Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 582

Chapter 582: Violent Girls

If you used the power of the seas but did not have sufficient talent and strength to control it, a cultivator that used the power of a pond might even defeat you. This was because the other’s state was perfect and your state was full of flaws. Under a slight pressure, it would immediately break down.

Yue Chenxi and Nangong Ziyue were both clearly that kind of super genius. Their states were impressive and imposing. Furthermore, they had good control of their states, not revealing excessively obvious flaws.

Light burst out, mountains moved, waves roared. Soon, the two had exchanged hundreds of moves. Huge energy waves already cracked the Wind Cloud Arena long ago, releasing strands of Dragon Qi.

All of Nangong Ziyue’s punches contained the power of mountains and waters. When she punched, it was like a mountain range pressing down.

However, Yue Chenxi was no weaker. She circulated the Morning Sun Incantation to its limits and a fog spread out. All her punches released a vast amount of light, sending back the mountain range pressing over.

The strong state of cloud and state of light complemented each other to support the Morning Sun Fist. The combination was extremely powerful, not losing out to her opponent’s power of mountains and waters.

The audience all sighed in awe. The two looked like pretty, delicate girls. However, the power they could bring out was so strong.

That kind of astonishing power made several males feel inadequate.

“That is too horrifying. To think one punch can contain so much force! I’m afraid that I can only endure three of such punches.”

“Ha ha! You are boasting. If you really clashed your fist with that, I guarantee that you would not be able to take half of it. That is a great state.”

“That’s right. Just going by their strength—one uses the power of mountains and waters, the other uses the power of the rising sun—they can both make the top five.”

As the crowd discussed, the match in the dueling ring became more intense. As the Dragon Qi spread, dragon roars resounded.

Yue Chenxi had already taken the initiative to change the situation. As the morning sun shone, a rainbow bridge appeared. When she stood on the bridge, she seemed like a fairy from heaven.

The mist curled behind Yue Chenxi. When she punched, light would tear through the mist. Golden fist winds that looked like lightning from the heavens rained down on Nangong Ziyue without end.


The flowing water left no traces, and the mountains and rivers moved unhurriedly. The tight purple robes Nangong Ziyue wore could not hide her exquisite figure as she walked in the midst of mountains and water.

The mountain range was lush and green. The sound of water flowing was graceful. When one walked in the mountains and waters, their heart would become as calm as still water. The fist winds would also become more restrained.

The golden light descending down shattered. The resulting motes of lights flowed with the water.

However, this moment of silence was not an eternal silence. Instead, it was for the moment when everything would erupt. At that time, the mountain range would dance and the rivers would roar; the mountains and river remained immortal!

After another hundred moves, Nangong Ziyue roared ferociously. The calm flowing rivers and still mountains suddenly started moving.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The rivers roared and pillars of water shot up through the clouds. The mountains danced, shaking heaven and earth, sending the world into chaos.

Riding the boundless power within this mysterious phenomena, Nangong Ziyue left the ground and headed to the rainbow bridge, flying towards Yue Chenxi, who was surrounded by mist.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

Before Nangong Ziyue or the fist wind arrived, the rainbow bridge in the air shattered. It turned into multicolored motes of light as it scattered downwards.

One punch represented the mountains and one punch represented the river. The mountains and rivers remain immortal for millennia. The seas and land exist for me! The tyrannical aura that Nangong Ziyue previously revealed now reappeared, radiating proudly.

Surrounded by the mist, Yue Chenxi smiled gently. She completely unleashed the Morning Sun Fist, which she had raised to the thirteenth layer by means of the Daybreak Flower.


In that instant, the sky suddenly turned dark and night fell. The darkness seemed boundless; time seemed to move very slowly. Nangong Ziyue’s very fast punch became slow enough for the crowd to see every move clearly.

An unknown amount of time passed. Perhaps it was an instant, perhaps it was a hundred years. Then, a morning sun rose up in the east. Instantly, its radiance filled the sky and land, reilluminating the entire place.

In contrast to the dark night, the rising sun looked very dazzling and resplendent. This was the state of morning sun.

Only when one experienced true darkness and was reborn in fire could one perfect the state of morning sun. Only then could one cast a vast light over the mountains and rivers!

When the fiery-red morning sun cast out the final bit of darkness, the graceful Yue Chenxi met with Nangong Ziyue’s immortal mountains and waters.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The instant the two fists clashed, the tall mountains behind Nangong Ziyue collapsed. The never-ending, gushing river turned into a whirlpool, no longer moving forward.

The mountain was shattered, the water was broken. This was the end of the line. Nangong Ziyue vomited a mouthful of blood and the outstanding and proud tyrannical aura vanished to nothing under the light of the morning sun.

Only at this moment did Nangong Ziyue reveal the frailty of a young girl as she fell to the ground.

As Dragon Qi spread through the Wind Cloud Arena, dragon roars resounded without end.

Although the morning sun in the sky already dimmed significantly, it was still rising proudly, scattering its light over all the land.

Yue Chenxi gently waved her hand and the dim rising sun behind her scattered. Then, she wiped the blood from her lips and gently floated down.

The cracks in the Wind Cloud Arena slowly started to heal on its own. Following that, the Dragon Qi vanished and the dragon roars slowly came to a stop.

