Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 545

Chapter 545: Exactly the Same as Before

Xiao Chen casually kicked Song Qianhe to the side. Then, he raised his head to look at the clouds above. There were a few strong people gazing at him from up there.

However, these people harbored no malicious intentions. They did not move to stop Xiao Chen. His chest tightened slightly.

Xiao Chen knew who were in the clouds. He was not the only half-step Martial Monarch, so the Heavenly Saber Pavilion was not a place where he could do as he pleased.

Not to mention the few core Elders in the Elders’ Assembly who were half-step Martial Monarchs, there were also the Supreme Elders with startling cultivations. Just one of them could easily kill him.

These strong existences did not make a move against Xiao Chen, displaying their attitudes towards him. This impartiality gave him greater confidence.

Xiao Chen continued to hover one centimeter above the ground as he walked towards Qingyun Peak. The surrounding disciples quickly gave way and watched him leave.


At this moment, in Qingyun Peak, the pony-tailed girl whom Xiao Chen stole the token from looked at an instructor of Qingyun Peak with watery eyes.

There was also a group of female disciples around the pony-tailed girl, noisily talking about what happened.

The pony-tailed girl had felt extremely anxious when her token was stolen by Xiao Chen. Fortunately, she ran into a group of her Senior Sisters who were heading back.

After that group of Senior Sisters found out what happened, they immediately took some flying Spirit Beasts and flew straight to Qingyun Peak to get Liu Suifeng to act on their behalf.

After Liu Suifeng heard everything, he muttered, “So you are saying someone wearing white and from the same sect recognized Qingyun Peak’s secret technique and broke it casually after snatching your token?”

Leng Xixi nodded slightly. Feeling wronged, she complained, “That Senior Brother is a big bully. Not to mention snatching away my token, he even said that I did not practice enough and needed to practice more.”

Liu Suifeng said angrily, “How unreasonable! Since when can others nitpick the people of our Qingyun Peak? Don’t cry. Let’s go down the mountain together and look for that fellow. Elder Brother Suifeng will mete out justice on your behalf.”

The group of female disciples then followed after Liu Suifeng as he went down the mountain quickly.


At this moment, Xiao Chen was at the foot of Qingyun Peak. As he climbed the mountain, he experienced a myriad of emotions. Back then, Qingyun Peak had very few people on it; hardly anyone was seen on the huge mountain.

Now, however, Xiao Chen would see some disciple chatting or practicing every few steps. There were even some disciples guarding the key areas. This resulted in Xiao Chen having to spend some effort to avoid them.

The thing that Xiao Chen found the strangest was that these disciples were all young females of varying figures; there were no male disciples at all.

Leng Xixi, who was following close on Liu Suifeng’s heels, saw a carefree Xiao Chen looking around when they were halfway down the mountain.

She quickly pointed at Xiao Chen and said to Liu Suifeng, “Elder Brother Suifeng, he is the one who snatched my token. He came to our Qingyun Peak.”

Liu Suifeng exclaimed, “This brat is too arrogant! After snatching your token, he dares to come to our Qingyun Peak? Come, follow me. Watch as I teach this brat a lesson.”

Under Liu Suifeng’s lead, the group of female disciples rushed down the mountain, quickly arriving before Xiao Chen.

When the group approached Xiao Chen, Liu Suifeng finally saw Xiao Chen’s face. His shock appeared in his eyes as he hastily came to a stop. The few girls behind him did not react in time and crashed into his back.

“Elder Brother Suifeng, why are you not moving? Go and teach him a lesson. He personally said that my Profound Wind Chop is not well-practiced. You were the one who taught me the Martial Technique.”

Liu Suifeng’s anger immediately dissipated. He smiled somewhat awkwardly and said, “I can’t teach this fellow a lesson.”

“Brother Suifeng, it’s been a long time.”

Liu Suifeng went forward and patted Xiao Chen’s shoulders. He smiled and said, “You finally came back. You better return the girl’s token.”

After Liu Suifeng received the token from Xiao Chen, he handed it to Leng Xixi and said, “I can’t teach this fellow a lesson. However, there is someone who can. Hehe, you should go back first.”

When Leng Xixi received the token, she had a vacant expression. It was not just her but the entire group of girls; they all did not understand what was going on.

Didn’t Liu Suifeng say that he will mete out justice on Leng Xixi’s behalf? Why is he behaving so friendly with this fellow now?

“Elder Brother Suifeng, who is this person?” one of the girls asked.

Smiling, Liu Suifeng replied, “This is the White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen, that you all keep talking about. Go back first.”

When the group of girls heard Liu Suifeng’s words, the expressions on their faces changed as they looked at Xiao Chen. It even seemed like their eyes were twinkling like stars.

Xiao Chen found these gazes uncomfortable. He quickly pulled Liu Suifeng and rushed up Qingyun Peak. Then, he brought Liu Suifeng to a rather desolate area and asked him what was going on.

Liu Suifeng happily explained, “These girls are all your admirers. Thanks to you, in that battle two years ago at the Heaven Ascending Platform, our Qingyun Peak became famous. In these two years, several outer disciples applied to come to our Qingyun Peak.

