Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 537

Chapter 537: Defeating Bai Zhan

The offensive wave formed by the merger of ice and fire could no longer maintain its balance. It instantly exploded, like a berserk dragon or a runaway wild horse.

A strong wind howled through the place. Countless energy fluctuations appeared in space. Several cultivators who had not retreated far enough vomited mouthfuls of blood at the impact from the fluctuations; they all turned very pale.

“The amount of force unleashed when ice and fire work together is really startling.” The others were even more shocked as they quickly retreated another hundred meters.

Just as the destructive wave of energy approached Xiao Chen, the natural laws on his saber broke the very front of the ferocious wave.


The sharp saber light turned into a gust of spring wind, cutting the wave of energy into two. As the spring wind blew, the birds and beasts cried out, everything waking from their winter slumber. All the fluctuations vanished to nothing in the face of the natural laws.

This one Saber Technique vanquished that offensive and ferocious energy wave.

“What Saber Technique is this? Unexpectedly, I can feel the natural laws.”

“The energy wave of ice and fire disappeared; it did not have any effect at all.”

When everyone saw such a bizarre scene, they were all deeply shaken. Xuanyuan Zhantian, the Southern Sea’s Four Heroes, and the others frowned as well; they could not understand what had happened.

The saber light that turned into the spring wind continued on without losing any of its might. It arrived right before Bai Zhan and struck his chest as he watched with a shocked gaze.

The energy in the wind instantly poured out. Bai Zhan did his best to block but it felt like he was going against nature. That energy was astonishingly powerful.

“Pu ci!” After a moment, Bai Zhan’s defenses collapsed. He vomited a mouthful of blood and was knocked high into the air. After that, he fell back to the floor heavily. Finally, he bounced a few times.

Xiao Chen withdrew his saber. He felt a little dizzy. After checking for a moment, he discovered that his Essence and Mental Energy were significantly drained.

This move exhausted an unexpectedly large amount of Mental Energy and Essence in order to infuse the natural laws into the Saber Technique. As a result, it was not easy to pull off.

Xiao Chen shifted his gaze to the Ancient Conveying Formation and ignored Bai Zhan. The elders of the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans were the true threat. As for Bai Zhan, he could no longer hold him back. Xiao Chen did not go through that training on Nirvana Island for nothing.

Xiao Chen flew up and pointed his saber at the Ancient Conveying Formation. He had to break it. Otherwise, with eight Martial Monarchs coming out, he would not have any chance at survival.

“Thinking of breaking the Ancient Conveying Formation? That’s not going to happen!”

Lying on the ground with dishevelled hair, Bai Zhan cut a sorry figure. He did not look as calm as he had earlier. He simply shouted at Xiao Chen and rushed over.

Xiao Chen frowned, feeling rage in his heart. You, Bai Zhan, have repeatedly used all sorts of insidious plots to push me to my death, forcing me to stay in Nirvana Island for half a year.

You set me up to offend the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans, causing me to cut short my experiential training. Now, you are blocking me again. You really think I can’t do anything to you?!

Xiao Chen sheathed his Lunar Shadow Saber and placed it by his waist. Then, he turned around and burned his Vital Qi before punching.


A dragon fist descended from the burning azure clouds in the sky, like a meteor. It instantly struck Bai Zhan’s head, smashing him into the ground again.

Xiao Chen’s hand did not stop moving. He changed his fist into a claw. The dragon fist opened up and an azure dragon hidden in the clouds gave off a loud roar.

A dragon claw descended from the sky and pressed Bai Zhan, who had just gotten up again, back to the floor. Cracks extended out on the floor and Bai Zhan fell into the cracks.

“Hu chi!”

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed and quickly descended to the crack. He stretched out his hand and pulled Bai Zhan back up with a suction force.

Bai Zhan felt pain all over his body. When he saw Xiao Chen pulling him up, he sent out an ice palm strike.

Xiao Chen’s leg burst forth with power as he kicked. The ice palm shattered and Bai Zhan was knocked away again.

No matter what tricks you play, today, I will beat you up. You might be the First Disciple of the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, but if you try to kill me, I will repay it tenfold!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed as he activated the Blood Flame Shoes. He sent punches and kicks at Bai Zhan. Bai Zhan did what he could to block but to no avail.

Bai Zhan had been severely injured by Xiao Chen’s Spring Thunder Chop; then he was struck by Burning the Heavens. How could he block Xiao Chen’s attacks?

[TL note: The Four Season Saber Technique seems to have another name here, Spring Thunder Chop. I will continue to monitor this as I translate more and make changes if necessary in the future.]

Xiao Chen beat Bai Zhan until Bai Zhan no longer looked human. Blood poured out of his mouth.

“Void Battle Armor!”

At this crucial moment, Bai Zhan had no other choice but to take out his trump card. His body flickered with light and a spatial tear appeared behind him. He quickly hid within it, fleeing miserably.

“Ha ha ha! Xiao Chen, so what if you can beat me up? The Ancient Conveying Formation is almost finished. When the eight Martial Monarchs of the four Noble Clans come out, you will be a dead man.

