Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 558

Chapter 558: Yue Chenxi Emerging from Closed-Door Training

The First Elder in the middle said solemnly, “It is hard to say. The Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion, Sun Moon Sect, Supreme Yi Palace, and the other sects have geniuses as well. Furthermore, there are the eight Noble Clans. We can only be sure when she comes out.”


Suddenly, a resplendent ring of light erupted from the multicolored light, like the morning sun slowly rising.

Right in the middle of the ring of light was the beautiful Yue Chenxi. Under the illumination of the multicolored light, she looked like a fairy, refined and elegant.

“She is out!”

When all the multicolored lights gathered together, they formed a rainbow bridge. Yue Chenxi walked on the rainbow bridge towards the three elders.

“Chenxi greets First Martial Uncle, Second Martial Uncle, and Third Martial Uncle.” Yue Chenxi smiled as she bowed slightly.

The First Elder carefully gauged her. After that, shock flooded his face as he muttered, “Consummation half-step Martial Monarch!”

Yue Chenxi revealed a faint smile on her face. She said, “I have comprehended the state of light and the state of cloud to their limits. I also reached Great Perfection in the Morning Sun Fist.”

The First Elder laughed loudly and said, “Good. Now you are qualified to compete for the final two positions of the top ten.”

The eight Noble Clans had been around for ten thousand years. Each of them had produced a Martial Emperor before. Their descendents all possessed the bloodline of an Emperor. Their talents were all shocking and very strong.

In every Five Nation Youth Competition, the top eight would be occupied by different people. However, there was one thing that did not change—the top eight were always occupied by the disciples of these eight Noble Clans.

This already formed a fixed pattern and would not change. There had never been any unexpected surprises.

That was why the First Elder could only say that Yue Chenxi could compete for the ninth and tenth ranks; the top eight ranks were untouchable.

However, Yue Chenxi’s expression did not change. She only looked in the direction of the distant Great Qin Nation in the west. Anticipation gleamed in her eyes.

Yue Chenxi muttered softly to herself, “I wonder, how strong is that fellow now?”

Two years have passed. I relied on the Daybreak Flower to advance my strength rapidly. He has no sect behind him and is an independent cultivator. Will he be able to keep up?


Great Jin Nations, One of the Ten Great Sects—Evil Moon Pavilion:

The top genius of the Evil Moon Pavilion, Bai Zhan, sat expressionless above the center of a full-moon-shaped lake. At first glance, the lake was calm and peaceful.

However, if one looked carefully, there were countless spots of red light jumping around under the mirrorlike lake surface.

There were so many, the lake seemed to be equal parts water and red light.

If one’s cultivation reached Martial Monarch and could extend their Mental Energy, they would be shocked to discover that the red lights were all hot sparks.

Fire and water opposed each other. This was the eternal principle of nature. However, at this moment, many sparks burned strangely within the vast lake.

Suddenly, the calm Bai Zhan shouted, “Raging Frost Flame Wave!” The lake water that had been suppressed for so long exploded, surging up from the surface.

Countless pillars of water froze into ice. The sparks became raging flames, soaring into the sky.

Finally, the ice and fire that were tolerating each other formed a huge energy wave quickly heading to a mountain range in the distance.


The vast energy exploded, blasting the one-kilometer-tall mountain peak into dust.

However, that was not all. Unexpectedly, a huge, deep pit appeared in the ground where the mountain peak used to be. It was a hundred meters wide and so deep that the bottom could not be seen.

Bai Zhan revealed a maniacal smile as he laughed loudly, “Perfect tolerance of ice and fire! I have finally achieve it. Xiao Chen! You managed to escape with your life in the Boundless Sea. However, I will defeat you before everyone in the upcoming Five Nation Youth Competition.”


Tianwu Continent, Great Chu Nation, Heavenly Sword Gate:

Ding Fengchou stood upright on a mountain peak, holding his hands behind his back. Eighteen swords flew around in the air in front of him, moving in all sorts of formations.

The long, slender swords in the air vibrated without end. Everywhere they passed, a pitch-black crack appeared quickly before disappearing.

These swords could temporarily tear open space, showing how mighty they were. It was hard to imagine.

Jin Wuji quickly rushed over from behind. When he saw this scene, he exclaimed in shock, “Senior Brother, your Resistance Fencing can now control eighteen swords!”


Ding Fengchou casually collected the eighteen swords and returned them to his spatial ring. He smiled gently and said, “That’s right. However, I cannot sustain it for long.”

Jin Wuji said joyfully, “That is great. That what’s-his-name…Xiao Chen is definitely not a match for you anymore. With a continuous stream of attacks from eighteen swords, no one under Martial Monarch would be able to survive that.”

Appearing very calm, Ding Fengchou continued to smile gently as he said, “It is hard to say. Let’s not speak about this for now. Why are you looking for me?”

Jin Wuji recovered his wits and said, “The Sect Master told me to come look for you. He instructed me to tell you that there are seven more days to the Five Nation Youth Competition and to call you over to select a Secret Treasure.”

“Let’s go, then!”


Similar incidents were taking place in every corner of the Tianwu Continent as the Five Nation Youth Competition drew closer.

All the geniuses in closed-door cultivation started to come out. They emerged with boundless confidence and looked forward to the day of the Five Nation Youth Competition.

In the back mountains of Qingyun Peak, Xiao Chen sat before a waterfall, leisurely watching the water crashing down endlessly.

