Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Great Contrast

“This match will be very exciting. The two of them are both expert bladesmen and newcomers who still have a winning streak. There are too many reasons for this to be exciting!”

Relative to the somewhat dull matches, this would definitely be much better. Before Xiao Chen and Lin Fei’s match started, it elicited fervent discussion among the audience.

However, Lin Fei had waited for this moment for a very long time. Like everyone else guessed, he was indeed feeling very frustrated. After the referee announced the next match, Lin Fei pushed off the ground and landed in the dueling ring.

“Xiao Chen, don’t think that after defeating Gong Yangyu, you have overtaken me. Your winning streak will end here.” When Lin Fei saw Xiao Chen, he revealed a disdainful smile, purposely mocking him.

Unaffected by his words, Xiao Chen replied calmly, “Do your best and make your move. Let’s see if your winning streak will be the one ended instead.”

Lin Fei’s Earth Vein Saber Technique was very unpredictable. It was indeed hard to deal with. However, it was as Xiao Chen said; if Lin Fei wanted to rely on this Saber Technique to keep getting victories, he would not make it to the end.

After he used the Earth Vein Saber Technique for so many times, it was no longer a strange move.

“Ha ha! You better grasp your saber tightly. I’m coming!”

Lin Fei smiled gently and his aura suddenly changed. His gaze became as sharp as a saber. Then, he immediately rushed at Xiao Chen with great speed.

It had to be said that Lin Fei might be very brash, but when he entered his combat mode, his earlier disdain and impatience promptly vanished. If one became confused by the different aura he displayed, one would be at an disadvantage when they exchanged moves.

“Chi! Chi!”

Lin Fei was very fast. With his speed, he was like a solitary, sharp treasured saber. He sliced the formless wind blocking his path like it was a sheet of white paper.

When Lin Fei got to within ten meters of Xiao Chen, the crowd thought that he would attack Xiao Chen from the front, or perhaps go around and attack him from the side.

Suddenly, Lin Fei’s upper body unexpectedly shifted downwards. Others might have thought that he tripped over something. Naturally, the cultivators present did not think so.

This maneuver was how Lin Fei abruptly changed moves. He kept close to the ground. At some point in time, he had drawn his saber, which flickered with a cold light.

Continuing to move at an extremely fast speed, Lin Fei flew towards Xiao Chen, his saber pointed towards Xiao Chen’s knees.

“It is really hard to imagine that Lin Fei can actually attack this way. Furthermore, he was able to change his moves within such short time.”

“The most important thing is that his actions did not expose any opening at all. It looked very natural. Clearly, he has practiced it many times.”

“It seems like it was not a fluke that this Lin Fei has managed to make this far today.”

Many cultivators in the spectator stands were surprised and commented on it. If they were in this situation, they might not be able to defend against it. They would end up being beaten up until they lost their combat prowess.

Even if they could react quickly and dodge it, they would lose the initiative of the battle. This would result in them being able to only passively defend against Lin Fei.

How then would Xiao Chen deal with this?

For most people, their first reaction would be to retreat. This was because the lower body of cultivators was one of the hardest areas to defend.

Furthermore, Lin Fei attacked with fast speed and unpredictability. It would be very problematic to block his saber; retreating was the best method. Even if they lost the initiative, it could not be helped.

However, Xiao Chen did not retreat. This was because he did not need to retreat.

Just as Lin Fei’s saber was about to strike Xiao Chen’s knees, in the time it would take to strike a spark, Xiao Chen moved. He aimed the tip of the undrawn Lunar Shadow Saber in his left hand at Lin Fei’s wrist.

As the tip of the scabbard moved down, its speed reached its peak, giving off a piercing sonic boom. As long as Lin Fei did not move his wrist away, this scabbard would pierce through it.

By relying on superior speed, even though Xiao Chen moved later, his strike would land first. He instantly dealt with Lin Fei’s strange attack. He even placed Lin Fei into a difficult position.

If Lin Fei moved forward, he would be able to cripple this strong opponent immediately. This was how tempting this strike was.

However, if Lin Fei was too slow, his wrist would be pierced through, resulting in him losing his combat prowess.

Victory and defeat could be decided in an instant. This simple move shook everyone to their core. The intent of Xiao Chen’s move was to compete with Lin Fei in speed.

I will only challenge you this way, without saying a word. Do you dare accept? Do you have the guts? If you are faster, you will win, becoming famous and known by many. If you are slower, you will instantly sink into a deep abyss, ending up in a sorry state like Liu Xiaoyun, losing all your glory.

This great contrast challenged Lin Fei’s mental state.

If Lin Fei’s state of mind was weak, that it would have a severe negative impact during his moment of tortuous decision-making. If he hesitated, he would not even have the chance to decide, losing right away.

Retreat! Lin Fei had seen Xiao Chen’s match with Gong Yangyu. He knew that Xiao Chen’s attacking speed was very fast. So, he retreated. In the end, he did not dare to compete with Xiao Chen in speed.

Slapping the floor with his left hand, Lin Fei shifted back into a standing position.

The sneak attack failed. I lost the initiative. I have to quickly put some distance between us, Lin Fei immediately thought as he revealed an unsightly expression.


There was a loud sound as the tip of Xiao Chen’s scabbard struck the Wind Cloud Arena. Then, it sank into the arena by three centimeters.

The great force left everyone watching flabbergasted. The most frightening thing was that despite the great force, the Wind Cloud Arena did not crack; the force did not spread out.

