Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 575

Chapter 575: Famous under the Heavens

Famous under the heavens!

These four words immediately appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. There was no cultivator that did not like these four words. Fame might sound tacky but this was what cultivators strived for all their life.

Even Xiao Chen was no exception. The only difference was the attitude he had towards it.

Xiao Bai said cheerfully, “I am ranked fourth, five ranks higher than Elder Brother Xiao Chen. Elder Brother Xiao Chen cannot say that Xiao Bai is weak anymore in the future.”

This girl still remembered what he had said. Xiao Chen smiled and said, “I won’t say it anymore. Never again.”

Ding Fengchou said sullenly, “Almost all the cultivators in the hall are discussing the newcomer ranking list. However, in the end, this list is for newcomers.

“In the end, only the True Dragon Ranking was what truly matters. It is the one that will allow your name to spread throughout the Tianwu Continent.”

From Ding Fengchou’s tone, he was clearly unconvinced. His expression gave Xiao Chen pause. It seemed like Ding Fengchou had comprehended some strong killing move and was prepared to reveal his brilliance in the second round of elimination.

Smiling, Jiang Zimo added, “That’s right. The newcomer ranking list is not as important as the True Dragon Ranking, since the True Dragon Ranking is the only one that will be disseminated. Furthermore, this newcomer ranking list also completely exposed you all. There will probably be more people observing you guys tomorrow; that is not exactly a good thing.”

Jin Dabao chuckled and said, “This Fat Lord is not afraid of that. No one will be able to see through the Fat Lord’s moves.”

The group stifled their laughter. They wanted to say something but in the end, they endured it and did not say anything. To think the fatty was not embarrassed to boast about his shameless move! They could not find it in them to say anything.

As they drank tea and chatted, they listened to an ancient melody of tall mountains and flowing rivers. It was hard to find such a relaxing atmosphere before a big battle, one that allowed everyone to immerse themselves in it.

Tomorrow would welcome the most intense elimination round in the Five Nation Youth Competition’s history. There would be the nine seeded participants as well as the various newcomers.

Everyone present, except the innocent Xiao Bai, could not help but feel excited.

Only the top hundred participants would be listed in the True Dragon Ranking. If they could not clear the second round of elimination, they would be destined to remain nameless in this era of geniuses.

Everyone present was an outstanding talent. Zuo Mo and Ding Fengchou were ranked within the top seventy in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition. If they could not even enter the True Dragon Ranking, they would be very disappointed.

By the time the sun set, everyone was very familiar with one another already. Jin Dabao raised his teacup and said, “Come, let us toast with tea in place of wine, for all of us to be victorious and enter the True Dragon Ranking.”

Xiao Bai laughed and said, “Even if you go on the ranking, you will be a fat dragon, not a true dragon.”

The fatty laughed embarrassedly. “I am not afraid of being a fat one, as long as I become a true one.”

The group clinked their cups and downed their tea in one gulp. After the fatty paid, he led the group downstairs.

Who knew, they ran into the group of people they did not want to see the most. The Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan was also leading a group of disciples down the stairs.

How coincidental that they met at the staircase.

When the Evil Moon Pavilion disciples saw the fatty, they immediately glared at him angrily. They hated that they could not beat him up on the spot.

This was especially so for Ling Feng, whom the fatty had knocked unconscious with the coffin lid. He shouted angrily, “You damn fatty! You really have guts. You can forget about leaving this place today.”

When Xie Ziwen saw Xiao Chen in the crowd, he also raged in his heart. Seeing that his Senior Brother, Bai Zhan, was here, he called out as well, “Just a group of rubbish cultivators from the four nations, and yet they know how to drink tea?”

Ignorant About Tea was very strange in that cultivators were not forbidden from fighting inside. However, if they broke anything, they would have to pay that item’s full price.

Clearly, by mocking them, the Evil Moon Pavilion disciples were trying to provoke Xiao Chen and the others, trying to get them to attack first. That way, the Evil Moon Pavilion disciples would not have to worry about anything.

Jin Dabao smiled and said, “The trash is speaking human language. How rare! A sect that cannot even endure a move from this Fat Lord still dares to be so arrogant.”

“Ka ca!”

When Ling Feng heard this, he could not help but draw his sword. However, when the sword was only half-drawn, Bai Zhan stopped him and pushed it back into its scabbard.

Bai Zhan gave Xiao Chen a deep look. Then, he said, “Let’s go.”

Xie Ziwen and Ling Feng were dumbfounded. They could not understand why Bai Zhan let Jin Dabao and the rest go when there was such a great opportunity.

They did not know that Bai Zhan had been so severely injured by Xiao Chen at the Boundless Sea that he had to flee. At this moment, he did not have absolute confidence that he could deal with Xiao Chen. Naturally, he would not make a move so easily.

Ding Fengchou and the others heaved sighs of relief. He said with bewilderment, “Unexpectedly, Bai Zhan left. This is really strange. This fellow’s strength in unfathomable, higher than ours by a level.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said indifferently, “Who knows?”

One day passed quite quickly. Before the sky was bright, the vast arena was already filled with people.

Everyone knew that the truly wonderful part of the competition would officially begin today. After the revelation of the newcomers, nine of the seeded participants would all go up.

The Five Nation Youth Competition would reach another climax. If one missed a day of it, they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

Of the four hundred participants, the first round eliminated half the people, leaving only two hundred.

