Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 591

Chapter 591: Coiling Dragon of the Ground, Flood Dragon of the Sea

“Second match: Feng Hua versus Liu Qiang.”

Another five matches passed like this. They were all not matches of the giants, stirring up some frustration in the spectators, who were waiting in anticipation.t

Just when this frustration reached its peak, the referee on the Wind Cloud Platform finally called out the names of giants. “Twelfth match: Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King, Xuanyuan Zhantian, versus Noble Clan scion Li Tianhua!”

The crowd immediately cheered, their voices surging out.

“Finally, it is a match of the giants. The eight giants all have only eight matches left each. They all have the same number of points. From here on, every match will affect their final ranking, so they will definitely do their best.”

“That’s right. At this moment, they can no longer hide their strength. Otherwise, if they lose, they will lose their chance at competing for the first rank.”

“Xuanyuan Zhantian versus Li Tianhua. Their strengths are both unfathomable. I wonder who will win?”

“One is a coiling dragon of the continent, the other is the flood dragon of the Eastern Sea. This is a fight between two dragons. Ha ha!”

Everyone’s gazes were focused on the Wind Cloud Platform. All sorts of discussions sprang up without end. When the voices ran together, the venue became very noisy.

Within the crowd, Xiao Chen looked over as well. These two people were worthy of their titles as giants. This was especially so for Xuanyuan Zhantian. Xiao Chen felt that there was still more to Xuanyuan Zhantian’s strength than what he had shown. Xuanyuan Zhantian was likely to be one of his toughest competitors.

As the giants mounted the Wind Cloud Platform, the noisy chatter quickly came to an end. Everyone simply stared at the Wind Cloud Platform.

Xuanyuan Zhantian and Li Tianhua each took a corner of the Wind Cloud Platform and looked at each other. Sharp auras clashed intensely in the air before the fight had even begun. A strong wind blew, howling incessantly.

Li Tianhua smiled gently. “I heard that there is an absolute genius in the Eastern Boundless Sea known as the Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King. Now that I have seen you, you truly live up to your reputation.”

Xuanyuan Zhantian held his Heavenly War Halberd tightly, remaining silent. He knew that the other party still had something to say.

Indeed, Li Tianhua stopped smiling at this point. Then, his gaze turned sharp as he said, “However, unfortunately for you, this is the Tianwu Continent, not the Boundless Sea. There is no water here. Let’s see what kind of splashes you can make here.”

Xuanyuan Zhantian’s expression did not change. He calmly replied, “If that is really what you think, then you will only suffer a miserable defeat.”

While the two fought with their words, their auras clashed continuously. This gave rise to a very volatile atmosphere, as if it would explode at any moment.


After a long period of silence, when the atmosphere had reached an extremely oppressive level, the two suddenly moved at the same time.

Two blurry figures suddenly crossed each other in the air. They were lightning fast. The crowd even indistinctly saw two dragon-shaped figures fighting in the air, biting each other.

That was the coiling dragon, known as the true dragon of the earth, formed by Li Tianhua’s spear and the flood dragon, known as a tyrant of the sea and the king of the deep abyss, formed by the Heavenly War Halberd. They intensely fought against each other in the air.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

When the spear and halberd clashed, a thunderous roar resounded above the Wind Cloud Platform.

The flood dragon moved up and down in the air, like it was swimming in the sea; splashes could even be heard. The coiling dragon stood steadily on the platform, like an unyielding mountain. When it moved, it was like lava erupting out of a volcano, destroying the world.

The two of them used the special characteristics of the coiling dragon and the flood dragon, fusing them into their own Martial Technique, bringing them out in great detail. Such states made everyone feel like they were the ones in battle, making them gasp in amazement. It felt like there really were two false dragons fighting on the platform.

[TL note: It has been mentioned before but here is a reminder. The coiling dragons and flood dragons are not true dragons; they are creatures that are close to being dragons and contain dragon bloodlines as well. However, they are not pure dragons.]

