Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Liu Xiaoyun

There were deep pits of various sizes on the ground. The original lush forest no longer existed.

Furthermore, this was the result when Xiao Chen restrained himself. If he had not done so, half the mountain would have disappeared.

“Ao Jiao, given the strength of my physical body, can I execute Return of the Azure Dragon?” Xiao Chen asked.

Xiao Chen had experienced firsthand the might of a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique. Back when he was a Martial Disciple, he managed kill a Martial Grand Master by using such a Martial Technique; this was the best proof of its might.

Now, it was the Five Nation Youth Competition. There were as many experts here as there were clouds. Everyone had their own trump cards. If he could use the Return of the Azure Dragon once, he would be more confident.

Slightly before dawn, Xiao Chen returned to Dragon Sealing City feeling very excited. However, boundless fatigue bubbled up and overpowered him. He fell asleep as soon as he lay down without doing anything else.

After some time passed, he heard knocks on his door and someone calling out “Senior Brother.” As a result of his usual habits, he quickly woke up.

Xiao Chen circulated his energy and his fatigue disappeared. After the nap, he felt a lot more spirited.

When he looked out, he discovered weak sunlight shining through his window. Unexpectedly, he had slept until noon.

Xiao Chen quickly got up and opened the door. Yun Kexin, Liu Suifeng, Mu Heng, Zhang Lie, and Murong Chong were all already outside the door waiting for him.

“Unexpectedly, Junior Brother Xiao has a habit of sleeping in. It is already noon and you are still sleeping,” Yun Kexin said in a somewhat mischievous fashion.

Xiao Chen felt slightly embarrassed. The events of the previous day resulted in both physical and mental exhaustion. Otherwise, he would not have slept so heavily for so long.

“Why are you looking for me?”

Liu Suifeng laughed and said, “Senior Sister Yun suggested we walk around the city together. There are many historical sites and ancient architecture in Dragon Sealing City. We should have a good look around.”

Before the Tianwu Dynasty was established, Dragon Sealing City already existed. Normally, this city was not open to outsiders; it was hard for them to even enter and take a look.

The city would only open up to outsiders during the Five Nation Youth Competition. The cultivators that came from all over the world made the place very lively.

Even Murong Chong, who was rather antisocial, was prepared to go with them. One could easily imagine the charm of Dragon Sealing City.

Xiao Chen also felt excited over it. He smiled and said, “Wait for me. I can go after I wash up.”

After about fifteen minutes, Xiao Chen left the courtyard with the rest to walk the streets of Dragon Sealing City.

The previous day, he had been the first to arrive at Dragon Sealing City. He had not see anyone in the vast Dragon Sealing City. Now, it was packed with people; there were cultivators from all nations.

Merchants seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, filling the streets. There were restaurants, inns, and stores. Everything necessary was present. The city was bustling and brightly lit.

Liu Suifeng smiled and said, “Unexpectedly, there are so many people. Dragon Sealing City is even larger than Xihe City. There should be at least two million people here.”

Nodding, Xun Kexin added, “That is normal. This is the influence of the Five Nation Youth Competition, an event that involves the entire continent. Add in the charm of Dragon Sealing City itself and it would not be surprising even if there were three million people.”

The group was in awe as they looked around the city. Historical sites from several ten thousand years ago could be seen everywhere in Dragon Sealing City.

The ancient aura these sites exuded informed everyone that these were definitely real. Several of the historical sites made everyone sigh. They lingered on and forgot about going home.

There were even some cultivators who gained some enlightenment at the historical sites, breaking through bottlenecks that had hindered them for many years.

As the group walked, they arrived before a wall filled with scars. There were a lot of people here; many cultivators gathered here.

It was not known what that wall was made off. It was pitch-black and gave off a dim light. It was a hundred meters tall.

“This is Coiling Dragon Wall. It is made out of a meteorite from the sky. It already looked like that when it fell. The scars on it were left by some ancient Martial Sages. There are spear, sword, saber, palm, and fist scars.

“Only an expert with a true Dragon Qi would be able to leave behind scars on this wall. He he! This Coiling Dragon Wall is very remarkable.”

The owner of this wall was a rich merchant. He was currently introducing the wall to the crowd with a smile on his face. “If any of you can touch the Coiling Dragon Wall for ten seconds, I will immediately give whoever does one hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

“The longer you can touch it, the more I will give. Every time you double the amount of time past ten seconds, I will double the number of Spirit Stones. You can give it a try at the cost of ten thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

There was a long line drawn on the ground. The many cultivators who were looking were blocked, standing five hundred meters away. They could only gaze at the wall from a distance.

“Is that true? As long as I can touch the wall for ten seconds, you will give me a hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones?”

“That must be a lie. How can there be such an easy thing?” Several cultivators were tempted. They could earn a hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones if they touched the wall for ten seconds, but how could it be that simple?

That wealthy merchant smiled so widely that he was squinting. “It is definitely true. I guarantee it. I am from the Wantong Merchant Association. We do have that much credibility at the very least.”

“The Wantong Merchant Association is the top merchant association in the Great Jin Nation. That means they are the top merchant association in the world. It should not be fake. I will give it a try.”

A Medial Grade Martial King bladesman tossed out ten thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Then, he stepped across the line and walked towards the pitch-black scarred wall.


