Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 554

Chapter 554: Destroying the Sacred Heavenly Church

This castle was the Sacred Heavenly Church’s headquarters in Qizi County. After Xiao Chen obtained the details from Mo Fan, he only used half a day to rush over.

“What do you plan on doing?” Ao Jiao asked from within the Lunar Shadow Saber.

Hidden in the clouds, Xiao Chen looked up and watched the setting sun. He replied softly, “Wait for the sky to turn dark.”

With his Spiritual Sense, the so-called defenses of this castle was just a joke. Everything was plainly visible to him; there were no secrets.

There were five Martial Kings in the castle. However, only one was a Superior Grade Martial King; the rest were Inferior Grade Martial Kings.

The five Martial Kings did not interest Xiao Chen at all. He could finish them off easily.

This was why Xiao Chen did not really care about the Sacred Heavenly Church. It was developing. All its plans were nothing before absolute power.

However, Ao Jiao was not as unfazed as Xiao Chen was. She said, “Have you thought about how they have five Martial Kings in this insignificant Qizi County? Think about the entire nation: how many bases the Sacred Heavenly Church has. They are not that simple, for them to have this number of Martial Kings here.”

Smiling, Xiao Chen replied, “Naturally, I thought about it. So we will wait until it is dark. When everyone here dies, they will be truly hurt. This group of people will know that they cannot afford to offend the people they have offended. So, they will withdraw.”

Ao Jiao smiled and said, “You are not stupid. I don’t have to worry, then. Go do what you need to.”

As the sun set, dusk came, followed by pitch-black night. After clouds filled the sky, the entire world was shrouded in darkness.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and looked at the brightly lit castle. His lips curled up as he rushed down.


In Mohe City, in the Zhang Clan’s courtyard, the hall was filled with people. All the elite Martial Grand Masters and above in the Zhang Clan gathered here.

All the Martial Saint guest elders were here as well. The Zhang Clan’s Clan Head, Zhang Yan, was seated in the center of the hall.

By relying on their rapid development in the past two years, the Zhang Clan, who controlled most of the businesses in Mohe City, managed to hire several experts.

There were tens of Martial Saint experts and hundreds of Martial Grand Masters. Zhang Yan himself was an Inferior Grade Martial King. In Mohe City, he was considered a peak expert.

With such power, he was unstoppable in Mohe City. Even the once glorious Xiao Clan could not stop him. As for the has-been Tang Clan, they were now not even comparable to a third-rate clan.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the hall was very solemn. No one spoke.

Some people looked excited, some cautious, some grave, some doubtful, and some eager.

Finally, an aged elder could not help but ask, “Clan Head, are we really going to attack the Xiao Clan tomorrow? Didn’t we already agree to the City Lord’s terms?”

Zhang Yan said sullenly, “Originally, I was planning to wait for a period of time. However, after what happened in the restaurant the other day, I’m afraid that the situation has changed. We can’t wait anymore.”

“However, I heard that the Xiao Clan’s Second Young Master is a disciple of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Will that be a problem?” a young cultivator with small eyes asked worriedly.

The moment that cultivator spoke, all the cultivators present who experienced the event four years ago revealed frightened expressions.

Zhang Yan’s chest tightened as well. Four years ago, when he led the troops to destroy the Xiao Clan, he had been lucky to survive. It was fate that allowed the Zhang Clan to gain the glory it had today.

As for the Tang Clan’s and the Leng Clan’s Clan Heads, they had died. Their clans went into decline as well.

However, the Zhang Clan’s Clan Head calmed down and smiled. He said, “There is no need to be afraid. Now, we have the Sacred Heavenly Church’s protection. So what if Xiao Xiong’s son is excellent? Is my First Son not excellent too? He is now a core disciple of the Misty Sword Sect. Furthermore, that brat had already been chased out of the clan by Xiao Xiong.

“What are you worried for? This is the best opportunity we have. While the Xiao Clan believes that we will honor the agreement with the City Lord, we can deal them a fatal blow, which they will never recover from.

“As long as the Xiao Clan is not destroyed, we cannot rest in peace. Let’s vote to decide this. Those who agree to attack tomorrow, please raise your hands.”

Most of the cultivators present did not hesitate to raise their hands.

Destroying the Xiao Clan was equivalent to obtaining vast resources. They would definitely obtain plenty of benefits. Naturally, all of them were willing to try.

When the minority of cultivators who were cautious saw the situation, they could only raise their hands helplessly.

Zhang Yan said in satisfaction, “Very good. We will move out tomorrow morning to wash the Xiao Clan in blood. From now on, to maintain secrecy, no one is allowed to leave this hall.”


“Pu ci!”

At this moment, in the castle on Heavenly Jade Mountain, Xiao Chen began his massacre.

At his hands, the Sacred Heavenly Church that the Zhang Clan’s Clan Head valued so much was like vegetables on the chopping board. They all died quickly; he could not even be bothered to draw the Lunar Shadow Saber.

Such difference in strength was like an uncrossable gap. Their advantage of numbers was just a joke.

