Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 580

Chapter 580: Chu Chaoyun versus Liu Xiaoyun

“Hu! Hu!”

Under the influence of Liu Xiaoyun’s state of ice, a layer of frost covered the entire dueling ring. The cold was bone-chilling and the wind was like knives flying everywhere.

The horrifying state of ice resulted in a chilly breeze brushing several cultivators in the spectator stands, even though they were far away. Clearly, Liu Xiaoyun’s comprehension of his state of ice had reached a level that others of the same generation could only hope to achieve.

Across Liu Xiaoyun, the sword Chu Chaoyun held in his hand gave off a dazzling golden light. Even his entire body was emitting a faint golden glow, keeping out the boundless state of ice.

The crowd could clearly see a faint white mist drifting around Chu Chaoyun, refracting multicolored rainbow light. That was the state of ice trying to penetrate. However, the strong state of light was blocking it; it was futile.

Chu Chaoyue flourished his sword and the golden light shone everywhere, dazzling everyone. The state of ice seemed to weaken significantly after that.

“Since you will not attack, then I will.”

To everyone’s surprise, when facing the previously ranked tenth Liu Xiaoyun, a rare genius swordsman of the Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion, the newcomer Chu Chaoyun gave up on defending and dashed forward. He attacked with thousands of dazzling sword lights.

Liu Xiaoyun said coldly, “Idiot! You think I can’t do anything to you? Since you are seeking death, I shall grant it to you.”

Liu Xiaoyun was not just boasting. This was because Liu Xiaoyun did not care about anyone in group one, except Xuanyuan Zhantian. Aside from Xuanyuan Zhantian, there was no one worth him going all out.

Before Liu Xiaoyun fought Xuanyuan Zhantian, he had to preserve his strength. Otherwise, when he faced Xuanyuan Zhantian or the scions of the eight Noble Clans, he would not have any more trump cards left.

He, Liu Xiaoyun, did not have his eye on just the top ten!

Liu Xiaoyun roared ferociously and raised his strength to sixty percent. His aura instantly soared and snowflakes started to drift down from the sky amidst the cold wind.

He pushed off into the air and gathered the surrounding cold Qi onto his sword. The sword became transparent, like it was a piece of thousand-year-old ice sculpted into a treasured sword.

Chu Chaoyun’s body shone with a bright light and his clothes seemed to turn golden. His hair radiated golden light, dazzling as it fluttered in the wind.


The sword limned with golden light and the frosted sword both carried different states. In the blink of an eye, they clashed in midair.

The two executed exquisite Sword Techniques and exchanged moves in midair. In a few breaths, they had exchanged several dozen moves.

A cold wind blew and a bright light shone. Two kinds of sword Qi flew all over the place, one white and one gold.

The strands of sword Qi were astonishingly dense, every one of them seemingly very solid. From a distance, it looked like space was sliced into countless pieces.

Separated by the Wind Cloud Barrier, the crowd could only see a blurry scene. The two figures clashed everywhere and the metallic clangs rang out continuously.

“Competing in Sword Technique, sword intent, and state. Unexpectedly, these two can attend to some many important things in every move they make.”

“Indeed. All it takes is for one aspect to be weaker than the other party’s and they would be defeated.”

“Sword Technique, sword intent, and state. Only when one can balance all three can they truly become an expert swordsman. However, looking at Liu Xiaoyun, he is not using his full power yet. He probably wants to reserve some trump cards to deal with Xuanyuan Zhantian.”

The audience discussed the match in whispers. Quite a number of swordsmen did not even blink when watching the match. A big battle between two genius swordsmen was very rare. If they could comprehend something from it, it would definitely be of great help to their own Sword Technique.

The two clashed to accompaniment of cold ice and boundless bursts of light. The ice refracted the golden light into rainbow light.

The dueling ring filled with beautiful purples and brilliant reds, as if paradise had appeared in the mortal realm. With the multicolored light, Liu Xiaoyun and Chu Chaoyun looked like deities who descended from the heavens.

The multicolored shock waves generated forced the two back several steps. Liu Xiaoyun forcibly restrained his retreat, stopping before Chu Chaoyun did.

“Rage of a Thousand Soldiers!”

Gaining the advantage, Liu Xiaoyun did not hesitate to execute his killing move. As his sword moved, a ferocious roar suddenly resounded.

It was like thousands of expressionless swordsmen were roaring in tandem. A strong boundless aura appeared behind Liu Xiaoyun. His sword directed this aura and a sword intent that could topple mountains and flip the sea rushed towards Chu Chaoyun.

The cold wind stopped howling and the snow stopped falling. Only this unrivaled sword strike filled with surging rage existed.

Seeing his opponent execute his killing move, Chu Chaoyun did not forcibly stop himself from moving back. He merely let the shock wave carry him far away. He smiled faintly and opened his right palm. His sword pointed at Liu Xiaoyun as it floated gently in the air.

Then, Chu Chaoyun extended his right hand with the palm out. It looked like he was touching a flat wall in front of him as he slowly slid his hand in a circle.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!”