Three days ago, he had concluded his training of the Four Season Saber Technique. He had finished the Cycle of Seasons and named it Endless Growth.

Xiao Chen had practiced the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique to Great Perfection and finished comprehending the Four Season Saber Technique. He would not be able to advance his cultivation much in this short period of time.

He also had other techniques, like the Battle Sage Origins’ Changing Character Formula and Strength Character Formula, or the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit’s exclusive Saber Technique—the Dragon Subduing Slash—and exclusive Movement Technique—the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art.

These were peak Martial Techniques in the Tianwu Continent. However, due to various reasons, he was unable to cultivate them.

Xiao Chen thought for a while and decided that there was no more need to keep training. So, he came to the waterfall every day and chatted with Ao Jiao.

All he could do was to quietly wait for that day to come, tempering his state of mind.

The Battle Sage Origins’ Changing Character Formula required Xiao Chen’s cultivation to reach a more profound level before he could continue practicing it. Otherwise, he would only be scratching the surface and his move would be easily broken by his opponent.

As for the Strength Character Formula, although it was hidden in the Lunar Shadow Saber, he had no way to access it. He was confused about this and did not know where to start.

Xiao Chen had used the Dragon Subduing Slash before. He had done it while his cultivation was insufficient. He still clearly remembered the pain he had experienced back then. If he wanted to live, he would not dare to use it.

He suspected that the requirement for this Dragon Subduing Slash was not on cultivation but the physical body.

Once the physical body reached a certain standard, he would be able to endure that horrifying energy wave, controlling it as he pleased.

“After you reach Martial Monarch, you will be able to cultivate the Battle Sage Origins’ Changing Character Formula. In Sang Mu’s early days, he did not rely on the Changing Character Formula to achieve fame.”

Ao Jiao continued calmly from the Lunar Shadow Saber, “However, it is also possible that you are not suited to cultivating the Changing Character Formula. That would mean that you will never be able to reach the level of developing your opponent’s Martial Techniques.”

Xiao Chen smiled calmly. “That would be fine. Everyone has their own path to take. I am a bladesman and the Thunder Emperor was a swordsman. It would be hard for me to follow the exact same path he did.”

A saber was a saber and a sword was a sword. There was an inherent difference that could not be bridged between a bladesman and a swordsman.

A bladesman was tyrannical, bold, and powerful; there was no other special characteristics.

However, a swordsman was different. The sword was the nobleman of weapons. No matter how tyrannical, bold, and powerful it was, it would still have an air of elegance.

Of course, it would be impossible to say which was stronger. It would definitely depend of the individual’s strength.

Surprised, Ao Jiao blurted out, “Trashy Master, I have underestimated you. What you mean is that you will not be the second Thunder Emperor but the White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen.”

He smiled gently and did not confirm or deny it. He changed the topic, saying, “I heard that the Thunder Emperor managed to defeat many Noble Clan geniuses in the Five Nation Youth Competition. Speaking of which, exactly what rank did he achieve?”

The era of the Thunder Emperor was just like the present. They were both eras of geniuses. Geniuses filled the lands; it was a glorious time.

The name of the Thunder Emperor, Sang Mu, started to shake the Tianwu Continent after the battle in the Wind Cloud Arena.

However, because it had been too long ago, no one in the Great Qin Nation was sure about what rank the Thunder Emperor achieved.

Just when Ao Jiao was about to reply, she heard footsteps. She could only stop the conversation there and say, “Someone is coming.”

“Ha ha! Xiao Chen, you are really free. You still have time to watch the waterfall.” Liu Suifeng walked over, radiant with happiness. He could not stop smiling.

Xiao Chen turned his head to look and a light flashed in his eyes. He performed a cupped-fist salute and said, “Congratulations on breaking through to Martial King.”

Liu Suifeng chuckled and said, “I broke through yesterday. It’s all thanks to your Spirit Stones and Spirit Herbs. Otherwise, I would not be able to break through the bottleneck to Martial King so fast.”

Xiao Chen said calmly, “It is just a small matter. Why are you looking for me?”

With a helpless expression, Liu Suifeng replied, “I really don’t know what to say about you. There is another seven days to the sign-up time of the Five Nation Youth Competition. We are leaving immediately. The First Elder is currently gathering all the people in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion who are qualified.”

The requirements to participate in the Five Nation Youth Competition had already been released. Like Liu Suifeng had anticipated, the minimum was a Martial King under the age of twenty-four.

Compared to the previous Five Nation Youth Competition, the requirements had been raised by one cultivation realm. However, the number of people who would take part would be much higher this time.

At the Heaven Viewing Platform in the main hall of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Xiao Chen saw the other contestants of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Aside from him and Murong Chong, there were four other people.

They were all people whom Xiao Chen recognized: Beichen Peak’s Mu Heng, Tianyue Peak’s Zhang Lie, Yun Kexin, and the recently broken-through Liu Suifeng.

Out of the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s five-thousand-odd people, only six people qualified. It had to be said that the turnout was quite shameful.

The few people exchanged glances for greetings. Since the First Elder had not arrived, they started chatting casually.

They had known one another before this and had been through life and death in the strange space. There was no problems between them and they started chatting together excitedly.

Only Murong Chong was rather proud and aloof. He simply closed his eyes and did not participate.

Mu Heng looked at Xiao Chen and said regretfully to Yun Kexin and Zhang Lie, “Although there were some differences in our strengths when we were in the strange space, the gap was not large. However, in a mere two years, Xiao Chen completely left us in the dust.”

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