Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 538

Chapter 538: Outstanding Heroes Fighting a Martial Monarch

The green-robed old man in the sky revealed astonishment in his eyes. He had used fifty percent of his strength in his kick. Even a peak Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch would have been severely injured or dead.

However, Xiao Chen still had the strength to stand up. Not only that, he could even run so fast.

“What a strong physical body!” The green-robed old man laughed maniacally. “However, no matter how strong your physical body is, you are just a Martial King. Time to die!”

The green-robed old man’s figure flashed. He appeared before Xiao Chen like he teleported.

The Quintessence of the green-robed old man gathered at his feet and the surrounding winds formed a tornado beneath him. At this moment, the winds converged around him like they were obeying his commands.

Xiao Chen seemed like he had eyes behind his head. He did not even look back before spinning around to deliver a kick. His was not as fast as the green-robed old man’s, so he could only try and anticipate the old man’s moves.

“Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen’s kick struck the old man’s foot. He vomited another mouthful of blood as he shot forward again. Somersaulting to dissipate the force from the old man’s kick, he continued flying forward.

The first time, he did not even see me kick. Now, he unexpectedly was able to anticipate my action; he even borrowed the force of my action to increase his momentum.

The green-robed old man’s face sank. His figure flickered, leaving behind afterimages as he quickly chased after Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen looked back and a ferocious purple flame started burning in his eye. With a thought, the earth-shattering purple flame spewed out of his right eye.

The green-robed old man chasing Xiao Chen was flying too fast. The purple flames struck him and all his clothes and hair started burning.


Robust Quintessence exploded from the old man. The purple flames remained lit for only one breath before they were smothered.

The old man’s clothes were burned to tatters. His hair gave off black smoke and he looked very miserable.

He was not injured, but he felt extremely angered. Someone from the junior generation was playing with a bona fide Martial Monarch like him this way. “How hateful! I will definitely kill you today!”

A powerful sonic boom roared in the air. The green-robed old man executed his Movement Technique at its limit, arriving before Xiao Chen in a few breaths.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Then, he raised his hand and fired out the Thunder Fire Sword. After that, he turned around and ran without even bothering to check what it did.

The Thunder Fire Sword burned with a purple flame. The Thunder Fire Sword that Leng Yue tempered had its speed and might increased four times. Within a hundred meters, it could reach a speed faster than Mach 5.

Just after the old man appeared before Xiao Chen, the Thunder Fire Sword arrived in front of his head, startling him.


Before the old man could react, the Thunder Fire Sword was already at point-blank range. Right then, he did not have enough time to deploy his Quintessence shield. At the critical moment, the old man could only tilt his head to try and dodge.

The fast Thunder Fire Sword brushed past the old man’s face. The sharp wind that followed the sword left a shallow wound on his left cheek.

This delay allowed Xiao Chen to run farther. He also injured the old man.

Being played by someone from the junior generation infuriated the old man. He trembled and said in a quavering voice, “Damn it! Damn it!”

“Bang! Bang!”

The old man stomped twice and the entire place immediately trembled. The surrounding people were thrown off balance; this showed how strong these stomps were.

“I don’t believe that I can’t catch you.”

The green-robed old man shouted furiously as he chased after Xiao Chen in a straight line. He smashed the buildings in the way directly into dust.

Xiao Chen left his Spiritual Sense locked on the green-robed old man. Without looking behind, he could sense the old man’s every move.

Xiao Chen floated to the floor and gently set Leng Yue down. Then, he turned around to face the old man. The twenty-four acupoints on his arms opened and two Azure Dragon Tattoos started moving quickly.

“A mantis trying to stop a chariot!”

[TL note: A mantis trying to stop a chariot: This means overrating oneself and attempting something impossible.]

When the green-robed old man saw Xiao Chen stop, as though Xiao Chen wanted to block him, the old man could not help but smile disdainfully. He gathered Quintessence in his right palm, which immediately glowed up with a resplendent light.

“Roar! Roar!”

Two loud dragon roars resounded and the Azure Dragons on Xiao Chen’s arm came to life. They left his arm and became two impressive flows of Dragon Qi, roaring ferociously as they rushed out bearing fangs and claws.

When the dragons roared, a Dragon’s Might spread out. It felt like the Azure Dragons were real. They glared savagely with their eyes and unexpectedly, fear appeared in the green-robed old man’s heart.

“Bang! Bang!”

The two dragons intertwined and smashed heavily into the green-robed old man’s palm. A surging force exploded out, blasting azure shock waves into the surroundings.

Caught off-guard, several cultivators were sent flying by the shock wave.

“Damn it! Where did such a strong force come from?”

The green-robed old man was astounded. He unconsciously took ten steps back. By the time the shock waves disappeared, Xiao Chen had carried Leng Yue and fled far away once more.

“This white-robed bladesman is really powerful. Unexpectedly, he managed to survive a Martial Monarch for three rounds.”

“If I were to face a Martial Monarch, I would probably admit defeat even before fighting. How could I have such fighting spirit?”

“A Martial Monarch already refined his Essence into Quintessence. They are on a completely different level from us. It is unexpected that this white-robed bladesman managed to survive this long. Who knows, he might be able to escape.”

After the onlookers saw Xiao Chen force back the green-robed Martial Monarch time after time, they discussed his feat in astonishment.

