Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 551

Chapter 551: Returning to Mohe City

Xiao Chen had not been here in four years. Now that he was back at his starting point, he revealed a faint smile. “Let’s go see Big Brother Mo Fan first. If there is an opportunity, I should get him to upgrade the Lunar Shadow Saber. The Rank 6 Thunder Roc Demonic Core can no longer keep up with my strength.”

When the Lunar Shadow Saber was first forged, Xiao Chen was a mere insignificant Martial Disciple. Naturally, at that point in time, the Rank 6 Thunder Roc was something that Xiao Chen could not imagine.

Now that he had advanced to half-step Martial Monarch, he could kill a Rank 6 Demonic Beast in a second. This Demonic Core was no longer appropriate for the Lunar Shadow Saber.

Thus, when Xiao Chen saw a thousand-year-old Rank 9 lightning-attributed Demonic Core in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Hidden Treasure Pavilion, he immediately grabbed it.

After Xiao Chen paid the entry toll, he entered the city together with the crowd. He recalled many warm memories when he saw the scenes on the two sides of the street.

Xiao Chen found a restaurant in the city. After taking a seat near the window, he called over a waiter. He handed a gold tael to the waiter and said, “Just answer my questions.”

The gold tael dazzled the waiter’s eyes. He bit on it to make sure it was real. Then, he quickly bowed and smiled. “He he! Young Hero, just ask whatever you want.

Xiao Chen thought for a moment before asking, “In Mohe City, which clan is the strongest now?”

The waiter laughed loudly and said, “Is there even a need to ask? Naturally it is our Zhang Clan. As of now, half the businesses in Mohe City is controlled by our Zhang Clan.”

“Your Zhang Clan?” Xiao Chen frowned heavily. Something was not right.

The waiter said proudly, “He he, that’s right. All the restaurants and inns in the city are businesses of the Zhang Clan. Although I am not a direct descendant of the Zhang Clan, my family name is Zhang as well; we can be considered as part of the same sect.”

Xiao Chen had an unsightly look on his face as he sipped his wine. If he remembered correctly, this restaurant used to be one of the Xiao Clan’s businesses.

“What about the Xiao Clan?”

The waiter revealed a very pleased expression as he said, “Life is full of ups and downs. Two years ago, their strength spread throughout the entire Qizi County. However, now, he he…they can only turtle up at the foot of Seven Horn Mountain.

“Soon, they will probably lose even the Seven Horn Mountain.”

Xiao Chen’s heart sank. When he left the Xiao Clan, he had finished off the Zhang Clan, the Tang Clan, and the Leng Clan, which was the upper echelon of Qizi County, using the Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formation.

Given the Xiao Clan’s strength, logically, they should not have had any opponents within Qizi County. What exactly happened in the meantime?

Could it be that the Noble Clans that Xiao Chen once offended had made a move? That was not right. Feng Feixue promised Xiao Chen that she would prevent those Noble Clans from making a move on the Xiao Clan.

Given the Feng Yu Merchant Association’s vast power, the various Noble Clans would definitely not have taken any impulsive actions; that would be suicidal.

“Pa! Pa!”

Xiao Chen took out another two gold taels and handed them over. “I’ll ask again, what happened in the past two years, causing the Xiao Clan to decline?”

When the waiter saw the two gold taels, his face lit up with happiness. However, a somewhat awkward expression remained on his face as he chuckled. “We are just minor characters. Actually, Young Hero can probably guess this as well. There are some secrets that we would have no way of knowing.

“In any case, two years ago, the Xiao Clan’s Clan Head and elders were suddenly severely injured. After that, the Tang Clan and Zhang Clan rose to power, snatching away much of the Xiao Clan’s territory.”

Xiao Chen waved his hand and dismissed the waiter. He was not surprised at receiving such an answer.

The restaurant waiter was not even an cultivator. It was easy to imagine how much he would know. Xiao Chen was just casually asking and did not bear much hope.

However, Xiao Chen was now feeling a headache. Originally, he just wanted to find out about the Xiao Clan’s current situation. However, he had not expected to receive news about the Xiao Clan being in desperate straits.

I should go and speak to Big Brother Mo. With his strength, he should at least know some things that the waiter did not.

“Ha ha! Xiao Ling`er, I did not expect you to come to our clan’s restaurant to have a meal. Come, let’s go to another place. I, Zhang Zeyang, will give you a treat!”

Just as Xiao Chen was preparing to pay the bill and leave, a familiar voice suddenly came from the hall downstairs. Xiao Chen thought for a bit; he found the name Zhang Zeyang familiar.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen finally managed to drag out the memory from a corner of his mind. Zhang Zeyang was the second son of the Zhang Clan’s Clan Head. His elder brother, Zhang He, had fought with him before.

While Zhang He could be considered an important character, this Zhang Zeyang was nothing. However, his tone now was extremely arrogant.

As for Xiao Ling`er, naturally, Xiao Chen did not forget her. She was one of the Xiao Clan’s disciples who had taken part in the Trial of Gloomy Forest with him and also one of the disciples who had pleaded for mercy on his behalf.

Xiao Chen also remembered the youth beside Xiao Ling`er. That was Ye Lan, one of the Xiao Clan’s disciples of a different family name; he was deeply attached to Xiao Ling`er.

Even when Xiao Ling`er had once gotten into deep trouble, Ye Lan had been willing to risk his life to save her. It looked like the two had made some progress in their relationship.