However, given that they were on land now, the coiling dragon should have the homeground advantage. After a hundred moves, Xuanyuan Zhantian’s overwhelming attacks crumbled.

On the other hand, Li Tianhua’s attacks caused Xuanyuan Zhantian to suffer some disadvantages. The situation for Xuanyuan Zhantian did not look good.

“Ha ha! What Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King! You are merely so-so. Take my Twin Dragons Playing with Pearl!”

Now that Li Tianhua had the upper hand, he laughed loudly. His spear wavered and turned into two hard-to-distinguish spear images. Then, each spear image materialized a ferocious coiling dragon.

When the spear images merged together, the two coiling dragons roared ferociously and rushed forward. Twin Dragons Playing with Pearl…from the ferocious appearance of the coiling dragons, it was clear that Xuanyuan Zhantian was the object being played with.

Xuanyuan Zhantian smiled gently and dismissed the dragon image around his halberd. He said, “Just two false dragons and you treat yourself as a true dragon. Even if you really are a true dragon, you will have to coil yourself up and sit there obediently.”


Xuanyuan Zhantian jabbed the Wind Cloud Platform heavily with the tip of the Heavenly War Halberd. A crack immediately appeared on the flat stage and countless strands of Dragon Qi emerged as dragon roars resounded.

A vast blue sea appeared behind Xuanyuan Zhantian, extending to the horizon. As he stood on the sea, he exuded a state of kingship from his body.

Waves surged and eighteen pillars of water shot into the air. The state of kingship rushed into the sky.

“The king of the sea. Unexpectedly, he comprehended the state of kingship as well!” When Li Tianhua saw this scene, he could not help a flash of panic in his eyes.

“Ha ha ha! Go lie down for me!”

Xuanyuan Zhantian laughed nastily and thrust his hands forward. The two coiling dragons, which were prepared to toy with him, were instantly strangled on the vast sea, crying out miserably as they choked.

“Just two worms and you dare to flaunt your might before me. Die!” Xuanyuan Zhantian shouted ferociously as he frowned heavily. Rage appeared on his face as he applied more pressure on the dragons’ necks.

There were cracking sounds and an indistinct scarlet light poured out. The two coiling dragons made of Essence had their necks snapped by Xuanyuan Zhantian.

Holding a dragon head in each hand, Xuanyuan Zhantian casually tossed them aside. Li Tianhua’s Twin Dragons Playing with Pearl was destroyed just like that.

Li Tianhua’s face sank and he clenched his teeth as he said, “Good! Good! Good! How dare you humiliate me like this? Xuanyuan Zhantian, even if you are the king of the Eastern Sea, now that you’ve come to the Tianwu Continent, I, Li Tianhua, will beat you up like the worm you are.”

As Li Tianhua shouted loudly, he applied force with his diaphragm and a strange tone came from his throat. A heavy sound wave emanated from his mouth and formed a storm-like ripple.

Unexpectedly, he used his physical body to give off the cry of a coiling dragon. The Wind Cloud Platform trembled without end.

In the spectator stands, the several hundred thousand cultivators all felt their scalps go numb. That sound wave seemed to have drilled into their minds, driving home a determined rage.

Li Tianhua looked like he was a coiling dragon roaring ferociously. With every step he took, cracks appeared on the platform. Dragon Qi rose into the air but the dragon roars that came from the Dragon Qi were suppressed by his roars.

“Rage of the Coiling Dragon, Heaven Falls and Earth Rends!”

Li Tianhua pointed his spear at the sky as he stepped out. A spear light flickered and shone everywhere. The powerful coiling dragon that manifested seemed like it wanted to shake the sky and shatter the earth, destroying Xuanyuan Zhantian, the ruler of the sea.

Xuanyuan Zhantian’s lips curled up. He revealed a mocking expression as he snorted coldly. “Idiot, you are just an insignificant, ordinary dragon and yet you dare to fight with me?”