“Now, Qingyun Peak no longer ranks at the bottom of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s seven great Peaks. Although we are still not as strong as Tianyue Peak, we are now full of youthful energy. Every year, there is a large number of new disciples. New blood keeps pouring in. Sooner or later, we will become the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s number one Peak.”

Xiao Chen felt surprised. He had not expected his battle that day to bring such great changes to Qingyun Peak.

However, this was a good thing. The more people, the better. Only when Qingyun Peak truly developed could Liu Ruyue lay down the burdens in her heart and leave with him.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen thought of something. He asked, “Why does it seem like all the disciples here are young females? There are no men around at all?”

Liu Suifeng said in a serious manner, “You have to thank me for this. I only accepted female disciples. It is all for your sake. As your future brother-in-law, I have a duty to help you through this period. So I did not let any males get close to Sis.”

Smiling, Xiao Chen countered, “I seemed to have heard those girls calling you Elder Brother Suifeng. You appear to be enjoying it. Is it really for my sake?”

Liu Suifeng coughed twice and said, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. I’ll bring you to see Sis. She should be at the dueling grounds at this time.”

“Greetings, Instructor!”

“Greetings, Instructor Suifeng!”

As the two traveled, the female disciples they met on the way up would respectfully greet Liu Suifeng as “instructor.”

As they walked, Liu Suifeng explained, “Don’t look at me like that. Actually, most of the Martial Techniques are taught by Sis. I am just her assistant.”

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “With your strength, you should have no problems guiding these fourteen- or fifteen-year-old girls.”

In the past two years, Liu Suifeng had undergone a metamorphosis. From the initial Inferior Grade Martial Saint, he had advanced to peak Superior Grade Martial Saint. He was only short of a step from breaking through the Martial King barrier.

With such strength, Liu Suifeng could be considered among the top in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Even within the entire Great Qin Nation, he could still be considered first-rate.

However, when taking the entire continent into account, furthermore, when the era of geniuses was just budding, Liu Suifeng would not be able to compete.

Nevertheless, Liu Suifeng’s strength as a peak Martial Saint would still be more than sufficient for him to instruct these Martial Grand Master female disciples.

Liu Suifeng said seriously, “It is all thanks to your Flowing Light Marigold. The further one progresses in cultivation, the more one realizes the importance of comprehension ability.”

Time flew as the two chatted. Soon, the dueling grounds appeared before the two of them. Xiao Chen was no stranger to the dueling grounds. In the past, when he had been at Qingyun Peak, he had spent most of his days here.

“You can go in yourself. I will not stay to accompany you.” After escorting Xiao Chen this far, Liu Suifeng gave Xiao Chen a cupped-fist salute and took his leave.

Xiao Chen pushed open the doors of the dueling grounds. The empty dueling grounds of his memories were now filled with people.

Currently, there were about two or three hundred female disciples standing in neat formations, all of them exhibiting perfectly straight postures.

At the front, Liu Ruyue explained some of the Martial Techniques exclusive to Qingyun Peak. Occasionally, she would answer some of the disciples’ questions.

Currently, Liu Ruyue was dressed in tight blue cultivator’s robes. Her exquisite figure was plainly visible. The past two years had not left any mark on her face.

Liu Ruyue looked exactly the same as before. With every action she made, she displayed her grace; she seemed flawless.

Xiao Chen stopped and revealed a faint smile. He leaned against the doors and looked on with interest.

As he watched the focused Liu Ruyue, he felt a faint sense of satisfaction. For that moment, he thought of nothing else.

Liu Ruyue was so focused that she did not sense Xiao Chen’s arrival. So she continued to explain the peculiarities of the various Qingyun Peak Martial Techniques without stopping.

As she explained, Liu Ruyue would draw her small saber out and personally demonstrate the move. This allowed these girls to gain a deeper understanding.

“The three consecutive days of lectures for this month end here. Remember to practice hard after you return. If there is anything you do not understand, remember to ask your fellow sect members.”

After two hours, Liu Ruyue waved her hand and dismissed the two-hundred-odd female disciples.

When the crowd had dispersed, Liu Ruyue’s previously focused face started to reveal some exhaustion.

Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly noticed Xiao Chen standing at the doors. She paused, thinking that she saw wrongly.

After taking a careful look, she realized that the bladesman wearing the white Clear Wind Robes with the long, slender Lunar Shadow Saber at his waist was indeed Xiao Chen.

Liu Ruyue put down what she was holding and quickly walked over, her eyes misting up. She still found it unbelievable that the person before her was really Xiao Chen.

Liu Ruyue slowly raised her fair, slender right hand, extending it towards Xiao Chen’s face. She really wanted to know if this was an illusion.

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand to grab Liu Ruyue’s wrist before pulling her into his embrace.

Xiao Chen had many things in his heart but when the time came, he did not know how to express them. So, he only muttered, “I’ve returned.”

This familiar person, this familiar smell, and this familiar voice…Liu Ruyue finally believed that the person she had been thinking of was indeed right before her.

She eased herself from Xiao Chen’s embrace and blushed slightly as she asked in a soft voice, “How have you been in the past two years?”

“Let’s go out first. There are many people here.”

Holding Liu Ruyue’s hand, Xiao Chen burst out the doors. Liu Suifeng was currently outside with a group of female disciples secretly eavesdropping. As Liu Suifeng was in front, he bore the brunt when the doors burst open, hitting his face.

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