The twenty groups would become ten groups, formed by merging two groups together. So each group would still have twenty people.

The rules were still the same as before. This elimination round would eliminate half the people. It seemed like the elimination rate was not too high, so it felt like there was still a chance.

However, the ones that passed the first round were the elite of the elite. With two groups merging and the addition of the seeded participants, this round’s difficulty could be easily imagined.

Furthermore, only the top hundred people would make it into the True Dragon Ranking published by the City Lord’s Residence.

The other participants who were hiding their strength would reveal it in this round. They would be fighting for glory. Thus, the already intense battles would become more bitter.

“The original groups six and ten will merge together and become the new group five.”

When Xiao Chen received the notice, he could not help but recall the experts in group ten. Group ten seemed to be the group the genius bladesman Lin Fei was in.

There were many expert veterans in that group but Lin Fei defeated them all. This outstanding result got him into the newcomer ranking list, second only to Xuanyuan Zhantian, and bestowed upon him the favor of the crowd.

“The seeded participants will choose the groups they will join. I wonder, which group will Yue Chenxi choose?”

“Nangong Ziyue’s group will be merging with group nine to form the new group seven. If Yue Chenxi dares to accept her challenge, she will choose group seven.”

“Yue Chenxi will definitely choose group seven. However, I do not know who would choose Xuanyuan Zhantian’s group. Sima Lingxuan is not participating. I really want to know which seeded participant will be brave enough to choose that group.”

“I believe no one would be that silly, to fight with Xuanyuan Zhantian before the finals. It will, without a doubt, cause them to reveal their strength.”

After the twenty groups finished merging, it became time for the seeded participants to pick a group to join. This was also one of the benefits of being a seeded participant.

Yue Chenxi lived up to the crowd’s expectations. She immediately chose group seven, where Nangong Ziyue was. The two girls glared at each other across the distance. Their strong auras clashed in the air; it felt like sparks exploded in the air.

Before they started fighting, they used their eyes to clash with each other.

The one who chose Xiao Chen’s group was the Supreme Yi Palace’s Gong Yangyu. Gong Yangyu’s strength remained very stable. Although he was not the strongest of the ten seeded participants, he was definitely not weak, either.

Gong Yangyu used the Everlasting Staff Technique. He could summon lightning and wind with it, scattering clouds. He was a balanced type of genius.

He was not rash or impulsive. He did not have much of a special characteristic, following the path laid out for him, walking on it steadily.

However, to the surprise of the crowd, Liu Xiaoyun chose the group Xuanyuan Zhantian was at.

Liu Xiaoyun’s motive was very clear. He wanted to take this opportunity to challenge Xuanyuan Zhantian, not showing any fear.

When Bai Qi saw Liu Xiaoyun’s choice, he was disappointed. He said softly, “He snatched it away in advance.”

Following that, the seeded participants left their spectator stand one by one, leaving the handsome and strong Sima Lingxian alone.

Without having to fight a single match, Sima Lingxuan would already rank in the True Dragon Ranking. He remained calm and indifferent, like all this was to be expected.

A strong self-confidence spread out in Sima Lingxuan’s surroundings. This gave others the feeling that only he, Sima Lingxuan, had the right to sit here.

Sima Lingxuan stood out from the crowd, clearly different from the every living being. He stood detached from everything.

Xiao Chen did not bother with all these things that did not matter. He muttered, “There are only two true experts in group five: Lin Fei and Gong Yangyu. I wonder, what percent of my strength can they bring out?”

“Group five, first match! Lin Fei against Jian Qiushui.”

As time moved on, the first match of group five officially started. The second rank of the newcomer ranking list against the Sun Moon Sect’s Jian Qiushui.

Jian Qiushui had made it to the top thirty during the previous Five Nation Youth Competition. When he fought with Lin Fei previously, he barely managed to last ten moves before falling.

Naturally, Jian Qiushui would not be able to improve much in one day. Without too much surprise, he was defeated by Lin Fei in seven moves.

“Second match, Xiao Chen against Ma Yuan.”

The competition proceeded very fast. Xiao Chen’s match was the second. He leaped up gently and flew over to the dueling ring. Then, he looked calmly at Ma Yuan, who stood across him.

Ma Yuan was a elite disciple of the Divine Saber Gate. Although he had lost to Lin Fei, he was not convinced of his loss.

Ma Yuan believed that he lost to Lin Fei because of his strange Saber Technique. If it was some other newcomer, they would not be a match for him. He believed that he was definitely not a stepping stone for newcomers.

Feeling very frustrated in his heart, Ma Yuan wanted to prove his strength. At this moment, when he saw the ninth rank of the newcomer ranking list, Xiao Chen, he immediately smiled. “Xiao Chen, thank you for giving me this opportunity to prove myself once again.”

Xiao Chen was flabbergasted. Why are you trying to prove yourself against me? You are speaking too arrogantly, as though you have won already.

“The ninth rank of the newcomer ranking list, Xiao Chen, is going against Ma Yuan. This is interesting.”

“Originally, many people believed there were no experts in the original group six. Xiao Chen’s perfect victory was very different from those in the other groups. I heard that many people are not happy with him making it into the newcomer ranking list.”

“Now that Xiao Chen is fighting Ma Yuan, we can see what his true level is, whether he truly deserves to be on the newcomer ranking list.”

Surprisingly, the second match of group five attracted a lot of interest. Clearly, it was because of the newcomer ranking list, which made many people pay attention to Xiao Chen.

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