Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 559

Chapter 559: Going to the Five Nation Youth Competition

Xiao Chen said calmly, “Aside from talent and aptitude, a cultivator needs fortuitous encounters and Luck to achieve success. Perhaps in another two years, you all might rise up after an fortuitous encounter.”

Shaking her head, Yun Kexin argued, “I feel that what you said are just secondary. What decides how far a cultivator goes is the character of the cultivator.”

Between the few of them, they chatted about a few other topics. Not long after, the First Elder, Jiang Chi, lead the Second Elder and the Third Elder over.

Jiang Chi got right to the point. “The Five Nation Youth Competition is at the Great Jin Nation’s Dragon Sealing Mountain Range. It is very far from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, so we need to leave early. If you have other matters to settle, I can give you another hour to deal with them. We will immediately depart after an hour.”

Xiao Chen and the others shook their heads to indicate that they did not have anything to settle. Jiang Chi nodded and said, “In that case, we will depart now!”

The few of them followed Jiang Chi out. When they reached the open space in front of the hall, they found a crystalline jade ship parked there.

Liu Suifeng said with astonishment in his voice, “Isn’t this Ancestral Martial Aunt’s personal Golden Jade Glazed Ship? It is a high-ranked Superior Grade Secret Treasure. Is Ancestral Martial Aunt coming with us as well?”

Jiang Chi nodded with a complicated expression. “Yes. All the sects in the world will be going to the Dragon Sealing Mountain Range. We cannot let the Heavenly Saber Pavilion be shamed. Furthermore, there are some matters that are not as simple as you think. We need to show off some of our strength.”

On the bow of the ship. The luxuriously dressed Shen Manjun smiled faintly and said, “Jiang Chi, you don’t have to tell the younger generation about this matter. Come on up!”


The Great Qin Nation, Misty Sword Sect, on a Mountain Peak:

Chu Chaoyun looked deeply into the churning clouds in front. It was unclear what he was thinking about.

The Misty Sword Sect’s Sect Master said sullenly, “Chaoyun, although there are nine people in our Misty Sword Sect who qualify for the Five Nation Youth Competition, you are probably the only one who can make it past the first round.”

Chu Chaoyun turned around and smiled faintly. “Sect Master, rest assured. Whether it is for myself or to repay the help the Misty Sword Sect has given me, I will definitely do my best in the Five Nation Youth Competition.”

When the Misty Sword Sect’s Sect Master heard this, he felt more at ease. Chu Chaoyun’s origins were mysterious; even he felt his strength to be unfathomable. If Chu Chaoyun used his true strength, he would definitely be able to make it into the top twenty.

The amount of Luck that would be obtained would be sufficient for them to continue on without falling in this vast world.

“That’s good. I will not bother saying anything else, then. We will depart tomorrow; you should use today to make your preparations.”


Southern Boundless Sea:

The Southern Sea’s Four Heroes were gathered before a table. They were all excited and eager without exception.

“We are finally departing. I have long wanted to go and challenge those Great Jin Nation geniuses. I want to see if the eight great Noble Clans and the ten great sects are what legends make them out to be.”

“Third Brother, don’t be overconfident. Although the Spiritual Energy in our Boundless Sea is very dense and no lower than that of the Great Jin Nation, the legacies and inheritance we have are slightly weaker than theirs. Don’t let your guard down.”

“Big Brother is right. However, the four of us are not weak at all. We are able to become famous in the Boundless Sea; our results in the continent should not be any worse.”

The leader of the Southern Sea’s Four Heroes picked up his wine cup and said, “That’s right. Normally, we do not bother to go out. Now that we are going out, we must spread the name of the Southern Sea’s Four Heroes. Come, let’s drink! May we four be able to succeed in our matches and make it to the top fifty!”

“That will definitely happen! Cheers!”



The four of them clinked their cups and downed their wine in one gulp. After that, they shattered their wine cups and laughed heartily. Finally, they went out and headed for the warship that was already waiting.


Eastern Boundless Sea, Forbidden Area of the Divine Dragon Palace:

Four Martial Monarch elders were currently watching the spatial crack within the barrier anxiously.

The hope of the Divine Dragon Palace, the Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King, Xuanyuan Zhantian, had already been in the Demonic World for more than two months.

Three days had passed since the appointed time for Xuanyuan Zhantian’s return, but he had not appeared yet.

Given Xuanyuan Zhantian’s memory, he would definitely not forget the appointed time. Unless…unless…there was only one possibility—he had fallen!

The four Martial Monarch elders all had unsightly expressions on their faces. Xuanyuan Zhantian was the hope of the Divine Dragon Palace. He could even be said to the hope of the entire Boundless Sea.

For the past thousand years, there had been very few geniuses that they were sure would become Martial Sages.

The Divine Dragon Palace had invested a large amount of resources in Xuanyuan Zhantian. If such a person fell, the loss would be hard to bear.

“Your Majesty, we have waited for three days and three nights already. It is time to choose another person. The Divine Dragon Palace still needs someone to lead the team to participate in the Five Nation Youth Competition,” an elder could not help but suggest.

The Dragon King’s sharp eyes looked very sullen. He said in a powerful voice, “There is no need to say anything else. Zhantian is worth me waiting another seven days and seven nights. No one else can elevate the Divine Dragon Palace in this grand age.”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Right after the Dragon King spoke, heavy footsteps came from the barrier.

Every step was filled with power, making the ground shake. The four elders’ expressions changed greatly. Suspecting that some powerful Demons had come out from the spatial crack, they quickly took a look.

The four elders only saw a completely injured Xuanyuan Zhantian coming out. His purple robes were completely dyed red with blood. He carried the Royal Dragon Horse, which was even more injured than him, on his shoulder.