Before that cultivator could even walk a hundred meters, his expression became very unsightly. Then, he took a few more steps before being knocked back and vomiting blood.

Such a strange sight stunned everyone, they felt it was very queer. This immediately calmed the cultivators who were raring to give it a try; they were no longer in a rush to make a decision.

However, humans were at their most stubborn when it came to their curiosity. The stranger something was, the more people wanted to know; they would want to try it for themselves.

Furthermore, there was the temptation of the large payout in Medial Grade Spirit Stones. After a few more people handed over their Spirit Stones, they stepped over the line.

In the end, no one was able to get within a hundred meters of the wall. They were all knocked back by a strange force. Their expressions were full of horror.

After the time to boil a few kettles of tea, the person from the Wantong Merchant Association had received more than two million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. The smile on his face became even wider.

“Is there any other friend who wants to give it a try? This is a payout rate of ten times. It is definitely worth it.”

Liu Suifeng felt it was strange. He asked, “Xiao Chen, what is going on? Not to mention touching the wall, no one can even get close to it.”

Xiao Chen thought awhile before answering, “The crux of the problem would be those deep scars. That person was probably telling the truth; they are scars left by some ancient Martial Sages.

“The wills of the ancient Martial Sages still linger in the scars; they have not dissipated yet. Bladesmen would have to face the saber intents of ancient Saber Sages. Swordsmen would have to face the sword intents of ancient Sword Sages. Those who fight in close combat would have to face the auras of their respective Sages.”

“Let me give it a try.”

While they spoke, Murong Chong had stepped up. He tossed out ten thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones and stepped over the line. Then, he headed for the Coiling Dragon Wall.

Murong Chong easily walked two hundred meters before his expression started to turn unsightly. Then, he walked another hundred meters. Now, he was already frowning tightly.

Murong Chong did not stop moving, continuing to walk forward. He moved another hundred meters. Now, he was only a hundred meters away from the wall.

One hundred meters from the wall was a hurdle. No one had managed to cross that yet. When everyone saw Murong Chong stop a hundred meters from the wall, they could not help but feel nervous.

Murong Chong took a deep breath and placed his right hand on his saber. Then, he took a giant stride forward, leaving deep footprints in the ground; he had successfully stepped across.

“He has succeeded. This person is now less than a hundred meters away. No wonder he is a genius who qualified for the arena battles,” someone whispered when they saw the dragon-shaped jade pendant hanging at Murong Chong’s waist.

“I wonder if he can continue walking.”

Every step Murong Chong took seemed very arduous. His forehead filled with sweat as he approached the Coiling Dragon Wall step by step.

It was unknown what kind of pressure Murong Chong was enduring. The footprints on the ground became deeper and deeper.

“He is only ten steps away. In another ten steps, he will be able to touch the Coiling Dragon Wall.”

Although every step was arduous, Murong Chong did not stop. The distance continued to shorten and everyone became excited.


Murong Chong suddenly shouted and took a big step forward. Finally, he arrived before the Coiling Dragon Wall and sent out a palm strike.


However, Murong Chong only touched the wall for one second when a formless force bounced him back. He vomited mouthfuls of blood and paled.

Liu Suifeng and the others quickly rushed forward and helped Murong Chong up. He said, “The ancient Martial Sages’ saber intents are indeed horrifying.”

Although Murong Chong had been bounced back in a sorry state, no one mocked him for being weak. He had accomplished something that no one else managed; they did not even manage to reach within a hundred meters of the wall.

For Murong Chong to be able to go up and touch the wall, this was proof that he was not weak.

Following that, several people went forward and gave it a try. Out of that group, there were a few participants who qualified for the arena battles. However, the closest they got was just ten meters from the wall; they could not even touch the Coiling Dragon Wall.

This strange Coiling Dragon Wall and the mysterious ancient Martial Sages that made the scars gathered an even larger group of people. However, now that there was too many precedents of failure, no one made light of the decision to step up.

“Interesting. Last year, I heard that the Wantong Merchant Association found a strange rock from the skies. Unexpectedly, it is here. I shall give it a try.”

A cold voice sounded and a blue-robed swordsman slowly parted the crowd.

“This is the Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion’s Liu Xiaoyun. He was the tenth rank participant of the previous Five Nation Youth Competition. Unexpectedly, someone of this caliber has come to join the excitement.”

Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion’s Liu Xiaoyun… 

Xiao Chen had some impression of him. When he had been at the peak, he had seen Liu Xiaoyun’s powerful state of ice. He also heard that Liu Xiaoyun had obtained a seeded spot.

Liu Xiaoyun held a plain sword in his hand as he stood before the line. When he saw the many scars of various weapons on the Coiling Dragon Wall, he revealed a disdainful smile.

“You have been dead for ten thousand years, yet you are all acting mysterious and scaring people!”


Liu Xiaoyun pushed off the ground and he immediately shot forward by a hundred meters. Then, he pushed off the ground again, moving an additional two hundred meters. In the blink of an eye, he had advanced three hundred meters.

When the surrounding cultivators saw this, they all cried out in surprise at Liu Xiaoyun’s strength.

After Liu Xiaoyun planted his feet, his expression became more cautious. At this moment, the sharp wills in the Coiling Dragon Wall continuously crashed against his Martial Spirit and spirit.

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