He pulled out the Heavenly War Halberd from the Wind Cloud Platform with his right hand. With a loud sound, the boundless state of kingship poured out from his chest. It moved up his throat and came out in the form of a golden sound wave.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The golden sound wave contained the rage of a king. It clashed with the Rage of the Coiling Dragon that Li Tianhua issued. Crunching reverberated continuously as Li Tianhua’s sound waves shattered.

A shock wave spread out in the air, forming chaotic ripples that made the space look blurry.

The two giants both roared, creating this mysterious phenomenon. The cultivators in the spectator stands were full of praise when they saw this.

“Rage of the King, Splattering the Mountains and Rivers with Blood!”

As Xuanyuan Zhantian held the Heavenly War Halberd, his face filled with rage. Once again, he went up and clashed with Li Tianhua. With the support from the state of kingship, their first clash forced his opponent back a hundred meters.

After pushing Li Tianhua back with one move, Xuanyuan Zhantian laughed. He quickly rushed forward. With every step he took, waves splashed, materializing the momentum of a boundless sea.

“It’s time for your defeat!”

Waves surged, soaring high in the air. The vast state of kingship accompanied every move of Xuanyuan Zhantian, forcing Li Tianhua to retreat continuously.

“How hateful!”

Blood trickled out of the corner of Li Tianhua’s lips. He revealed an unresigned look in his eyes. He was a true dragon, unrivaled on the continent. Clearly, he should have been able to easily gain victory over Xuanyuan Zhantian.

However, Xuanyuan Zhantian had actually managed to comprehend his own state of kingship from his unending state of water. He turned into the king of the four seas, overthrowing Li Tianhua’s advantage.

In the final eight rounds, if one lost just one match, they would lose their qualification to compete for the first rank. Li Tianhua roared loudly, “I will not accept this. Nine Dragons Swallowing Heaven!”

Nine ancient majestic coiling dragons appeared together with Li Tianhua’s spear light. They bared fangs and claws as they roared wildly.

“Ha ha ha ha…! This is very funny. You are just an ordinary dragon and you dare to be arrogant enough to say that you will swallow heaven. Li Tianhua, you are not qualified. I am the king of the four seas, the son of heaven. I will represent heaven today to punish you.”

[TL note: In ancient China, the emperor is called the son of heaven. Some believed it was a literal descendant of the Chinese gods. However, others believed that it meant that the emperors had received the mandate of heaven.]

Xuanyuan Zhantian revealed a look of despisal as he laughed. Suddenly, the vast sea behind him surged. Nine dragon figures appeared around the Heavenly War Halberd as well. However, the dragon figures entered the halberd.

A vast heavenly might turned into the state of kingship. The long halberd shone with bright golden light, each strand of which was made from the pure state of kingship. This move was even stronger than Yue Chenxi’s Morning Sun Fist.

Xuanyuan Zhantian thrust his right hand forward, holding the bottom end of the Heavenly War Halberd with one hand. Then, he swept it across and the nine ancient coiling dragons shattered.

He took another step forward, moving towards a gap in Li Tianhua’s defenses. After switching the Heavenly War Halberd to his left hand, he flicked it forward and Li Tianhua’s body shot backwards like a sandbag.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xuanyuan Zhantian’s motion looked like a gentle flick but the power contained in it was astonishing. Blood spurted out of Li Tianhua’s mouth and his clothes tattered; eventually, they just turned into dust.

The crowd was dumbfounded as they stared at Xuanyuan Zhantian. A vague urge to worship him stirred in their hearts. This state of kingship was no weaker than Sima Lingxuan’s.

“Victory goes to Xuanyuan Zhantian. You gained another two points.”

The referee’s deep and steady voice rang out, bringing everyone to their senses. They saw that Li Tianhua’s twenty-three-meter-long golden dragon grew much dimmer. It also shrank by three meters, becoming something second rate.

Now that Xuanyuan Zhantian had defeated a strong person like Li Tianhua, his golden dragon glittered and grew to twenty-seven meters long, exactly the same as Bai Qi’s.

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