“Wait until I perfectly merge my ice and fire together. By then, I will be the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Pavilion Master. I will march up to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and kill my way there. All your friends and family will suffer endless torture because of you. I want you to not be able to die in peace!”

As the spatial tear slowly mended, Bai Zhan’s raging shouts came out from it.

Xiao Chen’s face remained impassive. He waved his right hand and just as the spatial tear had almost completely mended, the Thunder Fire Sword in his palm fired out. A miserable cry came from the spatial tear.

“Chi! Chi!”

The Thunder Fire Sword circled around in the void for a while before turning palm sized once again. Then, it returned to Xiao Chen’s hand, continuously dripping blood from its tip.

“It pierced the chest. I hope you can survive that.”

Xiao Chen placed the Thunder Fire Sword back into his palm. Then, he quickly flew over to the Ancient Conveying Formation with a sullen expression. The formation lines were resplendent. The eight figures looked very defined already; they would be breaking out very soon.

“Could it be that this Ancient Conveying Formation has been activated to deal with him?”

“What exactly did this person do? Unexpectedly, the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans are activating the Ancient Conveying Formation to deal with him.”

“First, he finished off the new Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters with one move. Then, he defeated the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan. If such a genius fell, it would be too unfortunate.”

“Why is he not running and just standing there? Could it be that he thinks he can break the Ancient Conveying Formation?”

When the eight Martial Monarchs arrived, there would not be any unexpected surprise. Even if Xiao Chen was as strong as Xuanyuan Zhantian, he could not survive. As the crowd below watched, they felt it was a pity.

The Ancient Conveying Formation would exhaust a hundred thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones before it could be activated. Even Martial Monarchs would find it difficult to break.

Xiao Chen focused his gaze and kept looking at the formation with his Spiritual Sense. He was looking for the weak points of the formation. The Compendium of Cultivation contained a lot of information on formations.

He was much more familiar with formations than anyone else of this world. If it was a complete formation, given his strength, it would be impossible for him to break it.

However, if the formation was not complete, then breaking it might be possible.

“I found it. Indeed, it is as I expected. How can an ancient formation be fixed so easily?” Xiao Chen muttered as he focused his eyes on a certain spot of the formation.

A scroll flew out from Xiao Chen’s body before he grasped it with his right hand. Then, he used his left hand to unfurl the painting.

The lotus-flower-shaped Scarlet Blood Frost Flame shot out from the hand in the painting. Under the control of Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense, the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame quickly fell to the incomplete portion of the formation.

When the crowd saw the descending Scarlet Blood Frost Flame, their eyes filled with astonishment. “What is that?”


When the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame landed on the weak point, the scarlet flames immediately burned that part. The complicated and brilliant formation started trembling.

The entire space shook together with the formation and spun around them. The huge Divine Dragon Warship began vibrating with the formation. Everyone could not help but feel panic.

“Ka ca!” Finally, the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame burned through and that weak point shattered.

The entire formation started falling apart like dominoes, cracks extending out continuously.

The Ancient Conveying Formation was something that seemed mythical. Unexpectedly, it imploded right before everybody’s eyes.

The eight defined figures also started to turn illusionary. They flickered continuously before finally vanishing one by one.

Relief now appeared on Xiao Chen’s face. He said softly, “It is finished!”


Just as Xiao Chen was about to retrieve the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame, the final figure flickered wildly. Before the formation vanished, a well-defined figure materialized.

At the very last second, an old green-robed Martial Monarch was sent through the formation.

“Ignorant child. Do you think you can hide after killing the heirs of our Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans?”

“Bang!” The green-robed old man punched. The fist wind created by Quintessence shattered the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame into petals, forcing it to return to the painting.

The old man’s figure flashed; he was so fast, his movements could not be seen. He instantly arrived before Xiao Chen and kicked towards his head.

When the green-robed old man kicked, wind howled. The wind spiraled around his foot and turned into an intense storm.

The might of this kick was astonishing.


Xiao Chen’s hand had just touched the Lunar Shadow Saber’s handle when that kick struck his chest. He was blasted back like a cannonball and crashed to the floor.

Xiao Chen vomited a large mouthful of blood. The Quintessence from the kick invaded his body. The Quintessence immediately overpowered the Essence that came from the crystalline Qi whirlpool; the Essence had no way of resisting at all.

The Quintessence moved about in Xiao Chen’s meridians and rushed into his chest. Then, it started to injure all his internal organs. As a result, he vomited mouthful after mouthful of blood.

Quintessence was indeed superior. No matter how vast or pure Xiao Chen’s Essence was, he could not block it. The distance between the two of them were like wood and iron.

No matter how hard wood was, it could never be harder than iron.

Xiao Chen struggled for a moment before he managed to stand up. He pushed off the ground and activated the secret technique of the Blood Flame Shoes. His speed instantly increased to Mach 4.5. He quickly grabbed Leng Yue and rushed to the front.

Seeing Xiao Chen so pale, Leng Yue asked worriedly, “Are you alright? I have ways to deal with him.”

“Don’t say anything.” While Xiao Chen’s tone did not sound harsh, it gave off a feeling that would make one comply.

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