “Xing Qingyun, you are dead for sure. How dare you work with others to go against our King Killing Alliance? From now on, there will be no place in the Primal Chaos Domain for you.”

As the others tossed down their spatial rings, they all glared at Xing Qingyun in hatred before quickly leaving this place.

Xiao Chen picked up the spatial rings on the ground and passed half to Xing Qingyun. Then he performed a cupped-fist salute to the people in the restaurant. “The Demon Slaying Alliance is officially formed today. The Alliance Chief said that if anyone sees the King Killing Alliance’s people, they should beat them back like dogs.”


Xiao Chen grabbed Xing Qingyun with one hand and leaped out of the restaurant. He laughed, “Brother Xing, how does it feel? From today on, your name will definitely spread throughout the entire Primal Chaos Domain.”

Xing Qingyun revealed a bitter smile. Now, even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he would not be able to wash himself clean. However, he looked down at the few spatial rings in his hands. When he realized that he managed to earn a large fortune so easily, his heart started thumping.

[TL Note: If he jumped into the Yellow River, he would not be able to wash himself clean: This is an expression for saying that he would not be able to prove his innocence no matter what he does.]

“Come, bring me to the Heavenly Ruin Wasteland.”

Xing Qingyun helplessly led Xiao Chen towards the Heavenly Ruin Wasteland. Along the way, when Xiao Chen met with the King Killing Alliance’s people, he did not show any mercy, killing them all.


Three days later, the entrance to the Heavenly Ruin Wasteland appeared in the distance. A whirlpool of primal chaos floated in the air. If one looked carefully at the whirlpool, one would notice multicolored lights coming from it.

However, there was more. It continuously spewed out black flames and howled, inspiring fear in people.

Xing Qingyun explained, “Young Master Ye, the entrance is in front. However, more than fifty kilometers of Dark Demonic Flame float around in there. If you enter, you will be burned until not even slag remains. Of course, if you have the strength of a quasi-Emperor, that is another story.”

Xiao Chen had heard about the Dark Demonic Flame too. This was a kind of flame found in the Deep Abyss Demonic World, a kind of Yin-attributed flame that was incomparable to other flames. Even grandmaster-level Martial Sages who get trapped in it would have a hard time getting out.

He frowned and said, “There should be a way to enter, right?!”

Xing Qingyun’s mood improved. He smiled and said, “Naturally, there is. Every day, at dusk, right at sunset, the might of the Dark Demonic Flame is at its weakest. As long as one’s cultivation is sufficient, one can travel slowly through it.

“Or, if you are fast enough, able to travel fifty kilometers in one breath, this Dark Demonic Flame will not be able to catch you.”

Xiao Chen sank into deep thought. He carefully pondered which method to use. There were Immortal sect Remnants in the Heavenly Ruin Wasteland. Naturally, he wanted to enter as well.

When others obtained a Magic Treasure, they would need to reforge it into a Secret Treasure before they could use it. However, Xiao Chen could use it directly. Even if he could not use it, he could melt it down into divine materials for cultivating the Azure Dragon Body Nourishing Art.

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