Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 811

Chapter 811: We Will Fight Sooner or Later

The golden divine halberd slowly vanished, but it managed to block Yan Shisan’s powerful black sword light.

Once all the mysterious phenomena had vanished like smoke, Di Wuque said calmly, “Yan Shisan, your way of the killing sword still has not reached Consummation. You are still stuck at the stage of mental state. No matter what you do, it will be useless.”

Yan Shisan glanced at the white-haired Deity Race girl in front. He smiled rather confoundedly and said, “Di Wuque, you are really interesting. Why don’t you dare to fight me properly? Knowing that I don’t kill women, you dare to act so fearlessly?”

A boundless light, which gave off an unfathomable feeling, flickered in the depths of Di Wuque’s eyes. He looked up and countered, “Since you already know your weakness, why should I say more? You and I will fight sooner or later. However, now is not the time.

“Your way of the killing sword has not reached Consummation yet, and you have only started to attune yourself to the Heavenly Ice Sword. Ask yourself this, are you really confident of fighting me at full power?”

As Di Wuque spoke, the boundless light in the depths of his eyes seemed to captivate everyone’s heart.

It displayed tremendous, unfathomable strength. Even though Di Wuque had not made a move at all from the beginning, it gave off an even stronger pressure.

The girl blocking Yan Shisan flickered with a bright light. A pure and divine aura spread out.

A golden light flickered on her forehead as the will of light poured out. Ripples appeared on the spring below her.

The long divine halberd moved all around the girl, ready to block Yan Shisan anytime.

Yan Shisan sheathed his sword and gently drifted down, returning to his original position. Then he sat cross-legged within the spring and continued to absorb the Heavenly Dew Divine Spring’s essence, not bothering himself with anything else.

The other humans could not help but exchange glances. Di Wuque even managed to persuade Yan Shisan to retreat. Did they still have a chance?

Of the three thousand great realms, the Deity Race controlled a thousand, double that of each of the other races. Ten thousand years after the Azure Emperor fell, the Deity Race had regained its peak.

This strong race, which was not originally from the Kunlun Realm, revealed their ambition once more. Their suppression of the other races was not something new.

An Junxi and the others were not nameless people. They had long heard of Di Wuque’s name. This Deity Race genius was the strongest Divine Son in a thousand generations of the Thousand Deity Church.

Di Wuque held unparalleled might among the Deity Race younger generation.

The thirteen Deity Race cultivators were all geniuses of the Deity Race. However, they still submitted wholeheartedly to Di Wuque.

Such a scene would be difficult to see in the other races. Take the humans for example. The three Holy Scions might be powerful and famous, but An Junxi, Shui Lingling, and the others would never submit to them willingly.

Now that Di Wuque wanted to chase them away, they were at a loss.

Di Wuque blinked gently and said, “Still not leaving? Time is limited. Don’t test my patience.”

Bai Wuxue looked coldly at Di Wuque. Then he clenched his teeth and left the spring. An Junxi shook his head helplessly and left as well.

Soon, aside from the three Holy Scions and Yan Shisan, only Xiao Chen and Shui Lingling remained.

Shui Lingling flipped her left hand, and her purple bow appeared in her grip. A fiery-red arrow that had never been seen before appeared in her right; it looked very alluring and beautiful.

Di Wuque’s expression changed slightly, and he said, “Shui Lingling, you intend to fight me?”

Shui Lingling smiled gently and retorted, “Is the Deity Race that incredible? In the past few years, even if I did not shot down a thousand, I shot down at least five hundred of them. I do not mind shedding more blood today.”


Di Wuque coldly said one word and returned to silence.

The thirteen Deity Race youths all stepped forward together. Then, they drew their golden swords once again and re-formed that huge sword Qi.

The resonant sagely music caused the divine scripts to flow on the huge sword Qi. As it flew forward, the sword Qi split the spring below in half.

Shui Lingling’s face sank as she drew her bow. Her will of fire started to surge. A clump of Profound Sun True Flame covered her entire body.

Xiao Chen, who had kept his eyes shut while giving off a faint glow, not wasting any cultivation time, suddenly opened his eyes and said indifferently, “First Senior Sister, allow me!”

When he saw that huge golden sword Qi flying over, he circulated his energy for the Dragon Tone Art. The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his dantian leaped out and merged with his Quintessence. Then it formed an azure-colored dragon image quickly swimming around in his chest.

Tremendous power slowly accumulated, building up until Xiao Chen’s chest felt like it would explode at any time.

His sea of consciousness surged, and his Mental Energy drained continuously. Then he roared ferociously at the huge golden sword Qi flying at him.

The surging dragon tone containing Xiao Chen’s Mental Energy produced a whirlpool and immediately spread out. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” The sound pulled the water up, raising large screens.

The divine scripts formed by Mental Energy in the golden sword Qi flying over immediately shattered.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!” The huge sword Qi scattered bit by bit. By the time it should have reached Xiao Chen and Shui Lingling, it had already vanished completely out of existence.

