Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 573

Chapter 573: So Close Yet Worlds Apart, Endless Moonlight Leading in the Front

Having already completed his matches, Xuanyuan Zhantian also watched this match. He revealed a smile on his face and said, “Interesting state, I wonder how that girl will deal with this.”

So Close Yet Worlds Apart!

Was Mo Ziyan close or worlds apart? How Nangong Ziyue reacted would depend on her judgment.

If Nangong Ziyue judged her opponent to be far away, then her move would be to store power to get ready to deal with the sharp attack coming from a distance.

If she judged her opponent to be nearby, she should quickly make her move. Since her opponent was close, his move would come very quickly, not allowing her time to react.

The moonlight was like fluid in the dark night, filled with radiance as it poured down. Mo Ziyan’s sword descended from the sky, riding on the bright brilliance.

Where was Mo Ziyan? Close or worlds apart?

Although all this took a long time to describe, everything happened at once. Nangong Ziyue had to make a decision in a heartbeat.

Otherwise, this move would defeat her.

Suddenly, she moved. She stepped forward with her right foot and her hands moved into a queer posture, like she was going to activate some strange Martial Technique.

Nangong Ziyue was not storing power or making a quick move. Everyone could not help but feel some doubts over what she was doing.


Suddenly, the clear sound of water gushing could be heard. At some point in time, mountains, lakes, and rivers had appeared around her.

Nangong Ziyue was above the center of a lake. The mountains moved in the lake and she moved through the scene around her.

Was the mountain shifting or the water flowing? Was the mountain scene moving around her or was she moving in her surroundings? These were all uncertain.

If you are worlds apart, I will drift with the flow. If you are close, I will remain unmoving like the mountain. 

You have the endless moonlight, making yourself so close yet worlds apart, making me decide between close or far in an instant.

I also have the scene of mountains and water bodies, flowing as the waves or unmoving as the mountain. You have to make a decision between that as well.

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. He could not help but cry out in praise, “What a beautiful state of mountain and river! It can turn one’s state into a passive one or an active one. Is this the strength of the eight Noble Clans?”

In the spectator stand of the seeded participants, the ten seeded participants could not help but reveal expressions of admiration. The scion of the Beiming Clan, Beiming Shang, smiled and said, “I had heard long ago that the Nangong Clan has an ancient manual, the Mountain Water Scripture. It looks like Nangong Ziyue has comprehended some of it. She probably did not use her full power when fighting for the seeded spot.”

As he spoke, Beiming Shang purposely cast a glance at the Supreme Sky Sect’s Yue Chenxi, the person who pushed Nangong Ziyue from that spot.

Yue Chenxi smiled calmly and ignored Beiming Shang’s words. If Nangong Ziyue had not used her full power, why would she herself have done so?

“Qiang! Qiang!”

Suddenly, melodious sounds of a sword came from the dueling ring. Mo Ziyan’s sword finally arrived before Nangong Ziyue.

Nangong Ziyue smiled faintly and pushed her palms forward, as though she had the power to transform heaven and earth.

The tall mountain range in the surroundings started moving quickly. Actually, it was not the mountains moving but the water flowing too fast.

The misperception occurred because the crowd was focused on Nangong Ziyue, who was illuminated by the moonlight. They thought that the mountains were moving.

If you are coming from the distance, I will flow with the current, going thousands of kilometers away.

Nangong Ziyue’s exquisite body quickly retreated backward. No matter how fast or how strong Mo Ziyan was, he would always be a few centimeters away from her, unable to catch up.

Clanging sounds came from the the sword. A strong sword intent spread out, passing through the Wind Cloud Barrier and reaching the spectator stands.

The swords of several swordsmen could not help but start humming. With the support of the moonlight, the Small Perfection sword intent’s might more than doubled.

After attacking for a long time but not landing any hits, Mo Ziyan changed his tactics. He switched from a single-handed grip to a double-handed one. Then, he hacked down from over the head.

“Raging Inferno Scorching Mountain!”

The night disappeared and the bright moon vanished. A scorching sun now hung in the sky. Unexpectedly, Mo Ziyan changed out his state in an instant.

He shifted from the gentle moonlight to the intense scorching sunlight. This encased Nangong Ziyan, forcing her to clash head-on.


Suddenly, Nangong Ziyue stopped moving. At that instant, the mountains stopped moving, the water stopped flowing. The mountains remained silent and no waves appeared on the water.

This showed Nangong Ziyue’s subtle control of her state. With the lake water as the state and the mountain range as momentum, she was not afraid to clash head-on. So, she sent out a punch.


When the punch and sword connected, there was an intense explosion. Endless shock waves propagated into the surroundings from the dueling ring.

Visible ripples appeared on the Wind Cloud Barrier. Clearly, it had suffered a strong impact.

If the barrier had not mitigated this energy, the spectators who were closer might have gotten injured from the shock wave.

“How powerful! Are all the peak geniuses of the younger generation this strong?”

“It looks like they are as strong as ordinary Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs.”

“Compared to Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs, the auras of those rising new talents are just slightly weaker.”

The crowd in the spectator stands were all astonished. Clearly, they had not expected such a shock wave from the two’s clash.

The genius bladesman Lin Fei revealed a fiery gaze as he looked at the two in the dueling ring. He muttered, “Master is right. There are countless geniuses in the Five Nation Youth Competition. I had previously underestimated these people.”