From the moment Xiao Chen descended, the fate of the crowd in the castle had been decided; they had no way out.

Miserable cries resounded. No one could stop Xiao Chen in the castle, nor even delay him.

In the hall at the highest point of the castle, the five Martial Kings, who were in charge of the place, were glaring at Xiao Chen with murderous intent.

Under the feet of the five was a flight of steps with more than a thousand steps. Xiao Chen casually punched twice and a surging fist wind blasted the final two black-clothed cultivators in his way in half.

Finally, Xiao Chen arrived at the foot of the steps. Then, he slowly floated up, looking at the five in front of him.

The strongest person there was a Superior Grade Martial King. With such cultivation, it would not be wrong to say that he was the strongest person in Qizi County. However, that was still insufficient to deal with Xiao Chen.

That person’s black robes were clearly heavier than the others’. The ancient patterns were more complicated as well, making him look more dignified and solemn.

The first Martial King from the left looked at Xiao Chen and said coldly, “Friend, no matter for what reason you came for, you still can leave now. Let me tell you clearly, the Sacred Heavenly Church is not an opponent that a peak Superior Grade Martial King can offend.” Although he was afraid, his tone did not indicate that he was panicked.

Xiao Chen countered in an icy voice, “Idiot! Did I say that I am a peak Superior Grade Martial King?”

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen quickly drew the Lunar Shadow Saber at lightning speed. A dazzling purple light flashed and an extremely fast saber Qi flew out.

The one that spoke was immediately hacked in half. His body exploded and was reduced to a pool of blood.

“We judged wrongly. This person is a half-step Martial Monarch. Split up and report to headquarters that we are giving up Qizi County.”

The person in the middle looked very surprised. He quickly moved backwards and the remaining three people ran in different directions.

The five people had thought that Xiao Chen was only a peak Superior Grade Martial King. With their combined might, they should be able to kill Xiao Chen.

However, the five had not expected that when Xiao Chen drew his saber and exposed his strength, he could kill them in an instant. Such a difference in strength could not be made up for with numbers or tricks.

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations!”

Xiao Chen’s figure wavered and split into four. Then, he chased after the four black-robed men.

A cool breeze blew and all of Xiao Chen’s killing intent vanished. But before the four people could react, an overwhelming killing intent erupted out.

The person who was the leader dodged at a critical moment. The other three people failed to react and were killed in one blow.

All the Xiao Chens merged back together and his saber lit up with an extremely resplendent purple light. Under the huge pressure, the black-robed man closed his eyes in desperation.


Just at this moment, a resonant cry sounded from afar. A golden sword light came flying, blocking Xiao Chen’s saber.


The weapons clashed and generated a powerful energy shock wave. A strong wind blew, carrying off all the fallen leaves.

A potent force spread from the saber. Xiao Chen could not help but take ten steps back before he could stabilize himself.

He was astonished. Unexpectedly, the other party’s force was stronger than his. Although Xiao Chen had not used that much strength, this person who just appeared was an expert.

The person who arrived also wore black robes. However, the pattern on his robes was embroidered using gold thread, which lent it an ancient dignified air, a much more sumptuous honor.

The new arrival wore a mask that covered half his face, looking very mysterious.

“Young Master, this subordinate is incapable. I made a misjudgment. That person is a half-step Martial Monarch,” the Superior Grade Martial King on the ground said in horror as he knelt.

The masked man smiled faintly and said, “You go first. The foundations of Qizi County are gone. There is no need to come back in the future.”

The other man seemed like he was relieved of a burden as he quickly ran off.

Suddenly, the silent Xiao Chen asked, “Although you have changed your voice, you seem familiar. Who are you?”

The person under the mask did not deny it. He smiled faintly and said, “Honestly, I expected that with your character, you would enter into closed-door cultivation to prepare for the Five Nation Youth Competition. I did not expect you to spare some time to run to Mohe City.”

Xiao Chen said coldly, “You are just telling half-truths. Let’s see who you really are.”

“Boom! Boom!”

Suddenly, a boundless strong wind blew in the night sky. As Xiao Chen moved his saber, the clouds in all directions quickly gathered above him.

This was the preparatory stance of the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique—Moving Cloud and Wind. Strong winds blew, clouds drifted, moving together with the wind.


The masked man smiled faintly. He did not feel any fear when facing the strong Xiao Chen. The golden Heavenly Roc behind him spread its wings and a dazzling light turned into a sharp sword Qi.

When the weapons clashed, the two moved back. The two forces were equal, causing both to retreat a hundred meters.

The center of the gathering clouds in the sky also moved back a hundred meters, always remaining above Xiao Chen.

The second move of Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique—Gathering Cloud and Wind!

As Xiao Chen swung his saber, the wind and clouds merged together, immediately forming a huge whirlpool above him.

When the masked man saw this mysterious phenomenon, a carefree smile appeared on his face. “Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique…interesting. Let’s see how far you have trained it.”

The image of the golden Heavenly Roc behind him flickered under the masked man. It bore him into the air, increasing his speed by at least threefold.

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