With one roar, Xiao Chen easily shattered the huge sword Qi that caused all the other races such a headache.

The dragon roar lingered, reverberating in the air and inflicting a headache on the thirteen Deity Race cultivators. They all could not help taking several big steps back.

“Dragon Tone Art!”

The expressions of all the Deity Race cultivators changed as they gave Xiao Chen incredulous looks, their eyes revealing horror.

The Dragon Tone Art was a Martial Technique that the Azure Emperor created in the past. It had dealt a heavy blow to the Deity Race. Even after ten thousand years, the Deity Race had still not forgotten it.

There was only one reason. This Martial Technique simply inflicted too much damage on the Deity Race in the past.

It could be said that this Martial Technique was the reason why the Deity Race at its peak did not dare to act rashly before the Dragon’s Gate led by the Azure Emperor.

All the Deity Race cultivators looked towards Di Wuque. His face sank as he said, “Kill him!”

Of the thirteen Deity Race youths, three leaped out first, howling ferociously. Boundless sagely music rang out as all three executed Distant Legend and attacked Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly and leaped into the air. Similar resounding sagely music rang out everywhere as well. However, this song was about Xiao Chen’s own legend.


When the fist lights clashed, the three Deity Race fist lights shattered on contact, and the youths vomited blood as Xiao Chen’s Distant Legend sent them flying in a sorry state.

“How can this be? How could his Deity Race Martial Technique be stronger than the Deity Race’s?”

When the cultivators of the various races saw this scene, they were all startled. They could not understand what was happening.

Di Wuque raised his eyebrows. This white-robed cultivator exceeded his expectations once again today.

Suddenly and silently, Di Wuque, who had been seated cross-legged, stood up. His white hair fluttered without any wind, slowly turning golden.

A strong aura containing Divine Might spread out. The water below him started to swirl uncontrollably, forming a horrifying whirlpool.

Unexpectedly, Di Wuque decided to take action himself. Everyone’s expression turned grave involuntarily. These days, he rarely took personal action.

However, every time Di Wuque made a move personally, without exception, the results were tragic. His fame in the Kunlun Realm was not due to braggadocio.

In reality, in this world filled with geniuses, where strength ruled, if one was not truly strong, one could not force others back with just a few words the way Di Wuque had.


Just at this moment, the entire Kunlun Mountain started shaking violently. A sound even more intense than thunder resounded above.

Space trembled and the ground shook. Cracks spread out on the ground.

The cultivators of various races in the air crashed heavily into the ground, unable to resist.

Clearly, Di Wuque could not cause such a scene. Even grandmaster-level Martial Sages could not do so.

“What is happening?!”

No one could understand what was going on. Some of them mumbled to themselves in horror.

Xiao Chen looked around everywhere. Indeed, that mysterious swordsman, Duan Yi, had disappeared.

The shaking did not last long. However, the various geniuses did not know how large the scope of this tremblor was.

The Tianwu Domain, Fiend Domain, Ghost Domain, Deity Domain, and Corpse Domain—in fact, the entire Kunlun Realm—all trembled at the same time. Ancient buildings toppled, mountains shattered, rivers gushed heavily.

The Chaotic Demonic Sea millions of kilometers away surged with horrifying waves. The sea rose in height and islands sank.

Past the barrier of the sky, in the starry heavens, several stars left their original orbits and crashed into each other. Horrifying explosions occurred in space, creating terrifying black holes.

For a short moment, the entire Kunlun Continent and the connected starry heavens all experienced monstrous disasters.

“Oh no! Someone disturbed the Rock of Origin!”

On the main peak of the Kunlun Mountain Range, the five Martial Emperors of the various races outside the door of light all opened their eyes. They all had extremely shocked expressions.

The green-robed old man from the Martial God Palace said, “It looks like there is a spy among the various races’ geniuses that just went in.”

“That is impossible. The Grand Devouring Formation under the Heavenly Dew Divine Spring can pulverize even Martial Emperors. Given what we saw, aside from the two experts of the Deity Race, none of the fifty-five people who went in had advanced to Martial Sage,” the black-faced old man of the Corpse Race said in disbelief.

The white-haired Martial Emperor from the Deity Race said, “Although the Grand Devouring Formation can devour everything, there might be some miraculous object that can counter it. We should open the seal and take a look. After that, we will know for sure.”

The five Martial Emperors did not fluster. Firstly, they all had great confidence in the Grand Devouring Formation. They believed that it had already devoured the foolishly brave person to the point where his flesh no longer remained.

Secondly, this was Kunlun Mountain. There were many experts here. They would not fear even if a Demon Monarch arrived, what more a person who was not even a Martial Sage?

The five took out the Holy Seals again and started releasing the seals of the door of light layer by layer.

High above Kunlun Mountain, one male and one female remained hidden in a spatial crack. When they saw the five Martial Emperors opening the seals again, they could not help but reveal a smile.

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