The four revealed extremely shocked expressions. This Royal Dragon Horse weighed some ten tons. Despite being so heavily injured, Xuanyuan Zhantian carried the horse back.


Xuanyuan Zhantian tossed the Heavenly War Halberd in his right hand and the barrier that could stop a Rank 8 Demonic Beast immediately shattered.

“Sorry, something unexpected happened that resulted in my being delayed. I am not too late, right?”


Ancient Desolate Land, under the Vast Heavenly Extermination Lake:

A vast white-jade palace floated quietly in the water. This palace was the mysterious headquarters of the Myriad Fiend Palace.

Xiao Bai was seriously training the Heart Nourishing Universe Sword Technique in a garden of the palace.

As the sword light flashed, winds blew. The world seemed to be turned upside down here.

A bright light flickered at Xiao Bai’s chest. As the light flickered, the might of the Sword Technique doubled. The flickering light was what many swordsmen dreamed of having—a Sword Heart.

In two years, Xiao Bai’s pure and innocent face had lost some of its childishness and gained a hint of youth.

Her exquisite body had become more graceful. Together with a nebulous winsomeness, it gave her a certain sense of beauty, making one fall for her charms at first sight.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Footsteps could be heard. So Xiao Bai withdrew her sword and immediately looked back. She discovered Mu Xinya walking over.

Xiao Bai immediately revealed a joyful smile as she quickly rushed over. “Elder Sister Xinya, are we going to the Great Jin Nation already?”

Naturally, as one of the three peak geniuses of the Myriad Fiend Palace, Mu Xinya would be representing the Myriad Fiend Palace in the Five Nation Youth Competition. She patted Xiao Bai’s head and said, “Yes, we are about to leave immediately.”

Xiao Bai continued, “Elder Sister Xinya, Elder Brother Xiao Chen will definitely take part, right?”

A faint smile appeared on Mu Xinya’s face as the image of Xiao Chen’s face flashed through her mind. She was thinking of Xiao Chen’s handsome countenance as he had looked in the Ancient Desolate Tower.

Mu Xinya nodded seriously and say, “He will definitely, definitely go.

Xiao Bai smiled jubilantly and said, “That is great! I finally can see Elder Brother Xiao Chen again!”


Up within the clouds, Shen Manjun’s Golden Jade Glazed Ship flew at Mach 3 as it headed for the Great Jin Nation’s Dragon Sealing Mountain Range.

The group could see several warships in the sky. They were all headed in the same direction as the Golden Jade Glazed Ship.

Aside from warships, there were also many cultivators traveling alone, riding on flying Spirit Beasts.

With a quick glance, one could discover several cultivators at every interval.

Naturally, these people were going to the Dragon Sealing Mountain Range. However, only a small portion would be there to participate in the Five Nation Youth Competition. Most of them would watch.

This was the Five Nation Youth Competition that would herald the start of the age of geniuses. This is something that would not happen even in a thousand years. This had made all the cultivators in the continent curious; everyone wanted to watch.

Who would be the main character in this age of geniuses? Who would be in the spotlight of this stage? Who would have the last laugh? Who was the true main character?

However, there were limited seats for spectators. The Wind Cloud Arena’s spectator stands would definitely not contain all the cultivators. So, these cultivators had to rush over early. If they were late, they might be making a wasted trip.

The Golden Jade Glazed Ship moved very fast; most of the Spirit Beasts and warships around them could not keep up. Xiao Chen and the others stood on the deck, watching the scenery and casually chatting.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen thought of something. He asked, “How come I don’t see Leng Liusu? With her strength and potential, after training in the Holy Land for two years, she should have already become a Martial King.”

“That’s right. Why did Leng Liusu not come back?”

Unexpectedly, despite being the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Young Pavilion Master, she had not returned at such a crucial moment. When the group heard Xiao Chen ask, they could not help but feel that it was strange as well.

Suddenly, the previously silent Murong Chong said, “She already became a core disciple of the Phoenix’s Passion Palace and had gone to the upper realm long ago. The people of the Three Holy Lands cannot come and compete for Luck.”

When the group heard this, they were astonished. At the same time, they felt that it was strange that Murong Chong was aware of this.

After six days of flying at Mach 3, the Golden Jade Glazed Ship finally arrived near the Great Jin Nation’s Dragon Sealing Mountain Range. They only needed another half day’s flight to get there.

Jiang Chi and the other two elders came out on the deck and introduced the situation of the Great Jin Nation to the group. Then they gave a simple explanation of the Five Nation Youth Competition’s rules.

“The Five Nation Youth Competition is divided into the qualifiers and the arena battles. No matter how many people sign up, only four hundred people will clear the qualifiers. That is to say, only four hundred people in the entire Tianwu Continent can step onto the Wind Cloud Arena.

Liu Suifeng was shocked when he heard this. “This is very strict. With so many people being disqualified in the first round, might it not result in some strong contestants getting overlooked?

Jiang Chi smiled and said, “It is possible. However, that is very rare. The method of selection is very simple and fair. You will understand better when you are there.”

When the ship neared the Dragon Sealing Mountain Range, the number of warships they saw increased. Eventually, it came to the point where a warship was visible every hundred meters.

There were at least ten thousand warships and countless flying Spirit Beasts densely filling the air. This was a grand sight to behold.

As there were too many warships, Shen Manjun had no choice but to slow down the Golden Jade Glazed Ship and continue at a reduced speed.

Four hours later, Jiang Chi pointed at a mountain range in front and said, “That is the Dragon Sealing Mountain Range!”

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