As Chu Chaoyun’s hand moved, golden sword images appeared. Every time a sword image appeared, a long drawn-out sword hum would ring out.

The sound was melodious and pleasing to the ear. An overwhelming energy, together with the stirring sword hum, rushed to the sky, churning the thick, heavy, dark clouds above.

When Chu Chaoyun finally finished forming the circle, a ring of sword images had manifested around his floating sword.


The sword images hummed melodiously in unison and the strong overwhelming energy tore through the clouds. A golden pillar of light descended, passing through the Wind Cloud Barrier and enveloping Chu Chaoyun.

Bathed in the dazzling golden light, Chu Chaoyun’s aura instantly soared to its peak. When his aura clashed with Liu Xiaoyun’s aura, it did not lose out. In fact, it seemed to be at a slight advantage.


Chu Chaoyun smashed his palm on the sword’s hilt and the dueling ring started shaking.

With his smash, a resplendent golden sword light flew out at the approaching Liu Xiaoyun.

The golden light contained a vast amount of overwhelming energy. Liu Xiaoyun paled. Unexpectedly, his surging sword intent, formed by the roars of thousands of expressionless swordsmen, showed a small opening.

Without giving Liu Xiaoyun a chance to react, the sword in the middle of the ring of sword images shot out.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The sword tore wider the opening that could originally be ignored, and his surging sword intent finally shattered. Liu Xiaoyun could only dispel his state and aura, retreating as he blocked the sword that was flying over.


Liu Xiaoyun vomited a mouthful of blood. He was knocked back by this sword and fell to the floor in a sorry state.

“Damn it. Since sixty percent is not enough to deal with you, I will use seventy percent!”

Liu Xiaoyun roared ferociously and his aura grew again. As snow fell, he got to his feet and rushed at Chu Chaoyun.

When Chu Chaoyun, who was bathed in golden light, saw the incoming Liu Xiaoyun, he smiled faintly. He gently patted the ring of sword images and several images blew out like a storm of swords.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Moving through the storm of swords, Liu Xiaoyun only managed to block for a while before getting injured and knocked back by the storm of swords.

“Seventy percent is not enough. Let’s make it eighty percent, then!”

Liu Xiaoyun’s expression was currently very unsightly. His graceful temperament was now gone.

Chu Chaoyun waved his right hand and the sword floating in midair returned to him. He clenched the sword tightly and felt the strong energy in the sword. Without him moving a step, sword lights started flying around.

Instantly, thousands of human figures holding swords appeared in the vicinity of the golden light. These figures flew everywhere and an overwhelming sword intent spread out.

Thousands of sword intents spreading out simultaneously was too strong for the Wind Cloud Arena under the golden light to endure. A crack appeared and Dragon Qi poured out, releasing a resonant dragon roar.

When the dragon roar sounded, Chu Chaoyun paused and the thousands of figures immediately vanished. All the sword intent gathered onto his sword after that.


When Chu Chaoyun attacked, the overwhelming sword intent formed by thousands of people poured out and Liu Xiaoyun, who had just stood up, was knocked back again.

“Since eighty percent is still insufficient, then I will use ninety percent!”

Liu Xiaoyun roared ferociously. He did not have any intention of losing. He pushed off the ground and used an even stronger aura to rush over.

Chu Chaoyun’s expression appeared extremely calm. He held his sword overhead with two hands and hacked down on Liu Xiaoyun.


A thunderous sound rang out, and the golden light from the sky fell together with Chu Chaoyun’s sword. Unexpectedly, it had become a vast sword Qi.

The sword light was like a huge pillar that landed on Liu Xiaoyun’s head. Liu Xiaoyun, who had just gotten back up to his feet, endured for a moment before vomiting a mouthful of blood and falling down again.

“Ninety percent is not enough. In that case, I will use a hundred percent!” At the moment, Liu Xiaoyun was already completely frantic.

However, this time, Chu Chaoyun did not give Liu Xiaoyun a chance to get up. Unexpectedly, he took the initiative to attack. His figure flickered and sent out four strands of sword light.

One sword strike…two sword strikes…three sword strikes…four sword strikes!

Liu Xiaoyun’s knees and wrists were pierced by the sword Qi; blood flowed out quickly.

With a ‘pa’ sound, he lay prostrate on the stage. With his wrists and knees injured, he could not even stand up. He lay there, looking at Chu Chaoyun with dissatisfaction.

A person with an illustrious name fell, losing all his prestige. This was a tragic sight.

Vicious, very vicious!

When the audience saw this scene, they all took a deep breath of cold air. They felt their chests tighten.

Liu Xiaoyun’s knees was injured; he could not stand. His wrists were injured; he could not use his hands to push himself off the ground. Now that he had fallen down, he could not get up on his own anymore.

Not only could Liu Xiaoyun not get up, he could not even roll over. The proud disciple of the Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion, a giant of the younger generation, the ranked tenth super genius of the previous Five Nation Youth Competition unexpectedly ended up in such a state.

Chu Chaoyun was too vicious!

Furthermore, when Chu Chaoyun gazed at Liu Xiaoyun’s dissatisfied expression, he did not feel any unease. Like before, his manner still remained carefree.

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