When the green-robed old man heard these words, he felt like his face was being slapped. His face, charred by the Purple Thunder True Fire, could not help but tremble in anger.

The old man squinted his eyes as he watched Xiao Chen fleeing quickly. Now, he was thoroughly angered. His clothes fluttered continuously as a strong wind blew around him. The berserk aura of a Martial Monarch was unleashed.

“Get back here!”

The green-robed old man stretched his hand out and a strong tornado came from his palm, heading towards Xiao Chen.

This time, the green-robed old man did not hold back. He activated all his Quintessence and used his full power.

The tornado quickly caught up to Xiao Chen. An irresistible suction force pulled Xiao Chen back step by step.

Five hundred meters…four hundred meters…two hundred meters…fifty meters…. Xiao Chen did his best to resist. However, he could not stop his body’s backward motion. This was the result of the difference in strength. No amount of technique would be able to avoid this.


After watching all this time, Xuanyuan Zhantian could no longer keep silent. Wielding his halberd, he shouted as he rushed over on his Royal Dragon Horse.

Xuanyuan Zhantian’s purple cape fluttered in the wind. Azure flood dragons circled around his halberd, emitting a boundless aura. One man, one horse, and one halberd; the Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King, Xuanyuan Zhantian, made his move.

The green-robed old man’s face sank. He did not dare to be careless against this person. The tornado from his palm stopped as he sent a palm strike to welcome Xuanyuan Zhantian’s attack.


When the green-robed old man’s full-power strike struck the halberd, the circling flood dragons immediately shattered into tiny flood dragons.

The surging Quintessence spread out from the halberd. The Royal Dragon Horse neighed loudly and reared. Xuanyuan Zhantian looked like he would fall off at any moment.

Xuanyuan Zhantian applied some force and pressed down. The Royal Dragon Horse’s front hooves landed back on the floor. In the end, it managed to pull through the full-power strike of a Martial Monarch.

When the green-robed old man saw Xuanyuan Zhantian, he shouted angrily, “Xuanyuan Zhantian, what are you trying to do?!”

“What am I doing?” Xuanyuan Zhantian snorted coldly. His complexion was somewhat pale. Clearly, he had also found the old man’s strike hard to deal with.

“I just can’t stand to see the sight of you bullying someone weaker. At such a great age, you repeatedly struck out against a junior. What is funnier is that you did not even succeed. I feel ashamed for you.”

The old man turned ashen. He looked at Xuanyuan Zhantian with an unfriendly expression as he asked coldly, “Didn’t the Divine Dragon Palace tell you about it? This brat killed the heirs of my Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans. The Northern Sea Alliance will never let him go.”

Xuanyuan Zhantian mocked, “You are really not ashamed to say this. If the four heirs were killed by a single person, then they were trash. What right does trash have to rule the Northern Sea Alliance? If they were killed, then so be it.”

“You…” The green-robed old man pointed at Xuanyuan Zhantian; he was angered to the point of speechlessness. However, he followed up with “I won’t bother to speak nonsense with you. I will only ask you one question: are you blocking me in your status as the Divine Dragon Palace’s next leader?”

Xuanyuan Zhantian twirled his halberd as he smiled. “There is no need to use the Divine Dragon Palace to pressure me. I am myself. I just do not like seeing you bullying someone younger. If you want to take action against me, then give it a try.”

“Ha ha! I have long heard of the Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King’s arrogance and ignorance. Finally, I get to see it for myself. Today, I will show you what the difference between a Martial Monarch and a Martial King is.”

[TL note: Xuanyuan Zhantian is actually a half-step Martial Monarch. However, this still counts as a Martial King. After all, a half-step Martial Monarch is just a peak Superior Grade Martial King that has pushed certain attributes to the limit and is waiting to advance to Martial Monarch.]

The green-robed old man laughed instead of raging. He stood up straight with his hands held behind him, the killing Qi in his eyes slowly gathering.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Seven young cultivators wearing golden Battle Armor walked out of the crowd. They were the Western Sea’s Seven Knights. Their leader looked at the green-robed old man and smiled coldly. “How impressive! You are already sixty or seventy and you only managed to reach Martial Monarch. Yet you are not ashamed to put on airs like that. We, the Western Sea’s Seven Knights, want to see what kind of Martial Monarch you are.”

“Life and death are left to fate when the younger generations fight each other. The older generation is not supposed to interfere. We, the Southern Sea’s Four Heroes, want to see how capable you are.”

A mixed group of four cultivators stepped out from the crowd. They stared at the green-robed old man with burning gazes.

Xiao Chen had a flabbergasted expression on his face. He had never expected Xuanyuan Zhantian, the Southern Sea’s Four Heroes, and the Western Sea’s Seven Knights to step up to help him at such a crucial moment.

The sudden change in the situation also surprised the other cultivators. However, after thinking about it, they understood what was going on.

Times had changed. The geniuses of the younger generation all had a common standpoint. Yet, in this era, the older generation of cultivators wanted to break the rules and make a move.

The strength that Xiao Chen displayed proved that he was a genius cultivator as well. The other geniuses felt that it would be a pity if he fell here.

The green-robed old man looked around at this group of people. His aura exploded forth, forcing the group to take a step back. He said coldly, “You think that it is sufficient to have more people?”

There was an insurmountable gap between Martial Monarchs and Martial Kings. Even with so many half-step Martial Monarchs here, they might not be a match for the old man.

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