There was another intense explosion. The scorching sun in the sky created by Mo Ziyan shattered into countless sparks.

The sky turned dark again and the setting sun appeared in the horizon. Its golden glow shone on the dueling grounds again.

However, the lake below Nangong Ziyue merely rippled for a bit before turning calm again. The mountains and water still remained.

It was clear which was stronger between the sword strike and the punch.

Mo Yiyan paled and fell to the ground. He clearly looked dissatisfied and smashed his palm against the dueling ring. Then, he soared back into the air and attacked Nangong Ziyue again.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

The sharp sword lights were like keen knives. They spread everywhere and Mo Ziyan’s aura quickly became immeasurable; the move also became unpredictable.

Nangong Ziyue did not panic. As she moved about the mountains and bodies of water, she sent out fist winds. Using the momentum of the mountains and the state of flowing water, she broke all of Mo Ziyan’s Sword Techniques.

Feng Yuan, the scion of the eight Noble Clans’ Feng Clan, which was famed for their Movement Techniques, looked at the scene and said, “The state of mountain and river is indeed strong. Mo Ziyan is probably afraid he won’t be able to last until Nangong Ziyue’s mountains and rivers come to an end.”

Bai Qi laughed and said, “Why is there a need for him to wait until the mountains and rivers end? If he is truly capable, he can hack apart the mountain and chop the water in half. The mountain ranges will be destroyed and the rivers will stop flowing. Naturally, Nangong Ziyue will be defeated then. Unfortunately, Mo Ziyan does not have this ability.”

Sima Lingxuan remained quiet. He agreed with Bai Qi in his heart. Although Nangong Ziyue was strong, if that was all she had, she would not be a match for them.

“Immortal Mountains and Rivers!” Nangong Ziyue shouted. She no longer wanted to drag this out. A water pillar soared into the air from the lake behind her. It carried the immortality of mountains and rivers as she punched with both hands.

One punch represented mountains and the other represented rivers. The immortality of mountains and rivers exist only for me. Nangong Ziyue revealed a proud smile, emitting a tyrannical aura.


The Sword Technique that Mo Ziyan sent out quickly was nothing before these two punches. He vomited two mouthfuls of blood and crashed into the Wind Cloud Barrier, losing his ability to continue fighting.

Nangong Ziyue pulled back her fists and the mountains and rivers disappeared. Only the cool breeze remained in the dueling ring.

All the cultivators in the vast spectator stands were silent. The earlier tyrannical punches left a deep impression on everyone.

It was hard to imagine that this delicate-looking girl performed such a tyrannical punch.

The final stage of the first day of competition did not disappoint anyone. Mo Ziyan and Nangong Ziyue’s match was worth the wait.

Nangong Ziyue looked towards the spectators stand of the seeded participants. After she gave Yue Chenxi a quick glance, she gently jumped off the dueling ring.

Everyone understood what this glance meant. In the qualifiers, Nangong Ziyue had lost the fight for a seeded spot. Since she did not want to reveal her strength, she was forced to give up on the seeded spot.

However, that did not mean that she was weaker than Yue Chenxi. She was now sending a challenge to Yue Chenxi, intending to avenge her precious loss.

The Immortal Mountains and Rivers Fist against the peak Great Perfection Morning Sun Fist. What kind of astonishing battle would that be?

Between Yue Chenxi and Nangong Ziyue, who was stronger? Everyone was filled with anticipation.

After Mo Ziyan and Nangong Ziyue’s match ended, there were still a few random matches. However, they were not particularly outstanding and could be ignored.

Most of the cultivators present got up and walked out. They moved in groups of three to five as they discussed the matches, all looking very excited.

The quality of this Five Nation Youth Competition was much better than the previous one. The newcomers that showed up were also better than the previous ones.

Several of the experienced experts like the previously ranked forty-seventh Xie Ziwen, and the previously ranked thirty-ninth Ma Yuan, fell on the first day and were eliminated from the competition.

Even before the seeded participants appeared, the first day of the competition was already very magnificent. This made everyone hold even more anticipation for the matches two days later.

When nine of the seeded participants joined the matches, it would definitely make the incredibly intense elimination matches even more bitter.

The newcomers who were hiding their strength would not be able to continue hiding. Could the new stars—Xuanyuan Zhantian, Lin Fei, Xiao Chen, and Chu Chaoyun—continue until the end? This was also something that filled the crowd with anticipation.

Xiao Chen stopped watching and prepared to leave with First Elder Jiang Chi and the others.

“Ha ha! Old Brother Xiao Chen, it has been a long time.”

Just at this moment, familiar laughter rang out. Xiao Chen looked back and saw Jin Dabao, dressed in pearls and precious stones, fanning himself as he dragged his fat body over.

Jiang Chi and the others were not familiar with Jin Dabao. They merely greeted him before leaving.

Xiao Chen looked at Jin Dabao and smiled. “Unexpectedly, with your figure, you dared to take part in the Five Nation Youth Competition. Furthermore, you even managed to clear the first round of elimination. How unbelievable!”

Jin Dabao chuckled and waved it off. “It’s just a small matter. It is only the first round of elimination. Wait until this Fat Lord gets into the top ten.

“Do your best then and work hard, so the two of us can enter the finals.”

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