The crowd thought in horror, If Lin Fei did not retreat, this move might have chopped off his hand.


An electric saber light flickered. After Xiao Chen stabbed the scabbard into the stage, he did not stop. He immediately drew the Lunar Shadow Saber and hacked at Lin Fei with two hands.

While you are down, I will take advantage of it. This had always been Xiao Chen’s style. Now that his opponent had lost the initiative, this was the best moment to attack.

Xiao Chen would not attack for no purpose. If he attacked, he would use a mighty force to injure or cripple his opponent.

Lin Fei had just gotten up. Before he had time to move away, he had to face this saber that roared like rushing thunder. Supporting his saber with his left hand, he held it across his chest in passive defense.

With a loud ‘clang,’ the huge force struck Lin Fei’s saber like a thunderous mountain pressing over.

Before Lin Fei could react, he vomited a mouthful of blood. He immediately flew backwards like a launched cannonball and crashed into the Wind Cloud Barrier.

The strong rebound sent Lin Fei falling to the ground and vomiting another mouthful of blood. He immediately turned incomparably pale.  

Xiao Chen rushed forward, not giving Lin Fei time to catch his breath. He executed his state of thunder and state of massacre together, not allowing his opponent a chance to initiate an attack.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The weapons clashed and sparks appeared. Lin Fei defended wearily; he was knocked back continuously. The expression on his pale face became even more unsightly.

Every one of Xiao Chen’s strikes was filled with a vast force. With the support of the two states, his strikes became mightier, causing Lin Fei more injuries.

If this continued, Lin Fei would definitely be defeated within a hundred moves!

“Earth Vein Saber Technique!”

After enduring for a long time, Lin Fei finally caught hold of an opportunity. He executed the Saber Technique that made him famous. When he blocked Xiao Chen’s attack, he suddenly fired a strand of saber Qi from his feet at Xiao Chen’s chest.


The Earth Vein Saber Technique was also very mighty. It used the great earth for power and was equal to Lin Fei’s full-power attack.

Lin Fei did not hope that this strand of saber Qi would injure Xiao Chen. He only hoped that it would give himself a respite. Since he was heavily injured by Xiao Chen’s attack, he had not had time to catch his breath.

The injuries in Lin Fei’s body became more and more serious. If they kept accumulating, he would definitely not be able to suppress them.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said calmly, “I have been waiting for this Earth Vein Saber Technique for a long time.”

While others were afraid of this Earth Vein Saber Technique, Xiao Chen never had been.

Xiao Chen clenched his left hand and circulated his Vital Qi. A sharp azure energy gathered at his fist. This was the Dragon Claw Fist’s third move—Fist Breaking Armor.


The sharp azure energy clashed with the saber Qi. With the armor-breaking properties of this punch, it shattered that strand of saber Qi and reduced it to nothing. Of course, the energy of the Fist Breaking Armor also completely canceled out.

While Xiao Chen attacked with his left fist, he did not stop moving his right hand. He gently swung his saber and sent out an Arclight Chop.

Another injury was inflicted on Lin Fei’s body. The electric energy in the arclight blasted him far away.

“You are just bullying people. Xiao Chen, you are provoking me!”

From the start of the match, Lin Fei had been suppressed all the way. The Earth Vein Saber Technique that made him famous was instantly broken by his opponent.

Lin Fei could no longer hold back the rage in his heart. He roared ferociously and his saber started humming. A sharp saber intent started spreading out from his saber.

Lin Fei calmly said, “Originally, I was only going to use this in the ranking matches. Xiao Chen, you should feel honored that you managed to force me to use this.”

The audience was immediately shocked; they had not expected Lin Fei to hide himself so deeply. Unexpectedly, he had even comprehended the difficult-to-comprehend saber intent. Furthermore, he had not used it before this.

“Xiao Chen is in trouble now. With the support of saber intent, the might of a bladesman’s Martial Techniques would be increased by at least fifty percent. Looking at Lin Fei’s saber intent, he is likely to have comprehended it to twenty percent, only slightly weaker than Bai Qi’s.”

“Furthermore, both of them are bladesmen. One has saber intent and the other doesn’t. The difference between them would be very obvious.”

“Indeed. If Xiao Chen was a swordsman, he could use sword intent. However, he is a bladesman; he does not have anything he can use.”

The cultivators in the spectator stands sighed gently. Saber intent was hard to comprehend. However, once one comprehended it, they could gain a boundless might. This was something that was widely acknowledged. The situation was probably going to turn around.

“Withering Plants!” Lin Fei shouted ferociously and executed his trump card. A desolate aura spread out from his saber, making one feel the aura of death.

If there were any plants here, the power of this Saber Technique would be able to make them wither quickly.

With the support of saber intent, the might of this move would increase explosively, giving it the might to decay everything. This time, Lin Fei took the initiative to attack, hoping to turn the tables.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said indifferently, “Saber intent? I seem to know it too.”


The pitch-black Lunar Shadow Saber trembled continuously. Xiao Chen’s saber furiously released a saber intent that was stronger than Lin Fei’s.

The strong saber intent passed through the Wind Cloud Barrier. The nearby bladesmen felt their hearts palpitate and their sabers trembled as well.

“This…this is a peak Small Perfection saber intent. It is equal to Bai Qi’s saber intent!” 

“This is shocking. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen comprehended saber intent as well. Furthermore, it is significantly stronger than Lin Fei’s saber intent.”

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