They seemed to be in some trouble now. Xiao Ling`er looked at Zhang Zeyang as she stood up and said, “What bad luck. We can’t even eat in peace. Ye Lan, let’s go!”

Xiao Ling`er was truly feeling depressed. She had been eating the food from this restaurant since she was young. This time, she wanted to come and eat here, so she could not resist bringing Ye Lan out for a meal.

However, before the two could start eating, they saw the person they did not wish to see the most.

“Thinking of leaving? Have you even asked me for permission?!” Zhang Zeyang snorted coldly. His subordinates immediately rushed forward and prevented the two from leaving.

Ye Lan’s face sank. He placed his right hand on his weapon and pulled Xiao Ling`er behind him. Then, he said in an icy voice, “Zhang Zeyang, what are you trying to do? Don’t forget what the City Lord said.”

Zhang Zeyang revealed a strange smile. He said, “Don’t worry. Since the City Lord already stopped the conflict between our clans, I will not make things difficult for you. However, how could you try to leave before even paying for the food you ordered?”

“Dong! Dong!”

Xiao Ling`er tossed out two ingots of gold on the table. She snorted and said, “Satisfied now? That is fifty taels of gold there. There is no need for change. Let’s go.”

However, the five subordinates blocking the door did not move at all, nor did they have any intention of moving.

These five subordinates were all peak Martial Grand Masters; they were all no weaker than Ye Lan. If the five of them worked together, they would be able to subdue Ye Lan in an instant.

Zhang Zeyang remained expressionless as he knocked the two ingots of gold against each other. He said in a cold voice, “Did I say that this meal is to be paid with gold? Pay us one hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones now or forget about leaving.”

Xiao Ling`er’s and Ye Lan’s expressions changed greatly. Xiao Ling`er cursed, then said, “What do you think you are selling? Even a Rank 1 Spirit Beast banquet is not worth this price!”

Zhang Zeyang looked at Xiao Ling`er’s wonderful figure and a frivolous gaze appeared in his eyes. He smiled and said, “You better understand the situation here. This is the Zhang Clan’s restaurant. The bill is however much I say it is. Even if you are not willing, you have to pay it.”

“I have been eyeing you for a long time already. Yet you dare to deliver yourself into the tiger’s mouth. I will count to five. If you are unable to pay the Spirit Stones, you will pay with your body!”

Zhang Zeyang looked as though he had complete control over the whole situation. Given the Zhang Clan’s current strength, no one could say no to them in Mohe City. Even the City Lord had to give them some face. Today, he would definitely be at the advantage.


As Zhang Zeyang started counting down, the five men at the doors smiled maniacally. They locked their auras on the two, preparing to make a move.

“One, attack!” Zhang Zeyang shouted coldly. The five men immediately pounced, scaring Xiao Ling`er pale.

“Pu ci!”

However, just at this moment, there were five muffled miserable cries. Without any warning, the five peak Martial Grand Masters with fierce auras stopped breathing and fell over.

The cultivators watching on the second floor were all astonished. They looked extremely confused.

Amidst the crowd, Xiao Chen held a wine flask. He revealed a faint smile as he unhurriedly poured wine into his mouth.

Zhang Zeyang, who was in the hall below, was startled. A manservant behind him quickly went forward to check the noses of the five men. When he looked up, he said with a quivering voice, “Second…Young Master, they seem…dead!”

Xiao Ling`er and Ye Lan felt extremely at a loss. This was a matter of life-and-death. How did it get settled in an instant?

“Why are you still not leaving? What are you doing, staring blankly like that?!”

Just at this moment, a voice rang out in the minds of the two. They felt shocked and started to look around.

“Stop looking. You can’t find me. Go back!”

The voice rang out in their heads again. Xiao Ling`er and Ye Lan exchanged looks; they knew that an expert had assisted them.

Furthermore, that person did not wish to reveal himself. So they quickly left.

“Thinking of leaving? Not a chance. Before this matter is fully investigated, no one is allowed to leave…ah!”

Zhang Zeyang was filled with rage as he leaped up, trying to launch himself over. However, the moment he rose into the air, it felt like a large hand with an irresistible force pressed down on him.

Zhang Zeyang immediately fell down in an extremely comical posture; it was terribly funny.

Zhang Zeyang’s face was planted on the floor when he fell down miserably.

“Ha ha ha! Young Master Zhang, this action is something that no ordinary person can do. You must have been practicing for a very long time at home.”

Xiao Ling`er laughed out loudly as she rushed out of the door with Ye Lan.

“Bastards! Stop running!”

Zhang Zeyang smashed the floor with his palm, pushing his body up. Soon, he was back on his feet again.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and set aside the wine flask in his right hand. Then he gently sent out a palm strike with his left hand. A huge force traveled through the air without revealing any signs of its existence.


There was another dull thud as Zhang Zeyang’s face was planted on the floor again. This time, he was even more miserable. Half his face turned red and blood trickled out of his nose and mouth.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I don’t believe that I can’t stand up!” Zhang Zheyang cursed continuously. He circulated his Essence and smashed his right palm on the floor once more.

As Zhang Zeyang exerted a great force, a strong wind blew and dust kicked up. He soared into the air very quickly.

Then…then, Zhang Zeyang immediately fell flat on the floor again.

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Zhang Zeyang tried more then ten times. His face was now covered in blood. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not stand up. He had already smashed the floor of the hall until it cracked.

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