The pale Nangong Ziyue looked at Yue Chenxi and said gently, “You win. It was indeed not a coincidence that you could snatch my seeded spot. Can I ask, how much of your strength did you use?”

Nangong Ziyue’s question was clearly what everyone wanted to know as well. The other scions of the eight Noble Clans all perked up their ears and looked over.

Yue Chenxi was able to defeat Nangong Ziyue. The pattern of the eight Noble Clans monopolizing the top eight ranks in the Five Nation Youth Competition would probably be broken.

The strength that Yue Chenxi displayed was already a possible threat to those of the eight Noble Clans. After all, Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun had only defeated disciples of the ten great sects. As for Yue Chenxi, she had defeated Nangong Ziyue, a scion of one of the eight Noble Clans.

In terms of results, Yue Chenxi had achieved more than Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun. Thus, she attracted more attention.

Yue Chenxi was not unreasonable. There was no grudge between her and Nangong Ziyue. Furthermore, they were both female cultivators and respected each other’s strength. So, she answered Nangong Ziyue.

However, Yue Chenxi used her Essence and projected her voice, telling only Nangong Ziyue. This disappointed the others.

After Nangong Ziyue heard the answer, a long drawn-out smile appeared on her pretty face as she left the dueling ring.

“Senior Brother Xiao Chen, in your opinion, what percent of her strength did Yue Chenxi use?” Liu Suifeng, who was beside Xiao Chen, asked out of curiosity.

It was not just Liu Suifeng. The other cultivators who watched the match were all discussing this question. However, they could not come to a conclusion. Some argued that Yue Chenxi used only sixty percent because the morning sun had not scattered after she completely defeated Nangong Ziyue and shattered the power of the immortal mountains and rivers.

There were some who argued that Yue Chenxi had used her full power because the Immortal Mountains and Rivers Fist was so mighty. They believed it was impossible for her to have used only sixty percent of her strength.

Xiao Chen made his own evaluation and said, “Probably about eighty percent. The two’s strengths do not differ by much. If Yue Chenxi used only sixty percent of her strength, then the first few hundred moves would have already severely injured Nangong Ziyue.

“Yue Chenxi obtained victory by relying on the advantage of her state. In the end, Nangong Ziyue’s Immortal Mountains and Rivers was not perfect enough. As for Yue Chenxi, her morning sun is already infinitely close to perfection.”

Liu Suifeng nodded seriously, pretending he understood. Then, he asked again, “Infinitely close to perfection, what does that mean?”

Xiao Chen glanced at Yue Chenxi on the dueling ring. After organizing his thoughts, he said, “It is just my gut but her morning sun seems to lack a natural feeling. There are some traces of artificiality. However, to most people, it is no different from perfection.”

When Xiao Chen glanced at Yue Chenxi, she had noticed his attention. She smiled and projected her voice at Xiao Chen, saying, “Xiao Chen, I will wait for you at the ranking matches. I hope you will be able to make me use my full power this time.”

Xiao Chen likewise projected his voice with Essence and replied, “Don’t worry. I will not disappoint you.”

Yue Chenxi was the first to defeat a Noble Clan disciple within the past few Five Nation Youth Competitions. Now, she immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Everyone predicted that Yue Chenxi had the strength to fight her way into the top five and become the greatest dark horse of this Five Nation Youth Competition. Even Xiao Chen’s and Chu Chaoyun’s fame could not match up to hers.

There would always be people with exceptional ability in every generation. Xiao Chen, Chu Chaoyun, and Yue Chenxi were very good proof of this saying. This made the Five Nation Youth Competition more exciting, more interesting. After all, if the same people kept winning the competition, it would start to become boring.

The people of the City Lord’s Residence, who organized the competition, seemed clearly satisfied with their performances. The dueling rings were filled with pleasant surprises and unexpected events. This would help sustain and increase the influence of the Five Nation Youth Competition.

Up to this point, there were no longer many matches in the second round of elimination that could incite the crowd’s excitement. After all, the seeded participants were separated and would not face much strong opposition.

The match between the crowd’s favorite, Xuanyuan Zhantian, and Chu Chaoyun disappointed everyone. They only exchanged ten moves before coming to a tacit understanding and declaring it a draw.

However, it was reasonable when one thought about it. This was not the ranking matches yet. Their strengths were about equal. If they really fought, they might end up revealing all their trump cards. Then, they would lose many of their advantages when they faced the other participants.

“Next match, Xiao Chen versus Lin Fei!”

As the somewhat dull matches continued, the moderate-volume voice of group five’s referee immediately attracted the attention of many people, causing them to focus on dueling ring five.

“Xiao Chen and Lin Fei are both on the newcomer ranking list. Furthermore, they both have not tasted defeat yet. Given Lin Fei’s personality, he definitely will not agree to end the match in a draw.”

“That is natural. Ever since Xiao Chen defeated Gong Yangyu, his fame has surpassed Lin Fei’s. Lin Fei is probably feeling very frustrated.”

“Actually, Lin Fei’s strength is also somewhat unfathomable. No one could truly block his Earth Vein Saber Technique. What’s more, no one knows if he still has other trump cards.”

“Chu Chaoyun and Xuanyuan Zhantian drew against each other. In that case, their winning streaks came to an end. The only newcomers with a winning streak are now these two.”

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